GOOODDDD MORNINGGGGG! Hope your week is off to a great start, and you’re feeling extra motivated to work for all those goals you have. 

How did 18.3 go for you? I LOVED this workout – NOT because it was in my wheelhouse at all – But because everyone (or at least 97.453% of us) had an opportunity to work on something in it – you know, get better despite being uncomfortable. When ole Dave announced it, there were people at our house watching the announcement who had yet to get a muscle up and/or pullup. Some people were terrified of that overhead squat. And I was like OMHSGSH HOW AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT MANY DOUBLE UNDERS WITHOUT MY ANKLE AND/OR CALVES BUSTING?!?! My friend, Carolina was like (in her sweet, Brazillian accent) “THIS MAN IS TRYING TO KILL US!”

But Carolina wasn’t scared. She ended up getting her first UNASSISTED pullup! And she was far from the only one to see a FIRST in 18.3. I about passed out (literally, like got really dizzy and had to sit down) cheering for my friend Madeline when she fought for 10 seconds to get her first muscle up. Unfortunately this was RIGHT before I was supposed to do my workout on Friday, so I needed a minute to recover from that. Ha. 

At CFEC, we saw probably almost two handfulls of people – guys and girls who were able to get some sort of PR (or at least surprise themselves). From muscle ups, to pullups, to overhead squatz(everyone’s fav), to large numbers of double unders in a short amount of time.

And I’m sure the same goes for your gym too.

And if you personally didn’t see a PR in one of these movements, you at least got better at one (or more) of them, that’s for sure. You’re WAY closer now than you would have been if 18.3 didn’t come along.

From the words of Dave Castro (the guy everyone calls a prick who made up this workout in the first place): 

“It’s time to elevate your game, do things you’ve never done before. Cross those obstacles, climb those mountains, and do something new. That’s what the intent is. This type of workout is to push people further than they believe they can go.”

Oooooohhhhh so dramatic. But so true.

SO, here are THREE takeaways for us to ponder (before I tell you my personal story for this workout (in case you want to bypass that part 🙂

  1. What was your *positive* defining moment in 18.3? (as in, where did you surprise yourself?)
  2. What did you *learn* about yourself in 18.3?
  3. If there was an area you fell short in, *what are you going to do about it?* As in, keep practicing guys! Most of the people who got their “firsts” in this workout was because they had been practicing that particular movement, not shying away from it – in class and on their own before or after class. So, when *game time* came around, they were prepared. 

And as always, remember that the outcome of our performance on an open workout doesn’t define us. Hopefully you still have people around you who love you, no matter what 🙂 But, what we learn in the gym, the battles we face, and the struggles we overcome, are all great indicators of how we are able to carry ourselves outside of the gym.

18.3 for me! Let’s see. I used to love double unders. And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t love them anymore. See, I still do. But being exactly 5 months out of getting a new achilles tendon (again) makes high volume a lot more painful. Just being honest. I was able to talk to a few friends over the weekend who have been through ankle injuries over the past year or so, and they were saying the same thing.

HOWEVER, I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY PROUD of my body for carrying me through the most double unders I’ve ever done in a workout- with several of those sets unbroken, no trips, and no breaks. I’m also proud of myself that on the last couple of sets, when it felt like my body was shutting down and I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore (enough to actually pee on myself — sorry, but just trying to relate to people who experience this every time they jump…and I haven’t even had babies) I was able to take what felt like the deepest breath of my life and keep going. SO, for me (in all those details you probably didn’t want to hear – ha) was me pushing beyond where I thought I could go. It’s a miracle, for sure.

You’re probably tired of me talking about this if you read these posts. But I can’t say enough how cool it has been to watch my body bounce back from surgery + several years of a leg that wasn’t being utilized to it’s full potential. Being grateful is an understatement, and I’m humbled by the people who have helped me along the way. Especially this past Friday, my friend, Robin, showed up to the gym early to set up her table (she was going to be doing scraping and taping for people before/after the workout), and so a couple of hours before I did this workout, she ended up scraping my ankle. I didn’t even ask her to do it, but she is always so willing to help, and guys, her SCRAPING (it sounds painful, but it’s not too bad because it’s so helpful) ABILITIES ARE A BLESSING SENT FROM THE ALMIGHTY LORD. I’m also still also thankful for Elissa – who was once my physical therapist before my insurance cut me off. She knows her stuff, and taught me some stretches to improve my crappy ankles, and has given me the perspective that it’s going to take awhile, but it’s going to be worth it!

I’m also proud that I was able to do somewhat decent overhead squats. I used to love light overhead squats, but ankle recoveries change that for a (hopefully temporary) time. In my first set, the bar just rolled out of my shoulders on like number 7? But it didn’t phase me, I was like, “hmm, that’s weird,” and just snatched it back up, and finished the remaining number of my reps. 

Next, those dumbbell snatches. This is what the workout came down to! No, I’m just kidding. Those + the overhead squats were tricky though because they give you a “break” from your rope, but it’s like, “oh, man, that was quicker than I wanted. Time for more double unders.”

And last, but not least, I wish I could say that I’m a pro at all things gymnastics – but that’s my downfall. I’m just thankful there weren’t more than 12 reps of each/round (sorry to all my gymnast friends that wish otherwise). But on a positive note – my ring muscle ups felt great on Friday night. I’ve put a lot of work into those, and it felt good to see that pay off (as in, I still have WERK to do, but they didn’t look ugly at least! – or at least the ones in the first round haha). 

An opportunity for improvement: BAR MUSCLE UPS. But what’s new? I think it took me almost 2 MINUTES to get through those. Those have been struggs lately, and I’m working on it! I’d like to contribute a lack of coordination (83%) + lack of thoracic mobility (17%) as to why those have been struggs.

And last, but not least, I tried to redo this workout yesterday – TWICE. I’m still battling through if this was “smart” or just me being “mentally weak” for a moment to just quit a workout. That’s not me, but I guess it was me, because I did quit? Oh Lord, that seems like a waste of time. I tried to convince myself that my calves felt great and my shoulders weren’t fatigued. BUT my body was performing otherwise. So, I stopped. I was really bummed with myself. Maybe it was smart if I just knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do better. But I never want to be a quitter. But it’s Tuesday now, so it’s time to get over myself and get moving because my calves feel GREAT today! And most importantly, my mom told me last night she was proud of me  (no matter what)  so, I’ll take that any day over improving my score. 

Thanks for reading. That got a little long! Congrats to everyone on exceeding their expectations, PR’s, and just being all around awesome!