Why helllloooooo there. Hope your afternoon is just splendid indeed. I just got some lunch in my belly and some laundry put away, and now I’m just eating a pedialite popsicle and typing to anyone and everyone who may be listening (as in reading). Dream life, for sure. 

I’ve tried to not be so IN YOUR FACE about these posts. I don’t like blowing up your instagram feed with more pictures of food and tips (you’re welcome). But I will blow up your Instagram story. You already knew that though. 

So, just know that I still post these every Tuesday, but usually they aren’t going to come with a featured instagram post or anything like that!

Ok, let’s talk about NUTRITION/DIET CHANGE UPs. And no disclaimer today. This is more just about the mindset behind taking action!

We love to talk about what we’re going change when it comes to our health. We set goals, we make plans, and sometimes we even pay people to help us – all with good intentions. We also do these things because it makes us feel good. 

But following through and actually taking steps is the hard part. But that’s when we start to feel better and build confidence (because we took initiative and actually did something). 

So, real quick like – What is one thing you’ve been meaning to implement to make your health better? To feel better overall? It doesn’t have to be big. In fact, I’m all about small changes. 

Ok, so I want you to take that one thing, seek some outside help from a coach or someone you trust (just to make sure you’re on the right track), and do it!

Here’s what you have to lose….NOTHING. 

Say you implement something – maybe it’s something small like eating spinach or another leafy, green veggie at every meal, or maybe it’s something a little more intense, like hiring a coach to literally tell you everything you need to eat – But let’s say that after a month of staying consistent and following through, you don’t see the changes you intended, that’s ok! You tried something, and you would have never known if it would actually be helpful unless you quit talking about something and actually tried.

Now, ^^^ all of that is a worst case scenario. I’m hoping that anything you or I implement to better our health will actually lead to results we are happy with. But sometimes it doesn’t. And that’s ok. You still tried. And you have the whole rest of your life to try something else. 

The point is.. just do something!

Seek out some guidance from a coach or someone you trust to make sure you’re on the right path, and then go for it. 

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish, tired, and just out of energy in the mornings. Once I come home and eat a big, healthy, satisfying lunch, I’m good to go. I have tons of energy, if I coach or workout, I feel better, and I feel like I’m nicer to people. But in the mornings with not enough food, it’s a different story. I hate feeling that way, and I would be in the middle of a workout, and get that feeling where my body just wants to shut down. 

For me, it’s been a matter of eating a bowl of steel cut oats, or gluten free oats before I leave the house every morning – even if it’s before I coach at 5 am. It’s been a *GAME CHANGER* 

  • I stay fuller longer. In fact, it’s kinda hard to eat my actual breakfast of egg whites and sweet potatoes now, but I still try to get at least some of it in. 
  • I have more energy to coach and workout. 
  • I feel accomplished that I tried something new and it actually helped me. 

Before I did it, I just causualy mentioned it to my friend, Marlie, who was in town a couple Friday mornings ago. I had just attempted a workout for a qualifier in between coaching classes, and I had barely had anything to eat. This workout had a lot of hang squat cleans and bar facing burpees in it, and halfway through, I couldn’t feel my legs. It’s like all my energy was zapped. Marlie (who I trust when it comes to eating more!) was like, “hey, you probably just need more food in the morning. You should just try a bowl of oatmeal on top of your normal breakfast and see if that helps.”

She was telling me everything I already knew, but that gave me the extra push to actually do something.

I know that’s a small, personal example, but hope it helps you see where I’m coming from!

As always, let me know if you have questions!