Heyy! How’s your weekend going? GUESS WHAT is ONE WEEK from today? It’s only one of the best, most expectant days of the year, and a personal favorite. Daylight Savings Time. So, if this rain is making ya feel all blah, just know that longer days are coming – with more sunshine and warmer weather.

Today I’m going to tell you about my friend, Skyelar. Skyelar is 17…about to be 18 though! She is a senior at TL Hanna High School, and a rising freshman at Carolina. Don’t hold it against her. Nah, I’m just kidding. We are all proud of her.

Skyelar started doing CrossFit at CFEC this past August. She is a former gymnast – under the coaching of THE Jackie Dillon. She still coaches gymnastics, but retired as an athlete a little while back. Jackie talked Skyelar into trying CrossFit, and since then, she hasn’t missed many days. She is really hard working, she’s incredibly strong, and being a former gymnast, she’s been a fast learner.

She is also a super talented videographer. I think that is how you say it. She makes really great videos. She is building up her resume, and she has her own YouTube channel. You should go follow her! One day…about a month ago…she asked if she could make a CrossFit video of me to add to her portfolio. I was very flattered that she would want to ask someone like me to do this, so I was like, “Umm..yeah, just let me know when!” Then, it was cloudy and rainy in South Carolina for 567363 days, so we had to wait for a pretty day. But last Monday was THE DAY. She was like, “hey, it’s sunny outside today. Ya wanna film?” So, she showed up to the gym, we opened the doors to get that natural sunlight, and she did her thing!

What was really cool about Skyelar was that she had a vision for all of this. She picked out the song, and she literally had piece by piece written out. We were done in under 45 minutes. How does that even happen? She was like, “Act like you’re walking in the gym. Now this time, do some arm swings. Now go grab a barbell. Now snatch the barbell. Now we’re going to do some pullups. Now kettlebell swings. Now let’s go sprint on the assault bike. It was a little 45 min workout, and I LOVED IT!

Thank you, Skyelar, for letting me be a part of this! I believe you’re going to continue to do great things!




And while you’re at it, check out this video she made for AIM a couple of weeks ago. I teared up a little watching this one because it shows how she is using what she is gifted at to make a difference.