WHAT IS UP?!? Hope your Monday has been great, and your week is off to a great start! If you’re reading this, you have a lot to be thankful for. Not because you’re reading THIS, but because you’re alive, and you made it through the day. Sometimes I feel down for no reason at all (just being real). I have a great life and a lot to be thankful for, but despite that, I’ll find myself in a weird funk sometimes. I’m not perfect. I’m just saying this because if I get like that every now and then, I’m sure there are other people out there who do too. And that’s ok. Something that helps me is expressing gratitude. Tell people you are thankful for them. Make a list of what you’re thankful for. Speak some nice words over yourself. Look around. Sorry if that is TMI, but it was just the first thing I started typing, so I went with it. 

But with that, this past weekend was GREAT! I ate some tacos Friday, Daniel took me out on a nice date on Saturday, and I got to see some mountains yesterday. Today I did some heavyish things with a barbell for the first time in TEN DAYS. It was only push presses, so nothing exciting, but I’m thankful for that. I was having a weird little hip/back issue, and I had to back off a little bit. No big deal there. 

So, what do you do when negative thoughts come up? Or maybe something doesn’t go as planned? Or you experience failure or loss? Or you start to think pretty negative thoughts about yourself and even other people? Or you want to quit and give up?

Personally, my faith is my foundation in this. Maybe you have some sort of “foundation” too. But with that, I am always trying to learn everything I can and fill my mind with positive stuff as I go about my day to day. 

I wanted to share some great things I’ve listened to lately about *MINDSET*

Every now and then, I throw out some random fitness/coaching/leadership/mindset podcasts that I’ve listened to lately – because if you know me, you know I need all the help I can get. Daniel and I have our shows we watch from time to time at night (currently finishing up Friday Night Lights), but I love a good podcast while I’m driving, walking, making lunch, or doing the laundry. 

I am hoping to get some more podcasts out later on this week (fingers crossed) about coaching, CrossFit/fitness, and just some really cool, yet helpful and inspiring stories about others. 

And as always, if you scroll back on my blog, you can find past posts I’ve done all about podcasts. But I’ll be nice and just link them all in the links below. 

December 18, 2017

September 25, 2017

July 10, 2017

December 19, 2016 — This is the first one I ever did!

But like I said, today is all about *MINDSET*


  • First of all, if you’re not listening to Justin Sua’s Increase Your Impact, you’re missing out! Each episode is less than 5 minutes. I listen to it while I make our bed in the morning, or when I brush my teeth and get ready for the gym if it’s a morning I coach at 5 am. I appreciate him for getting those episodes up first thing! Justin is a sports psychologist, and I think he’s pretty tight with some CrossFitters. 

Here are a few of my most recent favorites from Increase Your Impact:

Here are some other great episodes I’ve enjoyed lately on mindset and positivity:

Like I said, check back later this week (fingers crossed!) I hope to have some more of my favorite current podcasts, as well as specific episodes I’ve loved lately about coaching, leadership, CrossFit, overall health and fitness, and other random stuff!

If you’ve got any good ones, send them my way!