What’s UP???? What a beautiful day today has been. No rain. All sunshine. Can’t complain about that. I’ve been trying to be productive today, and that’s taken some time away from writing today. BUT I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging.

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback or affirmation with these posts! I’m looking forward to having a few people start sharing their love, wisdom, and experience on here soon!

And as always….

I want to be clear. I am not a nutritionist. And more than that, I haven’t put in the grueling hours or practice to become a “dietitian” either. BUT I want to help people (and in the process, help myself) with nutrition! I am always learning. I’m at the gym coaching, training others, working out, or maybe even hanging out every morning and every evening. It’s fun. But I also have a couple of hours in the middle of the day, most days to read and try and learn a thing or two. This of course comes after I make sure I’ve had food, and the kitchen is clean, and laundry is folded and done. It’s a tough life, but I guess someone has to do it! 

Now…you’ve probably heard at least a handful of times that “you can’t outwork a bad diet.” <or something along those lines>. And that is 100% accurate. I’ve shared on here a little bit here and there about my struggles with this throughout the years. I wouldn’t say those demons are totally gone. Every now and then, if I eat something off, I just want to go and work it off. BUT I’ve learned AND actually practiced healthy ways and appropriate outlets to battle those thoughts. And I can say with confidence that my relationship with food, exercise, and appearance has come A LONG FREAKING WAY. 

But I know there are still so many women and men, guys and girls, college students, teenagers, and even kids who struggle with this. Well, this post isn’t meant to be a therapy session, but I do want to address that this is a problem. 

When many people begin new fitness routines, they don’t change the way they eat. And therefore, they don’t see the results they expected. Well, duh. Exercising is great. Throwing barbells around is great. Being able to run long distances is great. BUT if we don’t implement healthy habits with nutrition, we won’t see the full picture of the results we COULD have. 

Some people just get frustrated. And even quit. For some people, this can turn into a harmful relationship with food and exercise. 

I love talking about my experience with this (although I don’t have all the answers). But as always, shoot me a message if you want to chat. I’m really appreciative to the people who have done that over the past two years. <3

But, for many of us, we just need to be reminded of this every now and then. Here is an article from the CrossFit Journal that I LOVE. I’m 100% sure that this is part of their “free” content, so hopefully no need to have a login or account. 

Hope it helps!

I’m Working Out But Can’t Lose Weight

CrossFit Journal

As always, thanks for reading!