Haaaapppppy Monday everyone!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS JULY?!?!? Summer is flying by. I’m just trying to keep a tan – a tan that doesn’t have lines from shorts and sports bras that is. In two weeks Daniel and I will be in MeXiCo though so I’m just holding out for then. I just have to remind myself to wear sunscreen so my skin doesn’t get any more shriveled and people think I’m older than I really am. Also, I’ve been trying to get a little better about it since they found skin cancer on my dad’s nose a couple weeks ago. He’s going to be fine, but that’s always a wakeup call. He spent a lot of time out in the sun surfing and what not back in his glory days. Remember, he’s a pirate and all, so sun comes with the territory. 

Anyway, raise your hand if you were at BARBELLS and BEER this past Saturday? Thanks to everyone who came out and competed! And an even greater thanks to everyone at CFEC who helped in some sort of capacity. We had so much help! I wanted to judge some people so bad, but we didn’t even need it because there were so many willing people there to help. A lot of people helped with loading equipment in, and then back to CFEC — even people from other gyms. That’s really cool. And there were a few people who REALLY put a lot of time into this, so shoutout to y’all. You know who you are. Thanks to all of the sponsors as well. 

^^^^ All of this is just more proof that the CrossFit community is so special. 

And with that, let’s talk about competing. I know, I know…you’re probably like, “Here goes this chick again — always trying to get me to do a competition.” I guess I am. I know this was a lot of people’s first official competition (not including the Open or like an In House competition or anything like that…)

If you competed for the first time, hopefully you saw that it wasn’t that bad at all, right?!?!? In fact, I’m sure you surprised yourself with a small handful of things:

1. How bad it actually didn’t suck.

2. How much fun you actually did have.

And last, but not least (and my personal favorite)…

3. That you were (and still are)  *capable* of more than you thought you were. 

Everyone I talked to was so nervous before – especially the week leading up to it and the morning of! It’s crazy that we (most of us being adults who have seen a good bit of life so far) get so wrapped up in one little competition. But it’s so normal.

Here are some things I’ve learned/am continuing to learn about competitions:

  • Getting nervous is definitely part of it. It’s ok to stress a little about it. It shows you care. Hey, I get nervous before most workouts on a regular class day, so I get it.
  • When you get nervous, you have to go back to why you do CrossFit (or workout in general) in the first place. Competition is fun and all, but remember why you do this in the first place. 
  • It’s a great way to meet people. I dunno about you, but when I get nervous, I just talk to people. I make friends. I probably don’t make a lot of sense. But competitions are a great place to make new friends and see old friends. 
  • Being a part of a competition, as in volunteering your time, is always so rewarding and fun. When we do these fun, local competitions, we still need to be alert and help people meet those standards and what not. BUT when you get to judge someone, count their reps for them, and encourage them through the process, there’s something really special about that. 
  • Having Growler Haus (or someone there to serve beer) is always an added bonus. CrossFitters love beer – after competing, of course 🙂 (although, I sometimes feel like I could use a beer, or even maybe some xanex, or ya know, something to chill me out before I compete). 

I didn’t compete Saturday because I wanted to be available to help with anything and everything, although I really didn’t do much. It also felt good to just have a day where I didn’t think about competing or working out at all. I get to a place sometimes where I push myself a little too hard, and then my body finally tells me to take it easy. I enjoyed going to a competition and watching and cheering on everyone else!

I’ve been doing the Granite Games Qualifier over the past 3 weeks, and to be real with you, I feel like I’ve thrown a lot into it. I barely made it last year in the Women’s Pro Division, and I wanted to confidently make it in this year. I’ve been working hard, but still partying hard too because YOLO, it’s summertime. <—all of that will tone down some after vacation 🙂

I feel like in the past, I would want to qualify for something to like prove to others that I was capable…if that even makes sense. I feel like I’ve come a little ways over the past 8-9 months, and I’ve switched mindsets to doing these things for me – to make myself proud, not for anyone else. And because of that, I feel more accomplished and confident now that I’ve done the workouts and saw that I can not only do them, but I can hang. As always, I found out (again) what I’m not so great at too, so that’s always helpful.

^^^^ All of that to say that hopefully you feel the same way after competing this past weekend – or after any competition you’ve done. It’s such a rewarding feeling to prepare for something, to go through with what you told yourself you were going to do (even after you got scared or nervous), and to realize that you did better than you thought you could. 

And at the end of the day, you’re pretty cool no matter what. A competition or workout in general doesn’t define you or make you cool. BUT what you do in the gym just adds to how cool you already are. Cool, right? How many times can I say “COOL?” So take that and run with it. Keep showing up and surprising yourself. Keep getting out of your comfort zone. Keep seeing and realizing all you are capable of!

Here are some other competitions to get into this Summer/Fall. I stole them off of the CFEC Facebook group. Shoutout to you, N8! If you had a good time at Barbells and Beer, you should totally think about doing one! Let me know if you’re in!

July 21
The Freedom Games
CrossFit Greenwood
Teams of 2 (MM/FF)

**USE CODE CFEC for $10 off!!!**

July 21
The Sacred Pine Invitational
CrossFit Sacred Pine, Ladson SC

July 21
CFG Breaking Boundaries Competition
CrossFit Greer
2 person teams M/M or F/F
Rx or Scaled Divisons
**We will also have a kids division if we have interest
$100 per team

July 28
Masters Tour
BSW CrossFit
Masters age groups, starting at 30-34 and up.

August 25
Distinct Fitness & Training
Cash prizes to all podium finishers in both divisions

October 27
AAYMCA Throwdown