HELLLLLOOO Happy HuMp DaY! I hope your week is going just great. This weather is perfect. There’s a lot to smile about. Your heart is beating. There is breath in your lungs. Just like the great poet of Honkeytonk, Travis Tritt himself said, “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE.”

First of all, my apologies for not getting this post out earlier. I dunno who even reads these things, BUT even if it’s just me, I wanted to make sure I had the *perfect* picture from Josh Wilson. That may sound dumb, but I don’t care. But if you are one of the few people who skim through these posts on Monday, my apologies for being late. 

Let’s talk about confidence. And ya wanna know something.. this actually doesn’t have a whole lot to do with fitness until the very end. BUT….While everyone and their sister and mom and brother was going to see the new Avengers movie over the weekend, I saw this movie called “I Feel Pretty” with some friends of mine. (Shoutout to Noelle for making me actually follow through). It takes a lot to get me to the movie theatre. I’m not a fan. I can’t sit still that long. And if it’s a Friday night, there’s about a 97.3% chance that I WILL fall asleep watching a movie. So, why pay $11 to go see one… just to fall asleep? That’s how I look at it. BUT, I’ve been wanting to see this one since I saw the trailer awhile back. And I actually really like Amy Schumer. I think she’s adorable. I hear she’s pretty controversial. I’m sure we don’t agree 100% on every view and/or opinion out there, but that doesn’t mean that I have to say terrible things about her, or boycott her or anything like that. I’ve loved the other movies I’ve seen with her. 

Anyway, without giving too much of it away and ruining it for you, the movie is about this girl named Renee. Renee doesn’t really put a whole lot of effort into let’s say, throwing herself out there. She’s insecure. She hates the way she looks (which personally, I love her style…for what that’s worth). Renne has a lot to offer the people around her. She’s hilarious, fun, cute, and has great ideas, but she just doesn’t believe it. Anyway, it’s really farfetched, but she takes a terrible fall in a SoulCycle class, wakes up and believes she is the most capable and beautiful woman ever. She loves the way she looks

This isn’t a movie review, but what I will say one thing I love is that we NEVER see how she actually physically views herself. To us, she looks the same the entire time. The movie isn’t about a girl becoming “beautiful” and her whole life changing because of it. Her life doesn’t get better because she miraculously turns into a “prettier supermodel version of herself.” (whatever that even looks like). NO. Her life gets better because she views her imperfect self as perfect. She goes for her dream job, and ends up helping this very profitable and well known makeup company. She goes for the guy. She has fun. And she falls in love with herself. She starts to care. She actually throws herself out there, which can be so scary!

And with that, people start to pay attention to her — not because of how she looks (remember, her physical appearance stayed the same) but because of how she carries herself. 

At the end, she realizes her appearance was the same all along. BUT she now knows what she is capable of when she believes in herself, despite her imperfections. 

And now to the point of this post…<<<^^^Sorry, I guess that did somewhat turn into a movie review^^^>>>

With confidence comes putting our best self forward, sharing great ideas, and bringing value to others. 

And here’s the scary part… 

Even despite how others may view us, or what other people may say to us or about us.

Truth is, I’m a little insecure about a lot. And if you’re honest, you’d probably agree that you are too – no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in. 

But when we truly see ourselves for who we are – aka SEE THE GREAT IN US (In the midst of all of the imperfections and insecurities, we can bring our ideas and our true self to the table. (Because we all have something to bring to the table..promise 🙂 We make the world a better place, and we are much more likely to bring value to other’s lives when we are confident in who we are. 

Here’s to a new outlook. One in which we confidently embrace the fact that we have a good bit to offer the world around us. Maybe for you that looks like trying a new lipstick (I know nothing about lipstick, so more power to ya). Or maybe it means speaking up in a meeting about something you’ve been wanting to say, but you’ve been scared. Maybe it means taking that step to make your health better – as in actually showing up at the gym or eating those vegetables that you already meal prepped… all because you are worth it! Or maybe it just looks like you holding your pretty, little head up as you walk into work tomorrow because you truly believe that you are there for a reason and you have something to contribute to the world around you. 

You don’t have to be some Hollywood supermodel to bring forth great value. 

Like I said, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with fitness – except for the fact that I’m a believer that when we actually start to put value in ourselves, it’s easier for us to take steps to make our health better – because we start to believe we are really worth it!

Thanks for reading! Finish that week strong.