What’s up everybody?!? I’m here to bring you some good news. This Sunday is the start of Daylight Savings Time – aka we lose an hour of sleep, but we’re all OK with that because the days get a little brighter, we get more time in the sun, and spring is almost here. 

Sorry (again) in advance for anyone who reads this that doesn’t care at all about CrossFit, or the Open. Two weeks down. Three more to go. However, I have a few friends who don’t do CrossFit, yet they can’t wait for each Open announcement to be released. That Open – It definitely does have a way of sucking anyone and everyone in… or at least does a good job of spiking some people’s blood pressure – and that goes for anyone – no matter what your goals for the Open are. 

Personally, I cannot wait for tomorrow night because my friend Lauren (aka Kill Cliff Lauren/ aka Lift Like Lala) is going to be at CFEC bartendering up Kill Cliff for everyone – mostly adult beverages. This was a big hit last year, and I personally think that we have even cooler, more fun, crazy people at CFEC this year than last year, only because of some new people who have made themselves at home over the past year. You know who you are. 

One of those people is my friend, Rob. His real name is Robert, or Robby, but I call him Rob. He’s been at CFEC for the past 6 months or so, after he moved here to be closer to his girlfriend, Nicolette (who also does CrossFit at CFEC). Rob and Nicolette both served our country in the US Navy, which is also where they met.

Rob and Nicolette work out most days at the 5:30 class. You’ll catch them after the workout with a beer in hand (or at least on Fridays). I’m so glad they are a part of CFEC!

Right before 18.2/18.2A, Rob said that his goal for the workout was to PR his clean (moving a barbell from the ground to his shoulders…not mopping or dusting). He seemed pretty confident about it, which I thought was pretty cool. He called it, and then he went out there and hit the weight he wanted. 

I wanted to share a little of his story, as well as his transition to Anderson, and how CrossFit has impacted his life. 

1. What was your favorite part of 18.2/18.2A? 

My favorite part of 18.2/18.2A was 18.2A (the One Rep Max Clean).  The squats and burpees were killers but I knew if I could finish those with some time left there was a good chance that I could produce a great clean.  Having a gym full of amazing people cheering me and the rest of us on contributed mightily to my performance.  

2. Why did you sign up for the Open this year?  And what was one goal you had? 

I signed up for the open this year to see how my fitness and strength compared to others my age and in my area.  This is my first Open so I am doing the scaled version as  I have been doing Cross Fit for a little over a year. Additionally, I decided I need to have a benchmark by which I could compare myself against in the future. Honestly, my goal was only to finish each week in the allotted time.  However, after 18.1 I changed my goal to be in the top 15% of the South East Region of the US.  

3. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?  

My favorite aspect of Cross Fit is the constant changing of the workouts.  Prior to Cross Fit, I worked out in the traditional fashion.  Old school gyms focused on muscle groups and then running on my own.  This got tremendously boring very quickly which led to burnout and stopping of the workouts.  Cross Fit’s ability to change up the workouts everyday keeps the excitement level there as well as keeping the challenge level high.  This keeps my interest up and my motivation peaked!

4. Why did you move to Anderson, SC? And how has CrossFit helped with your transition living in a new place?  

I moved to Anderson, SC to be with my girlfriend.  I was living in South Florida and she was living here.  We had tried to find a job for here there but to no avail so I decided to move here and find work.  Cross Fit and specifically CrossFit Electric City has provided an avenue to meet so many incredible people who have introduced me to so many incredible places to eat, explore and attend.  They have also provided an amazing sounding board as I continue to try and understand how to perform all the required movements within Cross Fit and finally they have provided endless amount of support and encouragement while I searched for work and as I continue to compete in the 2018 Cross Fit Open!!

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