ELLOOO! What’s up? NM here.

You know what really is the best? Key Lime Lacroix. I’ve already told you this once or twice before, but I’m going to throw it out there again. Because before Key Lime, I was a hater of Lacroix. It tasted terrible. But Key Lime made me a believer. 

Getting back on track after vacation is tough. I mean, this particular vacation was 6 ish days/ 5 nights…nothing crazy or anything. BUT when you’re at an all inclusive resort in Mexico, you live a little (or a lot). If you do decide to live a lot, then no judgement here, because we sure do. We had SO much fun. We relaxed, spent ALLLL the time together, fished, walked, ate and drank EVERYTHING we wanted to, made some friends, played a lot of beach volleyball, and some 4 in a row basketball game. Daniel even got up with me every single morning to get a quick, not impressive workout in…. except for Wednesday. Wednesday we got up super early to go offshore fishing. But other than Wednesday, we didn’t like set an alarm or anything, and we were up by 8:30 or 9 every morning, and asleep by midnight every night. Everyone was so nice at the resort. I got a lot of questions (again) about what it’s like to splurge and eat tacos and pizza and burgers and drink electric lemonades while being a body builder/figure competitor (LOL). I could talk for hours about vacation, BUT, in all reality, you don’t care, and that’s 100% understandable. Some people ask me from time to time about working out while on vacation and/or outside of a CrossFit gym, SO, I posted all of the not impressive workouts I did at the bottom of this post.

Sooo, let’s talk about getting back on track AFTER vacation. It can be tough getting back on track when we go a little too hard in the paint. BUT getting back on track is necessary, and it’s 100% easier than you think. Here are three quick EASY tips to keep in mind. They’re so easy that you probably already know them. So, think of them as reminders instead:

1. Don’t deprive yourself. Don’t cut calories, or even worse, “starve” yourself to get back to where you were pre vacation. This can be easy to do, BUT never underestimate a few days of eating mostly vegetables, lean protein sources, a little complex carbs and fruit to support your lifestyle, and very limited/no sugar. It’s amazing how our bodies are able to adapt and start working the way we want them to by keeping a simple diet for a few days. Don’t rush anything. None of your previous goals were hit in a day, soooo don’t expect to feel amazing the day after you get back (whether you deprive yourself or not). But give it a few days of eating enough healthy food, and you’re good to go.

2. Drink a lot of water. Your body may be a little dehydrated. Drinking water is going to help you not only feel better, but it will help your body function like it’s supposed to, which will help you to meet your goals.

3. MOVE – even if you don’t feel like it. Make time for it. I’m sure for a lot of people, coming back from vacation means catching up on everything that happened while you were gone (work, family, friends, etc). And with that, it’s easy to forget about your personal health. BUT you have to make time for yourself. If you’re like me, eating and drinking certain foods make you feel inflamed. My eyes get really puffy, I feel bloated, and mostly just really stiff. The more I move, the more these feelings go away. Think of it as your body waking back up and beginning to function again. 

Hopefully all of that helps. If you get anything out of this though, then remember not to deprive yourself or severely limit your calories when you get back. Good things take time.

I got to compete with my friend Jackie on Saturday at the Freedom Games at CrossFit Greenwood. Daniel and I got back into Anderson shortly before 1 am on Friday, SO shoutout to Jackie for still being my partner!

The comp was put on for a great cause – to honor veteran Kimberly Hampton, who was gunned down in a helicopter back in 2004. 

“Capt. Kimberly Hampton, 27, died January 2, 2004 after her OH-58 Kiowa helicopter went down in enemy fire near Fallujah. 

Hampton, an Easley High School graduate, also was the first woman from South Carolina killed in combat in Iraq.

She was stationed in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division based at Fort Bragg. She lived in Fayetteville, N.C., before she left for Iraq on Aug. 31.”

Kimberly’s family and friends were there to watch everyone throw down in her (and other US heros) honor. It was really special, for sure. 

Her hero WOD was a great wake up back from Mexico…mostly the assault bike:

 Shoutout to everyone from CFEC who competed and/or came out to watch. This wasn't everyone, but at least we got mostly everyone. 

Shoutout to everyone from CFEC who competed and/or came out to watch. This wasn’t everyone, but at least we got mostly everyone. 

It was an honor to be at CrossFit Greenwood. Their facility is so nice, and it’s evident that the owner, Justin, has put a lot into it. But what really made their gym special was all of the friendly people there. It was pretty obvious how much fun and how close everyone is there!

Yesterday I went for a little trail run at the botanical gardens in Clemson. I had never been there before. It was a cool place, with a good bit of random trails, but I had no idea where I was, or which trail led to which, and it was kinda crowded. I wore my weight vest, which also probably caused a little attention. One little girl told her mom I was scary. Another lady thanked me for serving my country. Embarrassed, I had to admit that I never have served in our military, and I was just training for a competition. Thanks for all the trail running suggestions everyone! I’ll hit up  Issaqueena another time!

Hope all of you have a great week and don’t take yourself too seriously! That’s all I’ve got. I’m about to fall asleep…literally falling asleepepepsjksdfjda as I typejsfdbh this – probably because I didn’t go to bed on time last night, and I got up kinda early to coach. Oh, and because I let the dogs sleep with me since Daniel was out of town for work. All my fault.


Non – impressive Workouts in Mexico:


10 minute steady jog on treadmill.

100 thrusters for time with 25 lb dumbbells in each hand. At the start of every minute, including the first minute, stop reps and do 4 burpees before continuing. (If this is going to take longer than 8 minutes, scale the weight down. If you don’t know what a thruster is, google it 🙂

8 minute intervals on treadmill between incline jog and walking.


Run 1 mile

EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes:

12 bodyweight stationary lunges + 10 kattlebell swings (44 lb kettlebell)

Swam for about 15 minutes after this. I was having all the trouble as I didn’t have my goggles, and the chlorine in the pool was so strong. Also, a nice little worker man was cleaning the pool, and i’m pretty sure I was in his way, and I hit my head on the buoy part of his vacuum cleaner (which doesn’t sound painful at all, but it surprisingly was) so I quit swimming for the breakfast buffet.


none 🙂 Well, actually, if you want to count reeling in some BIG fish, you can count that. One tried to fight a little too strong, and it made me sweat a lot actually, and then get chills. I think 78% of the chills came from everything I was sweating out + 22% came from being a little sea sick.


Run 10 minutes on treadmill 

EMOM (every minute on the minute for 15 minutes, alternating movements each minute) – 5 rounds

min1: 16 dumbbell snatches (alternating, 40 lb dumbbells)

min2: 13 burpees

min 3: 10 single arm dumbbell push presses ( 5/arm, 40 lb dumbbells


20 minutes of running on treadmill (I got all my treadmill running in for awhile) Some of this time, I jogged moderate, some minutes were a little faster, some we on incine, and I walked some of it. I was aLl OvEr ThE pLaCe.

It would have been cool to run on the beach, and maybe I should have taken advantage of that opportunity, BUT I was thankful Daniel went to the gym with me, so I was just A-OK with staying with him in the gym. We also played a lot of beach volleyball, which led to running in the sand to chase down volleyballs.