Hellooooo! How’s your Monday going? Can you believe it’s already DECEMBER? Christmas is upon us. We watched Home Alone last night. Traditions. I did a poll on Instagram to see what was more liked – Home Alone vs Elf and Christmas Vacation vs The Holiday. My favorites (Home Alone and The Holiday) lost. I can’t believe that over 200 people picked Christmas Vacation over The Holiday!

Alright, well that’s all I gotta say about that. More on Christmas and our busted up tree coming later on this week!

But until then, here is an amateur way (for now) to show you everything I’m loving this week.


Guess What?! More POLARS – This stuff is the bomb. Cherry Limeade is my fav (even more so than the orange vanilla). The only store I know of that sells this flavor in Anderson is the Ingles on Main Street. So if you feel like making a trip and doing some people watching, you can reward yourself with a case of this.

Lavender – Young Living Essential Oils – shoutout to Daniel’s mom for hooking us up. Ok, so real talk.. I’ve been sleeping like doo doo lately. While I could always just make myself go to sleep at 8 pm in order to get 8 hours of sleep (on the mornings I coach early) and while there are a lot of habits I need to change to get more sleep, I’m just also not sleeping well in general, as in once I’m in bed. I’ve been experimenting with this over the past several days, and it’s helped some!

(Amazon Link)

Advent Study – from She Reads Truth – Super short, but a great read. I’m going to be reading over the next 3+ weeks.

Tanks Good News Advent Calendar – TANKS GOOD NEWS is a great account to follow on instagram, if you’re not following already! This is a great, practical way to live out love, kindness, and generosity this Christmas season. Anyone can do it, no matter what you believe/don’t believe about Christmas.


The Tim Ferriss Show – Episode 394 – LeBron James and his Top -Secret Trainer Mike Mancias – LeBron giving away all the secrets to recovery, food, SLEEP ( I NEED MORE OF IT) hydration, mindset, and really anything and everything

And while we’re on the hoops theme…

Lewis Howes (The School of Greatness) – Kobe Bryant: Mamba Mentality and the Mind of a Champion – More secrets from one of the greatest…sidenote: his new book is on my Christmas list.


CREAMY LOW CARB PALEO BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP RECIPE WITH COCONUT MILK – That’s a mouthful, for sure. Ok, so I haven’t made this yet, but it’s going down tonight or tomorrow night. I like this site because it gives you some good ways to thicken up your soup. PS I’m in it for the taste, not the low carb. 🙂

PaleOMG Sugar Cookie Skillet – I made this last night. See, we’re trying to start a new tradition where the first Sunday of Advent (season leading up to Christmas) we watch a Christmas movie and bake cookies. Howeverrrrrr, I am all about some gluten free/grain free/all purpose flour free cookies, and the maple syrup and sprinkles  made these were plenty sweet enough. So easy.


Ok, we are HOOKED on The Office Christmas episodes. Here is a link that ranks them, gives you a little summary, and shows you where to find them. The Office is just the best – even if you haven’t seen any other episode, if you want a good Christmas laugh, check out some of these episodes.


Without Me ILLENIUM REMIX – Halsey I’ve been waiting for a remix for this…although I am still waiting for a faster remix…

Neon Lights – Demi Lovato – a throwback, but ya know…Demi

My Own Thing – Chance the Rapper

Zero- Imagine Dragons


This was my 4th time doing this 7 min AMRAP in just over a year, and I can say that I’ve improved every single time. I did it twice during the WZA qualifiers last year (Unfotunately I didn’t get to go because of achilles surgery). We did it during Test Week and I was just happy to get over 30 reps. I tried out these squat clean split jerk things (not sure what the official name is) but you go straight into a split jerk right out of your squat clean. (I prob sound so unintelligent, but I don’t care) and while it reeaalllllly got my heart beating FAST, it was helpful for me, and I was able to improve even more.

Who knows if you can even read this clearly?! Haha, so I’ll type it up. This was a grinder for sure. But it was good to practice some of these harder/heavier dumbbell movements. Also ring muscle ups aren’t fun after all of that. If you do it, let me know what you get!

For Time

10 Deficit Handstand Pushups (6 in)

20 Dumbbell Snatch (70 lb)

30 Dumbbell Box Step Overs (50 lb dumbbell/hand)

40 Bar Facing Burpees

50YARD OH Walking Lunge (35 lb dumbbell in each hand)

40 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Dumbbell Box Step Overs (50 lb dumbbell/hand)

20 Dumbbell Snatch (70 lb)

10 Deficit Handstand Pushups (6 in)




This is a workout I programed for a girl I am training from home, based on the equipment she currently has access to.

Every 5 Min for 25 Min (5 rounds) *get outside workout* (5 Rounds – Every 5 min, repeat. Once movements are complete for that particular round, rest).

100 meter run

10 Dumbbell Front Squat

10 Dumbbell snatch

100 meter run

*rest for the remainder of 5 min. (if it takes you longer than 3 min to do movements, go down in reps. I want you to have at least 2 min of rest every round). Goal = stay consistent, no more than 10 sec +-/round.

THANKS FOR READING. BIG THINGS COMING (mostly thanks to my good friend Jerry).