Why hellllloooooo there. I hope your week is just GREAT so far. Mondays can be tough sometimes…especially if you are one of those people who take the whole week of 4th of July week off from work, doing fun things, getting tan, eating good food….and then you have to drag your butt back into work on Monday. That sounds pretty terrible actually!

A group of people from CFEC made the short(ish) drive to Asheville yesterday to TUBE DOWN THA RIVAAA…the French Broad River, that is. It’s not the cleanest of bodies of water, but neither is Hartwell, so there’s that. I have a little history with ole’ French, but I can say confidently that I am so far 100% in the clear from any bacterial infections, or anything of that sort. Overall, we had a great time! Shoutout to everyone who showed up. We’ll need to plan another trip in August sometime, so even more people can go. My personal goal is to get 50 people out there in one big BLOB of tubes. We were just short of 30 yesterday, so I think we can make it happen. Be on the lookout! It was a great rest day, for sure. 

Ok, I put quotes around the title of today’s post because I think it’s a legit quote. I googled it, and never clearly saw who said it first. But anyway.. here it is: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

And disclaimer: forgive me if this makes no sense. I was trying to explain this IN WORDS to someone today, and it’s like it makes sense in my head, but once I throw it out there, it gets a little fuzzy. I’m not good with the words. 

But let’s try.. .

Do you get lazy with certain tasks at work? Do you follow through with what you said you were going to do? How are your relationships (with family members, friends, coworkers, etc)? Do you give 100% in the gym? Or do you kinda just float casually through the motions?

Chances are…if you are slacking in one area, you may be slacking in other areas as well.  

This is something I have to tell myself all the time. For real. I’ll find myself holding back, feeling apathetic, or maybe even being inconsiderate to a friend, or not following through on something I originally said I would do. One of my “things,” I guess you could say to focus on for 2018 was FOLLOW THROUGH. If I don’t follow through with what I told myself I would do, I won’t follow through in my word to others.

This morning I didn’t want to ride the assault bike for 30 minutes, BUT I told myself I would, and I’ve been putting more time in for that on Monday mornings before 8:30 class. If I wouldn’t have followed through on something small (like riding a *&^%$& bike,) my words/agreements to myself and others would start to lose their value. I would be more likely to brush off other agreements. 

Hoepefully that small example makes sense. It does in my head, but ya never know. 

Let’s make an effort this week to give 100% to whatever is right in front of us – big or small. 

This means…(in no order of importance, BUT I am going to talk about gym stuff first):

Giving 100% in the gym (knowing that overcoming any battle with/in our health, or obstacle in the gym will only give us the confidence and perspective to know we can face hard circumstances outside of the gym as well. Push harder!)

Giving 100% to the relationships around us (Realizing that everyone has a soul, everyone matters, and any person in our life was put there for a reason. Some are easier to love than others, and we won’t always agree with everyone, but we can still have/show respect). 

Following through in what we say (This goes two ways  – in promises we make with ourselves, and in our word to other people. If you set a goal, know that you are WORTH IT to actually follow through and see the fruit from taking steps to make it happen. If you tell someone you’re going to do something, DO IT. If we get lazy with our words, we’ll start to get lazy with our actions, and before you know it, our word won’t even matter than much to us, or other people, because we’ve shown that when it comes down to it, we aren’t reliable. 

Giving our best effort at/in our jobs/professions (Knowing that any opportunity to make money and provide/help provide for our families shouldn’t be taken for granted or assumed. If we get lazy in the small, day or day tasks, or fall into a routine, we’ll get comfortable with taking that approach in the tasks that weigh a little more as well. 

In a nutshell…let’s make an effort to do the small things right – in the gym, in our workplace, in our relationships, in our decisions, and in keeping our word. When we do this, we set ourselves up to do well in other areas of our life.

I’m still learning/growing through this. This is more of a reminder for myself- TBH. I just like bringing all of you along on the journey too.