We made it. Last week of the Open is this weekend. What do you think it will be? Who cares?! Haha, I mean, I know you probably care, and I suppose I do too. But no use in even trying to guess. If there is any more gymnastics, then I am HOPING for ring muscle ups. Not that I’m like stellar at them or anything (better at them than bar muscle ups though… that’s for sure) I just genuinely like doing them. Everyone keeps saying thrusters, and while I actually kinda like thrusters (don’t judge), I don’t think they’ll be in there. Who knows. If you could pick ONE movement to be in there, what would it be?

For the first time in like IDK, 3 years? I am sad the Open is ending. The past several years I was so serious. It was stressful. I really wanted to go back to Regionals, and I was so stressed and nervous all the time. Even last year..I was literally 4 months out of achilles surgery, but still over here trying to get my hopes up and make a run for it.

This year has felt different. Like a breath of fresh air. I can’t quite explain it how I’d like to, but it’s been fun FOR SURE, and wayyyy less stressful. I’m kinda sad to see it end. The FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at CFEC have been off the chain. 19.2 will always be one of my favorite CrossFit moments ever because of how AWESOME everyone was during that workout. All the cheering meant so much to me.

Ok, cool. Let’s talk about 19.4. That one hurt way more than I thought it would. It was like “FRAN LUNG” followed by can you recover in 3 minutes? Followed by the biggest shoulder pump/bicep pump (for me)/tricep pump of your life. First part = light power snatches and burpees = I felt so fit. Second part = bar muscle ups + more burpees and never have I ever gone that slow on burpees (or at least felt that slow.. and let’s just say those bar muscle ups were tough).

But isn’t that what makes CrossFit so great? One minute, or one day, or one week even you’re like, “Ha, I’ve got this thing down. Look at me.” And then the next, you’re like “Daaaannnnggg there is so much to work on?”

Maybe it’s just me…

I’m sure this is unpopular with some, but I was happy to see 65 lb snatches. I haven’t really snatched anything over 85 lb in…awhile.. and the only reason I snatched 85 lb was for a video shoot, and Skyelar wanted me to look somewhat strong in it. But 65 lb…I figured that wouldn’t demolish my shoulder, and I could just muscle it up each time. And sure enough….here I was, 2 Open workouts in a row with really no significant shoulder pain. I’m pretty thankful for that.

My strategy was to go as fast as I could in the first part, know that I could recover (or at least somewhat recover… haha) in the 3 minutes, and then use the time left to TRY and finish. I finished the first part right under 2:30, so I had over 6 minutes to get those muscle ups and burpees, and I needed pretty much all of it…or all by 52 seconds of it. I finished at 11:08. I still have a lot of work to do with bar muscle ups, but they’ve come a little ways!

Ok, enough about me. I don’t really have that much to say about this one…

BUT CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO GOT THEIR FIRST BAR MUSCLE UP! There were a few people at CFEC who got one – including my friend Carrie, who has been working SO hard. Her reaction was PRICELESS. It made me smile so BIG. There were a few people who got it the week before, but weren’t quite able to stick it during the workout. My friend, Kate got one too…but it came after the workout ended. But that’s even cooler if you ask me. She could have just quit after the time cap, but she kept practicing and got it. Congrats to everyone who surprised themselves!

My man, Dan is THE Muscle Up Man. I wish I could do muscle ups like him. He’s so good at them. They are effortless. But I guess that’s how it works when you are FREAKING strong, yet you are a 165 lb. male. I’m so proud of him. He was literally 2 burpees away from finishing, and he hates burpees.

If you didn’t get that bar muscle up, DON’T GIVE UP! I remember in the Open in 2015, there were ring muscle ups, and they were at the very beginning of the workout, which meant that if you didn’t get one in your workout, you either had to take a “0” or you had to go scaled (and it was the most boring scaled workout ever.. (just wallballs and jump rope/single unders). I was so mad I couldn’t get one, but I kept practicing, and sure enough, a little ways down the road, I got a somewhat strict one (it definitely wouldn’t fly based on the standards they established at regionals in 2016) but it was still impressive at the time, I’m sure. I later went on to get a legit muscle up a month after that in a competition. DON’T GIVE UP!

Ok, one last weekend to give it all you’ve got and leave it all out there!

all pics by Josh Wilson Photography