Hiiiiii! It’s me. It’s been awhile. Every now and then someone is like, “Hey, remember when you used to blog all the time???” And I’m like, “yeahhhhhhh, I gotta get back to that.” It’s not because I haven’t had anything worthwhile to tell you about. I’ve just kinda brushed it aside…. and I’ve been a little busy, I suppose.

I really don’t like this title, but I’m not creative, so BAM. Make a Difference it is.

So, here we are. It’s July. We are almost a full month into SUMMER (Summer Forever). Life is good. I feel like there is so much to update you on. But I need to save some of it for a later post.

Oh…have you watched Stranger Things 3??!!! HOLY MOLY. This season was so good. I didn’t always fully know what was going on in seasons 1 and 2, but this season was easy for me to understand. I am not giving away any details, but you should watch it!

Ok, be honest… in your own little (or big) life, do you feel like you are making a difference in the lives of others?? Like reaallllly making a difference? It’s ok, if not. Just asking.

So, the past several months have been really good to me. I’ve had the opportunity to help a group of people (90% or so, women) totally change their outlook on food, weight, body composition, and the mindset around all of that. I really didn’t know what I was doing (and to be honest, I still don’t fully know) but I just saw a need, and I did SOMETHING about it. I quit saying “no” when people would ask for detailed accountability and help. I got over myself and the fact that I really don’t know a lot, I gave some disclaimers to make sure people knew that I am in the process of learning more about this, and I may not be the best one to help them, but I am willing to help, if they are willing to trust me.

I’ve been able to point a couple hand fulls of people in the right direction and establish a better relationship with food. And I feel weird even saying that, because let’s be real.. they are the ones who have put the work in, changed some habits, made some sacrifices (but not all at one time :), ate a vegetable or two, and gained some confidence.

And the more I’ve learned through all of it, the more I’ve learned that I really don’t know anything. I am excited to take the Level 1 Cert through Precision Nutrition in October. I know that is just the beginning, and a drop in a bucket of all the info that is out there. I understand that a desire alone to help people isn’t enough, but it has to be backed by knowledge, understanding, and comprehension of the subject at hand – and ya girl has a bachelors of science in sociology (with an emphasis in social work) <—just throwing that last part out there bc ya never know.

And moving on…

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to be somewhat of a CrossFit coach to a small group of people around the Upstate and beyond. I know I can never replace their CrossFit coach at their gym (and that is far from my intent). Because the whole emphasis behind the program is to continue to be involved in their class and gym, and to continue to listen to their coach). But people have asked for an additional program (focused on their “weaknesses”) and it has seriously brought me so much joy to be able to HELP.

It is a A LOT of work. I still haven’t figured out how to manage my time during the week, so Sundays lately are pretty busy, as I really do put a lot of thought and time into each person’s program. Some people may go through some of the same drills, skills, movements, stimulus, and even the actual workout itself, but that is rare. Everyone has their own program, and I’ve been so happy with the feedback I’ve received. Also, time management is getting better, and my goal is to not have to do any of it on Sundays (one day).

I’m not making BANK off of it, but it has brought me a lot of JOY that I think was lacking.

And add all that up with the people I get to coach on the daily at CrossFit Electric City, and it’s a DREAM LIFE (when you take a step back and look in).

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundaneness of show up, coach, workout, coach, workout again, go home, eat, etc. etc. etc. And for me, even though I shy away from it and say “Oh, I’m too old to keep competing…” I still get caught up in it. I still love it. I still don’t want to stop.

And tbh, I have to fight the desire to be a selfish 31 year old daily. Because I love working out. And as much as I say “I’m over it” or “My body can’t take it anymore,” if you give me a goal, I’m gonna go for it HEAD FIRST and with all I’ve got..

But at the end of the day.. what brings me JOY that isn’t FLEETING is helping others to be their best.

So, all that to say, I guess I am on the right track. I still have so much to learn. I don’t have a lot of credentials. I get things wrong. I still get nervous talking in front of a class from time to time. I still mess up when trying to modify movements for my extremely diverse 8:30 class. But I am continually learning. And I give a sh*t.

So, for what it’s worth, I hope that you and I can continue to find JOY in what we get to do every day. Maybe your day looks nothing like mine. Maybe you sit at a desk all day. Maybe you are like my friend, Taylor and you are a physicians assistant and you take care of people all day (and prob see some things and hear some things you may not want to), or maybe you want to be a competitive CrossFit athlete, and nothing is going to stand in your way of that…that’s cool. That’s awesome. Good luck with that. I hope that whatever it is you are doing, you feel like you are making a difference and helping others. Some jobs may not feel like that. You may have to work really hard to make your job feel like you are helping someone, let alone “changing the world.” But I’m sure that if you tried, you can find a way to make someone’s life better this week. And if you’re miserable and not doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing… it’s never too late to change it up. Even 5 years ago, I didn’t think I would be doing what I am today.

And not everyone is going to like you either, or think of you as someone worthwhile, and that’s ok! Just be yourself and be thankful for the people you get to interact with, and potentially make a difference in.