Hello. It’s me. (Adele voice). Did you miss me? I’ve missed you, for sure. I took a break from this little blog thing for a couple of reasons…the most important one being that I have a NEW SITE coming soon. No more “CHASING STALL” Sad, right? I’m good with it. I am so freaking excited about this new site and all I’ll be able to do with it. However, Daniel and my friends and family can confirm when I say that I get a little…distracted sometimes. My friend, Jerry, is the bomb.com. He’s the one who surprised me with this little SquareSpace account, and now he’s helping me move up in the world with a new and improved site. He’s been patient with me.


Ok, before we jump in.. bear with me…I’ve got the crud, and my sleeping has still been a little off.. so words are hard. BUT I COULDN’T HELP BUT TYPE THIS OUT. I’VE MISSED IT. If you aren’t a details kind of person, then scroll down to the last couple of paragraphs, and you’ll get the jist of what I’m trying to say there….


The past couple of months have been nothing short of EXCITING and BUSY (in the best kind of way). I’ve been able to take on some amazing new clients – some in the gym, some programing for people out of the gym, and some with a little bit of nutrition guidance and accountability. I AM LOVING IT. There aren’t too many greater things out there than getting to help someone take steps to make their life better, and find CONFIDENCE in the process. I’ve been able to work with some amazing, hard working people over the past couple of months, and seeing their progress and their face light up when they tell me about their progress (or imagining it when they text me) is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had, and I want to be able to help others as I have time and continue to learn!


I also had the opportunity to put in a little extra time in the gym over the past couple of months to get ready for WODAPALOOZA! And man oh man, Miami did NOT disappoint! I really didn’t think things would work out the way they did, but it was a lot of fun preparing for it. I’m thankful for Daniel being cool with me doing another big competition, especially since Granite Games was so expensive. I loved that he was able to go- which was waaaay better than going by myself to GG. He also cooked me all the chicken, broccoli, rice, and sweet potatoes while we were there to last the average person a week. My friend, Colin (who is a pretty busy person) took the time to give me a little bit of extra lifting/strength work to focus on. He was there to answer questions for me and let me bounce ideas off. I second guess myself a lot, so this was really helpful when he was able to take the time to help. I like having a coach, and I appreciate him for stepping in and being that – especially after he found out he was going to Miami too to compete in Wodapalooza STRONG (strongman comp they did all day Thursday). He KILLED IT and got 7th out of like 30 something guys there. I’m not surprised or anything. Along with that, I’m so thankful for everyone at CFEC, the upstate, and really all over who bought a shirt, gave a little $$ to put their name on the back of the shirt and be like a legit sponsor for me, and most importantly, for all of the kind words and texts and messages. That meant so much.


We had an amazing crew go down to Miami together. We laughed, talked about everything inappropriate, survived an almost home explosion/gas out, sweated so much we broke the AC, shared our home with doo doo water, found alllll the interesting things in the house (for the record, I personally still LOVED this airbnb). We had the honor of having some good looking guys from the Miami Fire Dept visit us. My friends got to meet all their favorite CrossFitters, but they made me feel just as cool. Daniel got to meet Dan Marino, and they are now BFFL. Thanks to everyone who went down there. My friend, Lindsey, took the time to instagram live my workouts, and Colin’s too (which was something I never even thought of). Thanks to everyone who watched!


I got to watch my friend, Noelle compete too, which is awesome because we live a little over an hour apart, but we got to train together leading up to WZA. Although we were in different divisions, our workouts were really similar, and she’s a fun, down to earth person to workout with, so it was cool to see her compete. I also got to watch my friend, Jason compete. I missed out on getting to go to WZA last year because of surgery, so I’m glad I got to see him in action this year. Noelle got second in her division, and Jason got third. That’s so impressive. I also got to see my friend, Jacqui some too. She’s GOALS for me in the next couple of years. It was great to see so many awesome people.


Competing was FUN! There were some AMAZING girls in my division. I had competed against some before, so it was cool to see them again too. I ended up placing 11th! I went into the weekend right on the border between Rx and Elite, so part of me wishes I would have placed higher. The other part of me knows that I truly did give MY ALL (even when my body felt like it was failing and I just didn’t have that GO…or my mind got in the way). It’s easy to blame how my body was feeling – but everyone has something, ya know? I wish I would have felt GREAT going into the weekend, but is that even realistic? With that said, I am proud of how I didn’t give up. I’m proud that even though I had a couple of moments of some pretty negative self- talk, I still overall tried to hold my head high!…because I know people take note of how you and I respond to what is going on around us.


