Gooooood afternoon!!

I’m all over the place today. BOUNCIN’ AROUND. BOUNCIN’ AROUND for sure (Not like in a bad way or anything…) BUTTT I could talk about like ten different things right now. I’ll briefly hit on a few of them, ok?

First of all, Jackie and I competed at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit this past Saturday. Those workouts were fun. I think I’m getting a little better at pushing myself/pacing myself in partner workouts. I’m more of a ya know, give me 20 minutes by myself and let me pace it out. I’m not good at resting and then all out effort when it’s my turn. But I was for sure thankful for a break during these workouts. Jackie showed out, as always. She’s so strong!

As always, I love seeing and meeting new people from the upstate at competitions. I especially loved seeing my friends Jacqui and Marty from Spartanburg. Marty has FIVE KIDS. She’s pretty quiet about this, but rumor is she went to the CrossFit Games once. Also, I follow CFS on insatgram mostly just to see Marty’s daughter’s weightlifting lifts. Jacqui also has kids and she’s 35. She just got back from Regionals on the CFS team. Anyway, they always impress me so much, and I hope I can be a cool mom like them one day. 

I also loved competing (unfortunately on the other side of the gym) with my friends Kelly and Jeri Ann (also cool moms of 3). Kelly was my partner in my very first crossfit competition. My lack of being able to successfully perform an overhead squat and jump over an abmat probably kept her off the podium that day. I think this may have been her first competition since then. Anyway they are both ballers.

On the guys side….Daniel competed with Steven (HALF of the ROHIT WONDERS). Steven hit like a 40 lb PR on his clean, or something like that! Daniel added towels to his toes to bar to make them harder (no, I’m jk. I think he ripped his hand or something like that). Daniel has been doing a lot of extra conditioning stuff over the past couple of months (mostly running intervals) and his progress definitely shows when he pushes himself in workouts. They got 2nd!

Shoutout to SRCF for a great event, as always! Thank for for letting us take showers in your incredible nice, hospitable locker room before going to a wedding. And most importantly, shoutout to Karina for being great, and Jazzy for the crunk playlist.

THIS WEEKEND: Daniel, Seth, and Madeline are competing at the CF Reaction Summer Series. I’m hoping I can make it to watch them. Everyone go watch them in Greenville next Saturday.

AND THE NEXT WEEKEND after that (JULY 30) is BARBELLS AND BEER. CFEC is putting this on. It is only $15 to sign up. Basically you’ll do one workout (“DT”) and then you can party it up with us after you’re done. We’ll be there until around 1 pm. You can sign up here.  With that sign up, you get a shirt/tank, a $20 off Born Primitive discount card, and like 7 other prizes or discounts JUST FOR SIGNING UP. We’re pretty much paying you to do this. We don’t want you to miss out.

AIGHT, moving on to hiking. Yesterday Daniel and I slept in a little (until like 9) made some….you guessed it…waffles, and drove to Cleveland, GA to go to the Caesar’s Head State Park area. We usually try to go to some local hiking spot 3-4 times a year, usually on a Sunday. But unfortunately for us, this was only our first trip of the year. We did the Raven Cliff Falls trail and connected on to the Dismal Trail, Naturaland Trust Trail, Gum Gap Trail, and then back to the Raven Cliff trail (I think). Everything is so well marked, which I prefer! I’m also pretty sure the last time we hiked the full almost 8 miles was pre crossfit, and I’ll be honest, we struggled back then. I slipped and fell on a rock and almost passed out, and when we went up a steep climb of elevation at one point, Daniel was about to tap out. BUT yesterday was GREAT. We were in and out around 3 hours and stayed moving the whole time. There are some cool sights on those trails, including a suspension bridge you get to walk over. It’s definitely worth the drive if you want to change it up from Table Rock, but you also don’t want to drive to Asheville, and you also want something somewhat challenging. My legs are feeling it today!!

But with that, let’s talk about actually USING our fitness. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how if we don’t keep up our fitness into the summer, it will be easy to fall off track and lose some of the progress we’ve worked so hard to get. 

Today is all about using our fitness to do cool things. WHY do you workout in the first place? Yes, you want to be healthy overall (as in fight disease, reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke, fight against high blood pressure and diabetes, etc). We exercise because we want to look good and feel good. Am I right?

BUT we also exercise so we can do cool things. A couple of times yesterday I thought about what my life would be like if I wasn’t fit (as in if I didn’t exercise regularly and try my best to be healthy overall). I’m pretty positive that I wouldn’t have been able to survive that hike yesterday! Or, it would have at least taken A LOT longer, and I would have been in some serious pain afterwards. 

I love being able to use my fitness to do cool things out of the gym. 

So, here is your reminder to celebrate that! Maybe for you this looks like doing your job better. Maybe you are some sort of first responder, and your job is to help keep people safe. Or maybe your job is just overall pretty strenuous. Be thankful for your fitness to be able to do that job! Maybe your fitness helps you to be a better parent, as in you don’t get tired or out of breath from throwing the football with your son or dancing with your daughter. Celebrate where your fitness has brought you. Or, maybe you love adventure, and you are able to hike up big mountains because you are FIT.

Celebrate that, and don’t ever stop!

Thanks for reading to my ramblings. Have a great week!