Hey! You may, or may not have seen on instagram/facebook that I am not offering “Competitor’s Programming” to my Remote Coaching. And when I say “Competitor” I know that term can be a little vague. So, I wanted to explain a little bit. Ideally, this is for someone who is happy with his/her regular class programming, but maybe just wants to get a little extra *personalized* work on the side. This can be for an upcoming competition, but it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve loved programing workouts to do at home (or the gym of their choice) for the past couple of years now. And each person I have had the privilege of training in the gym gets workout plan from me to do in addition to what we are already working on.

However, this program stands out and has been exciting to me because I love challenging others, and giving them a plan to push themselves, see progress, be held accountable, and get better.

I’m a week into this, and I’ve loved working with my current clients. I still have TWO SPOTS.

Here is the initial email people receive from me before they commit. It has a short assessment, includes some goal setting, and lays out expectations. Because it includes my intent, I figured I would share it on here 🙂


First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting your trust in me. I seriously geek out over stuff like this..that is coming up with workouts and an overall program to help someone succeed and feel more confident. However, I absolutely HATE doing this for myself. I know my weaknesses and what I need to work most on, but it’s so much easier when someone tells me what to do and holds me accountable to that. I am a workhorse, and I assume you are too since you’re inquiring about this!

SO… I figured if I had a hard time making up programing and following through with workouts for myself, others may struggle to do the same. The initial response I received confirmed that!

I LOVE seeing others succeed. There is something cool about working hard and figuring something out in the gym. I believe that can be carried over into life outside of the gym and in the day to day battles we face. **I want to empower you to succeed**

Here are some cheesy (but important) rules!

Rule #1: I want you to continue doing your class/affiliate programing, if at all possible 🙂 Let me know if you won’t be doing that. As a coach, I truly feel like there is something special about a CrossFit class. I continue to do our class programing, and only skip out if I’ve tweaked something, or if I need to lay off. Also, You can’t beat that class workout feel and atmosphere (getting to workout alongside your friends and push one another). I also love every gym I’ve stepped foot in and would never want to pull someone away from their original programing.

Rule #2: That being said, you need to have about 30 minutes of extra time in your day to make this happen, and be willing to “up the volume in your training”…just a little though! I promise this won’t kill ya!

Rule #3: I need all the feedback from you! You probably already have a coach, but now I kinda consider myself a coach to you as well. That’s an honor, and I hope that’s ok! I want to establish a relationship of trust, which means, if you are feeling defeated, let me know! If you are not loving what I am programing, let me know! If you have any questions, let me know!

What to expect from me:

Each Sunday, you will receive your 5 days of programing for the week. This can be done whenever you want! Since I most likely won’t be at your gym, I’m not sure what your day to day programing looks like. Try to make this accessorize that. If you need to double up and knock 2 days of training out in one, feel free to do that. However, try not to do that more than once a week! I like to communicate in the form of google docs. This way, we can be shared on a document, and we can communicate back and forth. If you choose to sign up, you will also have my phone number, and can text/call whenever you want! However, please give me 12 hours to respond. I usually respond to texts and messages around 2-5 pm when I am home in the middle of the day (unless it is urgent, of course!) I love questions, so please don’t hesitate! I can send videos (of me or you tube clips) to help you better understand. I don’t want there to be any blurry lines or confusion.

Initial Assessment

  1. Proposed Start Date (should be on a Monday, if possible. Please give me 2 days notice 🙂
  2. How long have you been doing CrossFit or your current fitness routine?
  3. Where do you workout? (Gym, affiliate, home, etc.)
  4. Why do you want remote coaching?
  5. Do you have any competitions or big events coming up in the next 6 months? It’s ok if not, but I would love to know if you are preparing for anything specific!
  6. What are 3 reasonable, short term goals (anything you want to attain in the next 4 weeks)?
  7. What are 3 reasonable long term goals? (anything you want to attain in the next 6 months to a year)?
  8. Please list out everything you would love to work on in this program. It can be endurance/strength/and/or skill related. Please be as specific as possible so I can help you best!
  9. On average, how much time are you currently spending in the gym? Are you following any other programming?
  10. If you do CrossFit, what is your favorite “girl” workout? What is your favorite “hero workout?”
  11. What has been your favorite CrossFit memory so far?
  12. Are you familiar with google docs? You don’t have to have google to use them. It’s ok if not! We can communicate through just email.
  13. Anything else you want me to know?
photo by Jessica Simonton Photography