What’s up?!?! Hopefully your weekend was just perfect. Mine included a lot of food and good people, so, heyyyyyyy, can’t complain there. I’m still on a high from that Super Bowl HALFTIME SHOW last night. I always love and appreciate the halftime show at the Super Bowl, but this was one of my all time favorites. If you didn’t see it, youtube it. If you did see it, go youtube it and watch it again. 

Let’s talk about food for like one paragraph. Sometimes we have “off weekends” when it comes to food. And by that, I mean that maybe you’ve been killing your nutrition and your goals (in a good way) but maybe this past weekend, you had a good bit of buffalo dip at the superbowl party, or you had too much pizza Friday night. Or you ate a whole bowl of cheese dip by yourself on Saturday. Or maybe you did all of the above?!? Well, get over it, and get on with this new week! You know how to eat best for you, so don’t let a bad weekend derail you of that. 

This post has NOTHING to do with nutrition, so I’ll do you a favor and stop right there. There were like 10 things I wanted to talk about today, but I have to focus and stay on track. 

Today is all about all things resilience, hard work, perseverance, growth vs fixed mindset, and mostly HARD WORK>>>>TALENT.

There’s a little 22 minute long podcast by a guy way smarter than me that talks about ALL of this. It’s called “Strengthening Your Grit Factor” from Ben Bergeron’s Chasing Excellence Podcast (highly recommend). 

No matter where you’re at in life right now, or what your day to day looks like, you should listen to this episode. 

Maybe you’re a student in high school or college, and you’re just trying to pass your Chem test tomorrow. Or maybe you own a business. Or maybe you’re an elite athlete, or maybe you are just trying to be a good mom, but your kid is making that almost impossible right now.

If we all are honest with ourselves and each other, we’d probably say that we prefer the “easy road.” It feels good to get an A on a test and not study. It’s fun to walk in the gym and nail a skill or a lift from the start, without even thinking about it. And it’s reassuring when everyone in the room listens and follows what you do when you didn’t even have to build the equity there. And yeah, that happens sometimes, BUTTTTTT…let’s be real. We’re not all studs. And that’s ok, because in most cases, getting it right the first time, and over an over again leads to thriving and standing out for a short time. However, that kind of success doesn’t last forever. 

When things don’t come naturally for you, or worse, you fail miserably, are you going to be the kind of person that gets back up? Or will you give up because the pressure from the “failure” is too much.

This GRIT that I’ve mentioned before is what gets us to where we want to be. Yes, God given talent exists. I’ve seen it, and I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, that I believe that we all have God given abilities, gifts, or whatever else you may call them that we can essentially use to make the world a better place. There is only one you. Celebrate that by doing something about it. Holla. 

But at the same time, that can’t be taken for granted. You have to put the work in, the sweat in, and the drive in every single day – especially on the hard days. And that takes EFFORT and GRIT.

Like the legend, John Wooden said, “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you capable of becoming.”

For me, this is really personal. And if you’re still reading, then this is most likely pretty personal to you too. I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ve struggled more than the average person. Overall, I’ve had an amazing life, full of great opportunities. However, everything from school to sports, to fitting in growing up was struggs for me (just like it probably was for you too). But I couldn’t stand the reality of not being successful in those areas, so I worked my butt off. I don’t comprehend or understand things right away. Sometimes I say things in the exact opposite way I meant to say them. My speech isn’t exactly the most eloquent. And let’s talk about the gym, ok?Because I know that most people reading this (if you are still reading:) are involved in some kind of fitness. CrossFit drives me crazy. But that’s why I love it. Coaching is really hard sometimes. But seeing improvement and having the opportunity to try again tomorrow to help someone pumps me up.

See, if you would have seen me when I started CrossFit exactly 5 years ago (time flies) you would have been like, “hmm…that girl is hopeless.” No skill. No strength. No coordination. No accuracy. No power. No speed. No flexibility. No agility. <——I think I’ve nailed down almost all 10 skills..haha. BUT overtime, I’ve taken steps to figure it out. Have I yet? No. Not at all. But am I better than where I was five years ago, or even six months ago? 100%. 

Do I legitimately take a couple steps backwards sometimes? Yes. Do I LITERALLY FALL ON MY FACE? Yes, almost every day. Do I feel like I have something “mastered” and then the next week my body just forgets how to do it again? All the freaking time. I took 2 months to try and learn how to handstand walk one time for a really big competition, and I got there (in front of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE:) and fell on my face over and over again. To this day, I sometimes still forget.I still struggle with a long list of things – some skills I’ve put tons of work into. And on top of all of that, I’ve had surgery to fix a ruptured achilles tendon….TWICE. 

And before I go on, I’m not saying that any of this is worse or better than what anyone else has experienced. It’s just my story. 

The point of all this is to say that behind every single person that has tried to impact others, there is a story. When you and I fall down <<<no matter if we’re in the gym, or out of the gym>>> we have to get back up. And that is grit. Or hustle. It’s not about being great at something, or everything working out in your favor…it’s about busting your butt. That is what is going to set you apart from the average person.

So, how do you apply grit? Because grit is a cool word, but do we really know how to apply it? Grit is daily focusing on your effort, not the results. Put the work in today – in your faith, your family, your friends, your job, AND in the gym. The more you do that, the more you’re setting yourself up to overcome challenges and adversity.

And just a heads up, you’re going to fall down. You’re going to screw up. You’re going to forget something, or say the wrong thing, or mess up something ROYALLY even. But that is your story.

The challenge is what leads to GROWTH.

If your goals are big enough, important enough, or meaningful enough, it’s not going to be easy. Obstacles happen. Setbacks happen. Surprises happen. Do you say, “Screw it, I’m done. This is too hard.”????? Or do you follow the process, sometimes even having to fight like hell, put in the day to day work, and not give up?

Last thing, I promise! I freaking love this video. This is a short award acceptance speech from my all time favorite actor, the man, DENZEL WASHINGTON. Man on Fire will always be a top 3 favorite movie. I believe this is from the NAACP image awards last year (I think. Correct me if I’m wrong). It makes me tear up,. I haven’t seen or been faced with the things he has seen in his lifetime, but this speech is still impactful for anyone who sees it. It’s a little over 2 minutes, and worth your time.

“Fall down seven times. Get up eight. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. So, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning. See you at work.”

Have a great week! I’m trying to talk a friend of mine to talk a little more about this in the coming weeks. She’s killing it in the gym, and in life outside of the gym. But things haven’t been easy getting her to where she is now. BUT she hasn’t quit. Anyway, if you like to pray, pray that she writes something to share with all of you.

Last thing, check back later this week because I have another friend, who is a mom of 3, with two sons and a daughter. I look up to her in a lot of ways, and she’s going to be talking about her successes and struggles with projecting a healthy body image on to her children. It should be good. 

Check ya lata.