Good Morning! … Or afternoon… Or whenever you’re reading thisI suppose. Guess what? It’s a new week. 

It’s easy to just go through the motions. You know, wake up on a Monday, and same routine. Same, same, same everything. And then Tuesday comes around, and it’s same routine, same way of looking at everything and everybody. And… get the idea. I’m not saying this is like terrible or anything. If you like what your routine is, then why change anything?

BUT don’t forget that today could be different. This week could be different. I’m not trying to be like over the top rainbows and unicorns inspirational or anything. I mean, who knows? This week could be the worst of your life (hopefully not the case). 

BUT don’t be scared to believe that something great could happen this week that could change the trajectory of your life. Don’t be scared to take on new opportunities with a positive mind. One small “yes” to something small now could lead to something great down the road. If you go into the week just knowing it’s going to be “same” as every other week, you may miss out. That’s all I have to say about that!

Really quick… You most likely already know this, but there is only one of you. Only one person can do what you do, like you do it. 

And because of that…

Nothing should hinder you from sharing what you are passionate about. 

This looks different for everyone. For one person, this could be fitness related. Maybe you are a coach. For someone else, it could be running a business, and helping others do the same. Maybe you just love posting your healthy food options on instagram for everyone to see (people need that!)

So, don’t sell yourself short. 

Most likely, you’ve been given some sort of platform – whether you are a middle school student or you are the leader of a large corporation, or you get to stay at home and raise your children. Whether or not you perceive yourself as someone with something important to share, there may be other people who see you as influential

I get it. Fear of rejection isn’t fun. Fear of what other people may think – whether they will agree with you or not – is scary. Putting yourself out there is freaking scary. BUT what if sharing your passion could make a positive impact in someone else? – even if it’s just one person. 

Is it worth it?

It should be. 

Sometimes I second guess myself. I worry about what other people think. I pretend I don’t. But if you really know me, you know I do care. I do worry. I don’t even speak write or use correct grammar most of the time. I don’t need people to tell me. 

Sometimes I’m scared other people will be like, “Who is she to tell other people that?” or “Who does that girl think she is?” Or “What has she ever done in life to be giving ‘advice’ or writing dumb blog posts?”

And maybe people do say those things. Haha, and they do have a point. 

But if I let those doubts or insecurities get in the way, then someone who needs to hear something I have to say (something I’m passionate about) won’t be able to hear it.

If you’re doubting yourself, or if you are qualified “enough”, remember…Everyone gets started somewhere. 

It doesn’t matter your job or role (or lack thereof), the size of your audience, or how many followers you have on instagram…don’t underestimate the impact you can make in the lives of people right in front of you. 

If you can teach someone something who is a couple steps behind you, then you’re doing pretty good. You’re qualified enough. In fact, you’re doing them a disservice if you aren’t speaking up about what it is you’re passionate about. 

This doesn’t just have to be about fitness. It can be about anything! 

I mean, let’s be real.. You have to make sure you are taking steps to learn and grow. You have to be vulnerable and transparent. You have to be willing to admit when you don’t know the answer. BUT, as long as you are learning and growing yourself, don’t ever hold back from sharing what you are learning.

You have something to offer. Don’t ever let yourself, your own insecurities, or your lack of social media following get in the way of that. We can all learn a thing or two from each other.

That is all. Have a great week!