Good *MONDAY* Morning!

You’ve got a good breakfast in you (hopefully you do by the time you’re reading this). You got a good night of sleep last night. You hopefully got into some fun over the weekend. You’re ready for a great week. 

Do you ever feel just average, normal person going through the motions everyday? Like there is nothing super special about you? Or maybe that you’re just a little insignificant?

We tell ourselves these things sometimes for several different reasons – one being because we don’t think we have anything to offer. 

Here’s what you need to know…

  • There is only one of you.
  • You were put here on earth not by mistake, but instead on purpose, for a purpose (you don’t even need to be super spiritual or religious to believe that). 
  • You too can inspire the people around you.

Sometimes we get caught up in this idea that we have to have thousands of followers on instagram or twitter to have our voice heard, or that we have to be “successful”(whatever that even looks like these days), or that we have to be some top dog “leader” in our workplace or social circle for people to actually listen to us.

And the truth is… Everyone has something to offer. YOU too can inspire people. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers on instagram, or 1 million, your voice matters, and it can be effective if you use it for good. 

I struggle with this sometimes. Sometimes I’m like, “Is this blog thing really worth it?” I’m not even that great of a writer, and these posts do sometimes take awhile to write (especially if I want them to be legible:). And on top of all of that, I know I’ve made mistakes along the way. And I’m sure I get misunderstood sometimes. 

But then I’ll get a message, which thankfully, I actually get a good bit of, AND I LOVE THEM, or I’ll meet someone in the grocery store, or at Chipotle or somewhere not even in Anderson who reads my blog or follows me on Instagram. And they’re so kind to go out of their way to tell me that they actually do read and are impacted by what I say.

I’m not saying ^^all of that^^ to be like, “look at me!” But instead, to first of all, say THANK YOU! I don’t take any message or conversation for granted, and I ‘m usually pretty giddy about them. You can ask Daniel, because I tell him about most of those conversations. But I’m also telling you to let you know that if little ole me (with my poor grammar, not so great with words all the time, and just an overall hott mess self) can somehow impact and inspire people, so can you. 

For me, I’ve tried to be pretty transparent about injury, feeling like I’m out of my league most of the time when it comes to coaching and trying to help other people make their life better, the balance between trying to be somewhat of a competitive CrossFitter- yet letting loose and not taking myself too seriously, and just trying to be a patient, kind person (although if you know me, you know ‘m not perfect). 

And with that, how can you inspire other people? Maybe it’s just being positive and confident in how you carry yourself at work, or with your friends, or in the gym. Maybe you’re a mom of three, and life if CRAY, but you can inspire other moms with how you still make time for *yourself* by exercising and living an overall healthy life. Or maybe you are a college student and there are girls or guys five years younger than you who follow you on twitter or instagram. What you say matters. People DO read and listen to what you throw out there. 

OR maybe you have lost a significant amount of weight, or transformed the way you look, and you want to post a picture of you (because you’re proud and because maybe it will inspire someone) DO ITTTTTT. Please. If someone wants to down you for that, that is their problem. Not everyone is going to like you, or understand you, or agree with you. And that’s ok. That is life. But don’t ever be scared to be you. If you want to post a video of you squatting a heavy AF barbell, do it. If you want to wear bootie shorts to the gym because they make you feel strong and cool, do it. If you want to wear a crop top, do it. If you want to show off on the internet, do it. 

Now, be real about it. And above all else, be respectful. And (like I already said) not everyone will agree. Not everyone will get it. But you never know who is watching or listening. 

SOOOO, this week, let’s bring some positivity to the internet and to the people we come into contact on the reg. I’m not saying we have to be prideful or boastful or even show off, BUT if you have something to share that someone can benefit from, DO IT. OR if you feel like you need to speak up about something, or say something POSITIVE to someone, don’t hold back. You could totally make their day, week, or even change the trajectory of their life. 

Ok, that’s all I have to say about that. 

DID Y’ALL SEE THIS?? This chick from USC came back from behind and ran down this girl from Purdue to win the NCAA championship. It just goes to show that “it’s not over til it’s over.”…or something like that. But for real.

Also, in case you haven’t seen this yet….I need to meet this kid!!

Have a great week!!