Hiii. How’s it going? My days are all so confused because of Labor Day. But cheers because the weekend is almost HERE. It’s been a good week seeing some friends who evacuated up this way to get OUT of the way of Dorian. I had some family members evacuate a little ways from the coast of Savannah too. Ole Dorian bypassed Savannah a little, but I know other places weren’t as fortunate. I also have a couple friends who work for government agencies, and had to go IN to the storm areas to help people there. God Bless Ya. Ok, enough about hurricanes. Stay safe everyone.

Hopefully you have fun plans this weekend. And hopefully those plans involve FOOTBALL. I had a terrible week of picks last weekend. I even changed my Auburn Oregon winner to Oregon soon before kickoff because Oregon’s uniforms are so pretty, and they get me every time.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t have the most creative titles. This post is entitled “Love?” Creative, I know. Hope you like it.

Ok, you know I always try to keep it real on here, and while we’re at it- on the gram – without being too whiny or negative. I know I don’t have tens of thousands of followers, and a lot of times, even my friends probably just see my stuff and keep scrolling. But for (all 4 of) those who do read what I say, I try to keep it positive, informative, but not too serious, and best of all – real.

And with that, I would love for everyone to know that I indeed do (NOT) have it all together 🙂 I try my best to though..and for me to “have it all together” may look a little different than someone else trying to “have it all together.” Confusing? Probably.

So, let me explain…

For me to have it all together means everyone has to love me (for what I do, for being a hard worker, for having the right answers, for caring, for how I look, for having abs, for taking the time to respond to every single message from those I know and those I don’t know within 12, or sometimes 24 whoops hours, for trying to love each and every person I have the honor to coach or train, for trying to be a great, supportive wife, for letting my family know I care about them, for making healthy eating choices, but being cool enough to smash a taco or a piece of pizza or some ice cream every now and then, for trying to have the answers, and …you get the point?

And while most of these are good things, they also come from a place of WORKING or STRIVING, and not just BEING me. Many of them come from my ego (which news flash, isn’t always as “humble” as people like to give it credit for).

I question whether or not people will love me or care about me once they realize that there is a better version of me out there.

Weird, I know. But someone can hopefully relate.

Striving for perfection – all for the sake of being liked, admired and dare I say, loved by others – is a dangerous place to be. It’s like never wanting to mess up, or fail, or not respond to someone with the answer they want to hear, just so people will continue to like us.

I know that no matter where I am, there will always be someone smarter, more hardworking, fitter (whatever that even means), prettier, with better abs, more caring, and way cooler. And the logical, sane answer is to be like, “yeah, so what? That’s ok.”

But for me, it brings me a little bit of insecurity.

But the good news is this…

People love YOU and ME because of WHO we are (the good, the bad, the not perfect, the weird, the skills we have, and the heart that beats inside us).

I know this to be true because that is exactly how I feel about my husband, my family, my friends, and the people I get to see every day. I don’t just love them for what they are good at or what they can do for me. I love the people in my life for who they are (even the not so great things that annoy me and make me be like “are you actually serious?” 🙂

So, why should it be any different for me?

Anyway, just felt like writing that. I’m not sad or anything. If anything, realizing that people love me for me (not because of what I do) makes me happy.

And if that is you, hopefully you can let this sink in too:

You are the most perfect and most beautiful YOU there could ever be. It’s not just your skills, your kindness, your hard work, your appearance, and whatever else that people love. It is the combination of everything about YOU.

You were created (I believe by a loving God – who doesn’t make accidents). You were created to make this world a better place by finding out and using the gifts YOU have. No one can do WHAT you do like YOU do it. There will always be someone who you think is “better” than you at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. And that’s ok 🙂 Because they aren’t YOU.

I’m going to be a little more mindful of this. And if you struggle with this too, then hopefully this brought a new positive perspective to your life as well.