What’s up???

I wanted to tell all of you about my friends Kassi and Alison. They are both tough, strong, beautiful moms of two. 

Kassi is a member at CFEC. She’s been doing CrossFit for a few years now. Alison has been in and out of CFEC, but has mostly focused on running and keeping her husband, Shawn in line. (Full time job in itself). They are both really special people, and they are currently training to run a MARATHON in November. But this isn’t just any marathon (although can we all agree that training and running any marathon is impressive). They are running THE NYC MARATHON on November 4th. 

They are putting in the work with a small group from Anderson, and they are making a difference in the process! ALL of the money they raise goes to help a charity called OAK – Operation Active Kids. OAK is a scholarship program through the First Flight Alliance. It provides sports equipment and scholarships(helps with fees to play sports) for youth in Anderson County, South Carolina. 

In a nutshell, Kassi and Alison get to run in the NYC Marathon. But in the process, they are making a difference! ALL of the money they raise stays right here in Anderson, and helps give kids in our community the chance to play sports by alleviating some of the cost of equipment and fees associated with taking part in youth sports. 

If you played a lot of sports growing up, like me, you know it’s definitely not cheap. I’m thankful for the sacrifice my parents made in order to make that happen. Not everyone has that same opportunity. 

You can read more about First Flight Alliance and The O.A.K Scholarship program by clicking on the above links. 

Here is the link to Kassi’s training page.  **Kassi has already raised all her money, but I wanted you to at least see her page!

Here is the link to Alison’s training page. 

They still have a little ways to go to reach their goal. Here’s a great way to help! Everyone wants a shirt with ROHIT on it. And dreams do come true. YOU TOO CAN HAVE A ROHIT SHIRT/TANK/CROP. Kassi is taking *custom orders* for $20, and all of the proceeds she makes from these shirts ($15 I think) goes towards Alison’s fund. 

Hit Kassi up on facebook or instagram. Or just message me, and I’ll get you in touch with her!