Heyyyy! What’s up?

Ok, so I’m finally getting the time to write this. And before I start..please know that this post isn’t about me. I wanted to make it about the people who have been so generous to get me to where I am at RIGHT NOW. And that is the Boston Logan International Airport. No. Just kidding. I mean, I am in Boston, but I really meant the OPPORTUNITY to board a plane in just a couple of hours and FLY across the pond to Iceland – a country I have wanted to visit for quite some time (for its magic, beauty, and because there HAS to be something in the water there because Icelandic people are strong, fierce, beautiful, and quite frankly, just perfect by my standards.

I did the qualifier awhile back, and to be honest, I did each workout once, and I did them after our programed class workout with whoever would do them with me. Shoutout to Colin, Madeline, Steven, and if I’m forgetting anyone else, I’m sorry, for doing those workouts with me (JUST FOR FUN…#FITNESSFORFUN guys). Well, I qualified and I was like hmmm…ok, this would be cool. Unfortunately, we left all our extra money for things like this in Minnesota (Granite Games) and a little in Miami in January. I am SO THANKFUL to have had the opportunity to experience these places. I figured there was no way I could go to Iceland.

BUT…..Daniel was like “cool, let’s check out prices. Ok, this is doable.” And a few people were like,”hey you should just raise money” (which always feels weird to me)..but I went with it…and people CAME through, and this post is about that.

Well, it all started with dinner after the first night of the Open. My friend, and legit mental coach, Shawn Hanna slipped me a $100 bill and said, “You better go.” So, I talked to Nick, and although it meant that he would have to cover some of my classes, he said it was cool for me to go. I talked to Colin and Lindsey, who were also cool with it (Colin would have to pull more slack too at the gym, and I didn’t want to leave him hanging. He also helps me get ready and NOT overdo it when I get ready for things like this).

And then my creative friend, Nate (AKA N8 the GREAT, Signal43 on instagram) designed me a cool shirt to sell. And despite some people not even knowing what it meant, a lot of people bought them! Thanks to TigerTown Graphics and KATE Reeves for making the print side work. And just to throw out there again… y’all – Nate does about 95% of the social media for CFEC. He does all the creative content. He designs all the shirts. He is the boss behind the CFEC Murph design the Barbells and Beer design, and the CFEC spring line design. He’s killing it, and he likes to stay behind the scenes.

Since then, several gyms in the upstate came forward and just said, “hey we want to support you.” The main one was CrossFit Simpsonville (CrossFit SVL) – Gordon and Annie Lake. I appreciate y’all! And CrossFit Full Auto, CrossFit Greer, and CrossFit Reaction (Brandon and Amy for your generosity) all bought a good bit of shirts. I have some other friends in Greenville at different gyms – like OSC, Lions Roar, Crash, and Potentia, and I know I’m forgetting some people, so I am sorry! Thank you to AAYMCA (Jo wright) and CF Tetelestai (Jack) for buying some. So many gyms represented, and that was really inspiring to me. So thank you!

Speaking of gym community, thanks to Local Comp for being amazing, selling some Open shirts in my honor, and for just bringing the CrossFit community of the upstate together. If you haven’t met them yet, you should.

And maybe I am biased, but thanks to the BEST gym in the Upstate – CrossFit Electric City – for putting up with me as a coach and a friend and for being so supportive of me. Nothing goes unnoticed, and your kindness and support means the world to me. I won’t ever take it for granted. I wish I could name all of you and write something nice, but I am hungry and need to pee before my flight.

Thank you to everyone who bought shirts!

Thank you to everyone who bought some of my clothes!

Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to train them (in some sort of capacity) because that helped too.

Thanks to Brad from Thumbshield for trying to raise some funds for me.

Thank you, once again, to Nicki Freeman for giving me eye lashes (for real). Look good, do good! You are a very generous person.

Thank you to Kayla from Absolute Muscular Care in Hartwell, GA for the support – which I was able to turn around and use for a massage a couple of weeks ago! Guys, she is tough to get into, because she is so popular and GIFTED. I only see her once every 2-3 months, but it is worth it. Let me know if you want her contact info.

Thanks to Elisa Turner (Turner Sports Performance) for helping me get my shoulder to a healthy place (it was not in a good place before/after Wodapalooza and leading up to the Open).

Thank you to Colin for constantly taking the time out of his own workouts to help me with my olympic lifting and acting as a “coach” for me because I have no idea what I’m doing. He helps me map out how to train and what to work on leading up to competitions, and I feel really good! Thanks for being patient with me. And Lindsey is right up there with him. She is SUPER BUSY, yet she always makes time for everyone else, including me. CFEC wouldn’t be what it is without her.

Thank you to Daniel for GOING TO ICELAND WITH ME! And Taylor, Madeline, Emily, and Steven to coming along too! Although travel plans are funny, and I won’t see y’all for awhile…THANK YOU to Taylor for being TEAM MOM and for all the support in so many ways! You are an amazing , smart, selfless, fun person. You also do really cool braids.

Thank you to Nick, Colin, Kelly, and Jackie for switching your schedules around for me this week, covering my classes, and being patient with me. I owe ya!

And once again, it’s worth saying, thanks again to everyone at CFEC for the kind words and support. I’m the most awkward when it comes to receiving those.

I know I am forgetting some people. I am sorry. I really am. I’ve been up since 4, and I’m hungry and now making excuses.

But nothing goes unnoticed. Your generosity makes me want to be more generous. Thanks for loving me – no matter if I come in first or last. I thank God for all of you and I know that cool experiences like this would never be possible if it weren’t for his GRACE and LOVE and KINDNESS in my life. And He shows me that through all of you!

Þakka þér fyrir - That means "thank you"in Icelandic, but I don't know how to pronounce it.