I had a GREAT day Friday! I think a lot of that is because my mind was in a good place. I was proud of how I handled that beach run/swim. In the past, I would have lined up in the back of the pack (there were 3 different divisions starting when I did – including Rx guys). In the past, I would have gravitated towards the back. But I put myself in the very front, right around all the guys, and I told myself that I COULD hang with the guys, and as long as I didn’t let too many guys pass me, I would do well. It burned so bad. That soft sand run on the way back demolished me. It crushed my soul. BUT IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! When again will I GET to run (and last minute, swim) on a beach in Miami as the SUN IS COMING UP?? I’ll always remember that. I had two more workouts Friday. One included a decent amount of burpee box jump overs. Ya girl isn’t a great jumper – especially after a little over a year after my second achilles surgery. My left leg carries all my weight, and it did for sure on that beach run. Leading up the burpee box jump overs, my mind kept wanting to visualize my body failing in the middle of that workout, BUT I wouldn’t let it. Sure, my burpee box jump overs weren’t speedy by any means, but that helped me to not put those DOUBLE dumbbells down (except once..whoops) and I didn’t just survive that workout, but I felt good about how I finished with NO LEG PAIN or LEG GIVING OUT ON ME.


Now, Saturday and Sunday didn’t go as perfect…and that’s ok! I am learning through that. And like I said earlier, I don’t think my body, nor my my mind was in the best place going into this weekend (and when I didn’t do so great, it showed 🙂 I was a little embarrassed about freaking out in the ocean, mostly because I’ve gained so much confidence as a crossfiter trying to be a swimmer. I was so happy I thrived through 800 meters in a cold lake in Minnesota. You would think 250 meters in the ocean in Miami would be cake. But I guess I let it get the best of me! Long story. I’d love to go back next year and redeem myself. Also.. that last event…you’d think I’d be mad about not making it over those stairs and ramp in 2 minutes, but I’m ok with that! I know I prepared the best I could, and I am 100% confident that if I would have had more time, I would have made it up and over.


But despite the things that were “off” or where maybe I didn’t do as great as I had hoped, I am mostly thankful for all of the support I received – both when I did well and when I didn’t do as great. That means so much to me. When I was struggling, I would look up to the stands and see my friends and husband cheering so hard for me. I could hear them too! I’ll never forget that. For real.


The biggest lesson I learned in Miami (besides how important it is to turn the gas stove off before you leave the house for 12 hours) is that people love me for WHO I am – not for WHAT I do. They love me despite my quirks, my weirdness, my self doubt, and even my not doing as great as I could have maybe done on a good day in a workout. They love me even when the medical team has to carry me away because I allowed my body to go into shock and left my soul somewhere out there in the bay with the dolphins and manatees in Miami. They love me even when I may not look as strong out there, or as capable as I really am. And they love me when I do really well too!


I’m only telling you this because hopefully the same goes for you too! And if not, find you some people who love you because of WHO you are, not because of WHAT you do. And because of my friends and Daniel, I want to be a better friend and wife too!


I hope that makes sense! I’m feeling a little delirious today, so sorry if it doesn’t.


I LOVED MEETING SO MANY PEOPLE IN MIAMI. For real, THANK YOU to each and every person who came up to me and introduced themselves to me and told me that they read my blog or follow me on instagram. I am still in shock, and I’ve always tried to make the other person feel important too, but I don’t even have to try because I really am blown away that someone I don’t even know would WANT to follow my journey. I’m like.. “let me ask YOU all the questions!” haha. For real though. THANK YOU EVERYONE!


And with that, I’m excited about the next several months – trying to take a step back and really think about doing this little fitness thing for fun. I miss dancing in the gym. I miss being in class. I have a lot of work to do on my mind, how I move, continued imbalances, old age, and most importantly, wanting to not be as selfish with my time. I am a HIGHLY competitive person and I LOVE being out on that floor, so we’ll see.. but I also know that I’m a continual work in progress, and sometimes taking a step back is good too!


I really do mean it when I say that a new site is coming! This may even be my last post on here!