Happy Daylight Savings Time! We made it, guys! Unfortunately Mother Nature missed the memo, and we got a lame, lazy, rainy Sunday. But warm weather is COMING in hott soon. 

I did notice that missing hour of sleep this morning, but we still got our butts up, out the door, and to church on time. We went to the gym so people could get their 18.3 action in. I’VE LOVED seeing people get their first muscle ups and pullups this weekend! And people have surprised themselves with those double unders, for sure. If you’re positive, hopefully you can find one takeaway from 18.3. That’s what the OPEN is all about yo. I did the more dubs in this workout than I’ve ever done in a workout (from what I can remember). I’m pretty proud of that being 5 months post achilles surgery. My calves are LIT UP, but so are your’s probably.

I’ll talk about the Open later on this week!

But for now, I wanted to share this recipe with y’all, and tell you how we modified it. But first, I freakin’ love Juli Bauer from PaleOMG. I don’t even know her personally. She lives across the country. But she’s changed my life. I look forward to her podcast weekly. I appreciate her realness. And because of her, I don’t even have to watch the Bachelor because she gives me updates weekly. She has great paleo (ish) recipes on her blog. I’ve posted about them before, but if you haven’t checked her out, you should.

This is her 15 Minute Honey Sriracha Shrimp Rice Bowl. And it literally took 15 minutes. So easy. Unfortunately there isn’t a non sketch place to buy good shrimp in Anderson, SC (that I know of at least) so we picked up some at Publix today. I skipped out on the mint, but added in some sesame seeds instead. It seemed right. I also forgot the limes (even though the recipe didn’t call for that). What was I thinking? Next time I’ll add the mint, as well some lime. These would be GREAT in some tacos. If you beat me to it, let me know. When it gets above 70 degrees consistently here, I’ll make some shrimp tacos. 



 pic from  paleomg.com

pic from paleomg.com

 pic from  paleomg.com

pic from paleomg.com

Last couple of things….Daniel opted out of the cauli rice, for some reg white rice. If you need more food, I’d pair this up with some more veggies, for sure. Also, if you aren’t into the HEAT, scale down the sriracha sauce. I can take spice in moderation, but I was sniffing my way through this. I would just cut it in half. You’ll still get a good bit of sauce.

 My version obviously isn't as pretty as Juli's, but I'll blame it on the bowl size and lack of natural sunlight. 

My version obviously isn’t as pretty as Juli’s, but I’ll blame it on the bowl size and lack of natural sunlight. 

Enjoy!! 🙂