What is up? I’ll be honest. I’m dragging today. We didn’t leave THE Myrtle Beach until like almost 9 last night. SO, that made my 6 am wakeup not so fun this morning. BUT I was pretty excited for two reasons: 

1. We had a good representation at the Beachtown Throwdown this weekend (formerly Salt Games)

2. I had the opportunity to hang out with some elementary school students this morning in Pendleton to promote *SUMMER* Reading.

So, actually getting out of bed wasn’t that bad. 

But yeah, so today I had the opportunity to speak at Pendleton Elementary. I’ll be honest, when my friend Kristy originally asked me, I didn’t feel super equipped or anything to be talking about reading. It’s still pretty challenging for me to actually stop, sit down, and read. I pretty much listen to everything. I love podcasts, and I’m about to start giving audible a try. IDK. We’ll see. 

And if you read my blog, you know I just kinda flow with my words. Sometimes I don’t make sense when I write on here (even to myself 🙂 But I was still stoked that they would let me come and share. 

The theme was about making GAINZ this summer through reading. I got to share a little about CrossFit, fitness, perseverance, setting goals, and staying active, and having fun with exercising and how that can be compared to reading. 

I told the students that if they were to quit reading and learning this summer, it would be much easier to forget ALL of the hard work that they put in during the school year and ALL of the hard work their teachers put in to helping them learn and grow. 

They flexed their muscles, showed off their biceps, and then we talked about how their mind can work as a muscle as well. We have to keep pursuing opportunities to use it, or else it will start to fade. <—Ok, all of this sounds pretty dreary and sad, BUT IT’s TRUE for anything really!

Don’t let your busy schedule this summer pull you away or deter you from reaching your goals. Your schedule and routine may change. You may have kids to entertain over the summer. Your work schedule may increase. You hopefully have some fun vacations planned. And all of these things are necessary and a part of life. BUT, have a plan, stick to it, and commit every day to showing up, doing something, and having fun by staying active. Don’t give up on yourself this summer!

So, shoutout, again to PES for allowing me to come speak to your students. Getting up in front of a lot of people like that can be scary and weird for me (especially on 4 hours of sleep) BUT it challenged me and made me want to speak up more!

Ok, now back to MYRTLE BEACH! It was HOT. Like really HOT. BUT that’s all part of it and makes it great. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time to go to the beach. Our beach house views were AMAZING, but I’m lame and never even walked on the sand. Sad. It was like we had some time, but at the same time we didn’t. IDK if that makes sense or not. Shoutout to CrossFit Updog for putting on the competition. It was obvious that it took a lot of hard work, and I’ve never seen any kinder volunteers… especially the ones at the sled pull/ dball workout. They just cheered everyone through that mess. I think that was our favorite workout. Good thing we are big.  

Madeline competed by herself Saturday morning and in to the afternoon, so we were back and forth trying to watch her some. She killed it and got 2nd in the Rx division. Competing solo can be scary sometimes, so props to her. 

The ROHIT WONDERS <Daniel, Rohit, Stephen, and Louis> competed in the guys Rx division Saturday night and all day Sunday. They pulled off a 3rd place finish, and dominated in the finals. I was so proud of them. Everybody pushed hard, and their bar muscle ups were goals for me. Unfortunately, with that came a lot of ripped (no, actually shredded) hands.

CRASHING THE ELECTRIC REACTION <Laura, Tati, Noelle, and Ashley> competed in the girls Rx division, and they did great. Gyms teaming up together is always cool, and for some of them, it was their first Rx competition. 

I got to compete with Jackie, Colin, and Falke and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We ended up taking home FIRST. Our team name was “We’re Too Big for This” and I would like to clarify that this was meant to be about our size, not about us thinking highly of ourselves or anything. Most of the time we didn’t even know what time we were supposed to be warming up or competing, so I promise we didn’t mean it that way. Hopefully people understood that when they saw us. Tall people doing CrossFit can be hard sometimes. But being not 125 lbs does help you on grunt sled pull and dball workouts and clean ladders. I was thankful to be competing against some REALLY TOUGH AND STRONG guys and girls. It’s also always very humbling when you compete alongside three really great people who are way better at things like box jump overs (burpee box jump overs and really just jumping in general) and bar muscle ups, oh and toes to bar. But I’m glad they let me be on their team. We tried so hard in the finals. Colin ran the O Course for us. I keep saying O Course because it sounds cooler, and I have a hard time pronouncing the word “obstacle.” I was so nervous about going first on handstand walks and slowing our team down. But I walked down and back 60 feet total without falling, so that was a win for me! Jackie walks better on her hands anyway, so she caught us up to the team we were slightly behind. And Falke was cool enough to do the heavy thrusters no problem. None of us dropped the bar. In fact, I don’t think I saw anyone in any heat drop that bar during the thrusters, which is pretty impressive. It also turns out that legless rope climbs are way easier when you get a little bit of rest while your teammates are going. However, tall ropes are a little harder than the short little rope we have in our gym. I was so proud of us though, and it was a lot of fun, for real. 

Anyway, competitions like that always humble me and show me what I (still) need to work on. But it’s all good. 

Have a great week!!!!!!!!