Well Happy Monday to Ya. Today is going to be a short one. I just got home to let the dogs out really fast after grabbing some chipotle with my cute, prego friend Marlie. She’s in town getting a puppy to take back to Georgia. Sounds about right. Anyway, I’m just letting you know this because she’s DEFINITELY pulling off the whole pregnant with baby #2 deal. If you want some prego workout motivation, go see her wokout videos on the gram. Or read her blog

I’m headed back to the gym soon because our SFH rep is going to be there tonight with protein samples. Protein and Samples. Those are two of my favorite things. 

Speaking of fun things going down at CFEC, we had fun doing some power yoga yesterday with my friend, Karina. Karina helps hold down SRCF, and she’s a yoga instructor at Soul Yoga in Greenville. I was so thankful that she gave her time to come hang out with us, and I was so proud and inspired by how confident she was teaching yoga to us. She was still cool, and helpful, and kind, and all…but she carried herself like a boss. And that definitely inspired me.

And the last cool thing we have coming up this week is……..MURPH! I’m going to try and talk about that later this week. I CAN”T WAIT. It’s always so much fun AND painful (in the best kind of way). It never gets easier. It’s pretty tricky indeed. There’s something for everyone though, and it’s a great way to bring all kinds of people, with all different levels of fitness together to honor a true American hero. Anyway, more on that LaTeR the week.

Ok, so the real reason you’re here…for some #Monday Motivation!

I just love this quote by the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus.<— I feel so intelligent saying that. Like I know all about him or something. I think people have taken the quote, and twisted it a little bit.. but according to Wikipedia (which we all know is 100% fact) here it is: 

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Very well said. 

The first part of this quote is on the makeshift chalkboard door that leads to our basement. I originally only intended to leave it up for a short while, but I think it’s been there for over a year now, which means I’ve looked at it a lot. And back to this chalkboard door thing…yeah, the first quote I put on it, shortly after we moved in, was a DMB (Dave Matthews Band for all you young people out there) that had to do with a song we almost danced to at our wedding. But then I remembered that I am an adult, far out from high school, and maybe DMB quotes on doors isn’t hip anymore. Sooooo, I decided to put this quote up instead. Way more helpful. Over the weekend, my friend, Allison Thomason (ALLI T, RED, COMMANDER RED, COMMANDER REDHEAD) admired it, and we talked about it for 30 seconds, and then I was like, “cool, I should write about that Monday.” And here we are. 

I know this is a fitness/lifestyle blog, but…this quote is for all aspects of our life.

Isn’t it so easy to forget about the GOOD we have right in front of us because we’re so preoccupied with what we perceive we are lacking? I do it a lot…and not just when it comes to goals and fitness stuff.

To spoil means “to diminish or destroy the value or quality of.” And when we focus on what we don’t have right now, we are in fact “diminishing or destroying” the *value* of what we do have, what we are able to do, and the good we have to offer the people around us. And because of that, we are essentially diminishing or destroying our own value. 

Does that make sense?

It does in my head. 

If I look around right now at all the GOOD I have in my life, I see/feel…my heart that beating (I know, because I now have a heart monitor, and I can check it anytime I want to), my husband, my family, my friends, my health, my house, my job, people who show up to the gym so I essentially can have a job (amen), my car, my goals, my ability to do cool things in the gym, etc. etc. etc. 

^^These are all things that I either didn’t once have, or they are at least better now than they once were. I personally believe they are all there because of grace…from a loving God. I don’t deserve them. And no matter what you believe, hopefully there is room for some sort of faith to acknowledge the good in your life. Because as good, and cool, and strong, and awesome as you are, you didn’t get them solely on your own. 

Some of the things I mentioned above are things I once hoped for…my husband, a house, and a “dream job” just to name a few. And to be honest, it’s easy to take those things for granted.

Now, when it comes to fitness and goal setting (and more specifically, CrossFit in this personal scenario) I sometimes (actually more than I like) roll my eyes at what I CAN do. I’m like, “umm that’s not impressive.” Or “I should be better than that.” Or “I should be able to do more than that.” And maybe to some, it’s not impressive, or I should be doing better. BUT at the end of the day… it is still progress. The things I can do in the gym now (skills, weights, mindset, conditioning, etc) are all things that I could have only dreamed of doing 2-3 YEARS AGO, or last year for that matter!

Let’s keep this quote in the front of our sweet, little minds this week…

Here it is again in case you forgot it already in the midst of my rambling…

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Do an inventory of your life this week. Think about a few things that you have right in front of you that you used to not have. Or think about your position in your job, or what you can do in the gym, or a goal you just accomplished (AFTER A LOT OF FREAKING HARD WORK). 

Remind yourself of what has been given to you, or how far you’ve come. Be content. No eye rolling at yourself. And last, but not least, keep working hard for what you want.

Ok….Not as short as I thought it would be. Oh well. BYEEEEE