Good afternoon! This week has flown by, for sure! I just got home about an hour ago, and guess what was by my door in a pretty, brown Amazon box?!? A WAFFLE MAKER. Did we need a waffle maker? Nah. One time Daniel and I had a contest to see who’s protein powder made the best waffles – mine (SFH) or Daniel’s (Progenex at the time), so we borrowed the Leonard’s waffle maker. I’m not going to go into the details of who won and WHY he/she won but we haven’t made waffles since. But all that to say that Daniel surprised me and bought us a waffle maker. 

Also, many people have messaged me about my dog, Rocco. Ya know…the round one that resembles a pig/panda bear that tried to crawl UNDER our damaged fence on Monday and got all cut up and bloody. Poor guy. But I don’t feel too sorry for him, because 20ish minutes of my Monday was spent driving down North, Marshall and best of all, Orr Street, looking for him after he escaped. Surely enough, I found him just as he was coming out of the woods behind our newish neighbor’s house (all the while scaring their three cute kids who were playing in the yard). So, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to them while holding my bloody dog who just ran out of the woods and surprised her kids. 

But Rocco is totally fine. Just some big scratches. He quit bleeding right away after I cleaned him up. He said thanks to all his fans for caring about him though. 

OKKKKK The real reason you are here today! To read all about my sweet, strong, wise friend, AP. AP has been doing CrossFit for a little over a year and a half. She comes to the 5:30 pm class 99% of the time. She is a vegetarian, and I’m excited to learn from her (not because I’m going to become one soon, but because I honestly know NOTHING about the diet of vegetarians and how they get their nutrients). AP posts some great recipes on instagram sometimes. She is very positive and also posts some CrossFit inspiration every now and then too. Those posts mean so much to me – as a coach at CFEC who has been able to witness her hard work, PATIENCE, and determination in the gym, and because her struggles and issues with confidence have been pretty real to me at one time or another. 

AP wrote a post back in March 2017 about one of the Open workouts (17.2 I think!) This post is EVERYTHING about confidence and growth, and the lessons a gym can teach you. 

I’ll let you read it for yourself. And if you’re reading on your phone, you may have to use your fingers and zoom in a little.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago! AP reposted the same picture, but with this caption: (same thing as before… you may need to zoom in. Sorry Charlie).

“From zero pullups —> to being able to workout without a band —> to finishing Murph.”

It didn’t happen overnight, but AP came to the gym consistently, put forth her best effort everyday, was patient with herself. And look at her now!

**I asked AP some questions about CrossFit, confidence, etc, and she’s just the BEST, so she took the time to answer them for me!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? What made you decide to come check it out?

I started crossfit November 2016, so about 1.5 yrs (wow!). The reason I came to check it out was because of the awesome things I heard about this particular location from people who had already joined the CFEC family. I was hesitant due to (at the time) personal insecurities, but fell in love with the place immediately.

How does CrossFit personally help you battle feelings of negative self image, comparison, and/or doubt in yourself?

Crossfit gives me balance. I find that it creates this very raw feeling of self acceptance and strength to improve. I personally perform better if I compare myself to old me, before crossfit. No one is perfect, no one is the same, so comparing myself to anyone else is like comparing apples to oranges. BUT we do all have one thing in common: everyone is going through their journey. That, to me, is why crossfit gives me balance: its a lifetime commitment of acceptance of your “weaknesses” so you can improve yourself, while supporting other individuals with their goals.

What is one goal you are working hard for right now?

This is a fun question. I honestly think my goal is to improve myself. I want to do that by being consistent in my nutrition, water intake, being kind to people, and staying true to myself. I want to wake up every day being the best version I can be, on that day.

What would you tell someone who is trying to get their first pullup?

That it IS going to happen, if you push and trust yourself, and when you do get it, you’ll have a whole team cheering you on. I started with doing pull ups with the thickest elastic band. So, when I couldn’t use the band during the 2017 open, I felt defeated. Everyone at CFEC remembered the frustration I was feeling, not being able to do ONE pull up- and – here is what is amazing- they were ALL there cheering me on during the 2018 open (a year later) during which I got a total of 13 pull ups (one at a time) . Gosh, I was almost in tears from the support. Since then, I’ve challenged myself to do the actual daily work outs without a band, and I’ve seen great progress for me.

What is one goal you are working hard for right now? In or out of the gym?(doesn’t matter)

To keep it specific to the gym, my first goal is a headstand. And second, just to dream big… a muscle up?

If you could tell your unmarried, 18 year old self one thing, it would be…

“DON’T STOP WORKING OUT! Don’t trust that your metabolism will keep up with your inconsistent habits” My worst mistake was to take my health for granted. Just because I was skinny (and could easily stay skinny) , it didn’t mean I had a healthy lifestyle.


 AP in 18.5 during the Open (March 2018) :)

AP in 18.5 during the Open (March 2018) 🙂