Happy Monday! AKA Day after Easter! AKA Spring Break Week for some. AKA April is HERE, the sun is SHINING, we are all getting our daily dose of VITAMIN D. And we are all thinking about all the fun things we have to look forward to over the next few months.

Did you miss me last week? I took a little bit of a break, butttttt I’m back!

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open is OVER! And with that comes a mixture of feelings. And sometimes, it’s hard for me to process feelings, which is 5% of why I didn’t write anything last week like I should have. Another 5% was because I’ve been waiting for my friend, Josh, to post the pics he took of everyone at FNL last week, so I could use one of the pics. He’s a talented, busy man with a lot of weddings and such to edit. But I was annoying today, anndddd I finally asked him for a pic for this little blog. I appreciate him for going out of his way for me, and I can’t wait to see all of the other pics of everyone.

Ok, SO…THE OPEN. How did you do? Are you happy with how you did OVERALL? Did you surprise yourself at all? Was there a time in those 5 weeks that you fell short? Do you have some new aspirations or things to work on?

Most importantly, did you learn anything about yourself?

These questions aren’t just for “the elite” or for those who had some major aspirations of qualifying for the next level. We all now have the opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves these questions.

So, whether you finished first, somewhere in the middle, or last (in the world, your region, your state, your age group, etc.) you GET to reflect on the past five weeks. The things we learn in the gym, and through competition, carry over to how we carry ourselves outside of the gym – with our family and friends, in our jobs, and in everything life throws at us.

For me, I definitely surprised myself this year! -( in  a good way!) If someone didn’t know the FULL story, they’d be like, “umm, Alison.. hellooooo you did worse this year (in the region) than 2017 and 2016. Isn’t one of the goals of the Open to improve from the year before?” And yeah, I hear you, and I still believe that’s somewhat true. BUT there’s always so much more going on behind the scenes than a number, ranking, or placement. 

I knew since the end of September that any desire I had to compete at the next level (as in after the Open) needed to be squashed as I sat in yet another doctor’s office and heard that I needed to have surgery to repair my achilles tendon (again) – which was still torn and really just overall bad off from a previous surgery. This new surgeon was amazing, and said that if I wanted my ankle and calf to actually function like it’s supposed to in the gym, and more importantly, out of the gym, I would need to have surgery – and the sooner the better, because it turns out, having two legs that function the same is muy importante! At the time, I was bummed, yet thrilled to finally have a solution as to why my whole right side was jacked up and my calf wasn’t growing or functioning the way it’s supposed to. Hello imbalances!

But fast forward to the end of January 2018 (one month out from the Open) and yeahhhhhhh, I knew I was far from being fully recovered. BUT I was thankful because my body was feeling overall pretty great considering, my endurance was still there, and my strength was coming back. I had some great physical therapy with Elisa, and my friend Robin has been so awesome to help me with my ankle over the past several months. So, at this time, I’m like thinking to myself that I could at least make a good showing (as long as there were no box jumps and not a ton of double unders). 

I think I scared some people with how ambitious I was thinking, so I didn’t want to voice my goals or aspirations publicly. But I was like, “Man, shoot. Top 100 would be great, but if I could be in the top 50 in the Southeast this year, that would be cool.” 

I fought hard for those five weeks. I learned a lot – probably more about myself this year than I ever have before in the open. While I’m not perfect, and I’m never fully satisfied, I can say that this was my best Open yet. That’s hard to believe, I know. Because two years ago, I qualified for a spot at Regionals. And last year, I had only one workout that really kept me out of it. Everything else was good. But I promise that this was my most successful Open yet.

With the Open being DUNZO, what are three things you are proud of?? 

Here are three of mine (I have way more than three though): 

  • I was proud of my attitude and how I carried myself (like I said, I’m not perfect, and yeah I got bummed a time or two, but I never once had a meltdown.
  • I was proud of myself for making it through all those double unders in 18.3. And with that, I was proud of myself for being able to do every single workout Rx. I honestly had no idea what ole Dave was going to throw at us, and wasn’t even 100% sure I could do anything and everything Rx.
  • The Open showed me in a whole new way how proud I am to be a part of CFEC. From the people throwing down, to those who came out to cheer their friends on, to the amazing atmosphere and people who served us at FNL. And last, but not least, because of the standards that were held.

At the end of the day, a number, or ranking, doesn’t define you or me. And while it’s a BIG DEAL, its a number, and it’s temporary. But the lessons we learn, the way we carry ourselves, and how we take action to improve, that lasts forever.

I don’t think I’ve said this yet, but I actually did meet my goal. I actually hit it right on the dot. 50th in the southeast region. That’s cool. And while I did what some would say worse than last year (I think I got 40th), and worse than in 2016 (I qualified for regionals) I would say that based on everything else going on, this was my best Open yet (out of all FIVE of them I’ve done 🙂


^^^Which personally for me is proof that the Open is about way more than a number or ranking. You may disagree with me, and I can see why, but in my case, I’m happy, and I just thought it was worth bringing up because most likely, there is someone else out there who needs to hear this too. 

With that said, there is always room for improvement, and the Open this year proves that, once again. 

I’m excited for another year to work on weaknesses (all of them :), and do my best, despite what life throws at me until then. That’s what it’s all about.

If you haven’t already, I hope you can find time to reflect over the last five weeks – no matter what your goals were, if you surpassed them, or came up short.

And as always, thanks for reading!