Gooooooddd Afternoooooon!!! <or evening, or whenever you’re reading this>. I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! Today I’ve been married to my husband, Daniel, for SEVEN years! I can’t even believe it. Time flies when you’re having fun. I could get all deep about marriage (the GREAT and the sometimes hard stuff that comes along with it) but I won’t do that to ya. But I am extra thankful, for sure. 

We got back yesterday from THE BEACH! We went to Pensacola to throw down in a CrossFit competition with some friends. The weather was *perfect* we got sunburnt <sunTURNT>, the people were great, and the beach was beautiful. It was the perfect little place for some competitive exercising. 

I’m so glad Jackie and Jennifer asked me to be on their 3 person team. Jackie asked me awhile back if I thought I would be recovered from my achilles surgery by then, and I was like, “duh.” Saturday was 7 months exactly since I had surgery, which is pretty cool. We all did great, surprised ourselves at one point or another, and worked well as a team! It’s the best when each person on the team can contribute in some sort of way and feel like they did their best. We got third place…well, we tied for third. There was some tie breaker rule they had which put the other team on the podium, but it’s all good. We had fun. 

I posted last week about my first competition, and how you have to start somewhere! I got a lot of feedback and questions from that, so I figured I would do a post about it. 

Because here’s the deal…if you are even thinking about doing a competition, you should just go ahead and do it. That’s all there is to it. for 95% of the competitions out there, there is something to offer everyone! – no matter what your current fitness level is, and no matter what your age is. Sure, it’s scary. I still get nervous every time I compete – no matter if I’m with my friends on a team, or by myself. But that’s all part of it. The adrenaline rush is great. It’s a cheap drug, for sure. 

My favorite thing about competitions is the community and all the people you get to meet and/or catch up with. Not everyone is nice. I mean, that’s everywhere you go. BUT, at a competition, people are pretty kind for the most part, and meeting new people is always fun. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why you should sign up for a CrossFit competition this summer: 

1. Working out is better with friends. With competitions comes working out alongside your friends. This could look like competing on a team, or it could mean hanging out with your friends in between workouts. And like I said above, meeting new people and hearing their story is always cool too. 

2. You will always surprise yourself! Not everything will go according to plan. But there is something about competitions that makes you step up to the plate, give your 100%, and show out. Kinda like *MAGIC* It’s cool to workout alongside other people and see what you are actually capable of. 

3. You always walk away with something to get better at. I’ve never left a competition 100% satisfied. I always find something I can improve in. But with that said, I’ve never been totally discouraged after a competition either. Knowing you can grow and get better in some way is all part of it!

4. It’s a great way to bring the CrossFit community together. It’s cool to look around and know that while everyone may be different (in what we look like, our beliefs, our background, our day to day life, and our skills) it’s still cool to share a common interest with the people around you. People cheer each other on (most of the time) and that’s always great too. And to take this a step further, TRAVELING to competitions with friends is always fun too. Sometimes we’ve rented a house or all stayed at the same hotel if the comp is out of town. Sometimes we’ll all drive together. Sometimes if it’s local, we’ll all just hang out for the day and cheer each other on. It’s great. 

5. Competitions make great stories. We all want to look impressive to our family and friends. Imagine being able to tell your kids and/or grandchildren about all the bad@&& stuff you did in a CrossFit competition over the weekend. I’m sure the people you work with get tired of hearing about it, but you tell them anyway. It makes great conversation, and being able to celebrate what your body is capable of – no matter if you get first or last – is pretty awesome. 

Here are some local competitions this summer. I would love to add more, so if I missed anyone or left an event out, let me know!

I literally copied and pasted these from the CFEC Facebook post from yesterday. So, shoutout to Nate N8 Thomason for compiling these and posting these dates and links. 

May 11-12
Beastmode Games
Caine Halter YMCA Greenville
Teams of 2 or 3 (MM,FF,MMM,FFF and individual)

May 26
Memorial Day Murph — Yes, this is still considered a competition. It’s more like a competition with yourself if I’m being for real with you. I left it on here because if you were thinking about doing Murph this year, you should just go ahead and commit to it. It’s the best day of the year at CFEC. We’ll have tons of scaled options to appeal to all fitness levels. Anyone can do it, BUT it will be challenging. But the feeling you get when it’s over, and you know you’ve accomplished something great, is incredible!
CrossFit Electric City
9:30am (free and open to the public!)
(Murph make-up day the following Monday)
Want to order a shirt? Click here!!:

June 2-3
Beachtown Throwdown
CrossFit Updog, Myrtle Beach
Teams of 4 (MMMM,FFFF,MMFF)

June 9
Dave Runs SC
Anderson, SC

June 16
Showdown at the Swamp
Swamprabbit CrossFit
Teams of 2 (MM/FF)

June 28
Greenville Games Summer Series
CrossFit Reaction
Teams of 3 (MMF)

July 21
The Freedom Games
CrossFit Greenwood
Teams of 2 (MM/FF)

July 28
Masters Tour
BSW CrossFit
Masters age groups, starting at 30-34 and up.

These are just “local-ish” ones in South Carolina. There are also ones that require a little bit more driving, and there are even some that you may need to qualify for. But this is a start. If you’re interested, but you still have questions, or you’re scared, talk to your coach or someone else who has competed before! 

Hope you have a great week! I’ll check ya later on this week!