What’s going on?? Can you believe that CHRISTMAS is next week? As in..like ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! I’m like halfway done shopping. Amazon is my friend though, so I’ll be spending some solid time on there in the coming days. What are your plans? Are you traveling?

Sorry this post is a little late. I had an hour to get it done yesterday before heading back to the gym. I was almost done, and then Squarespace decided to delete half of it. It was probably something I did, but it didn’t even save it or anything. It just took away all of my hard work….haha.

Ok, ok, ok. So, I know Christmas is all about forgetting about those distractions, focusing on the people around you, and celebrating something really special. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t still MOVE in these days leading up to Christmas. If you haven’t be in the gym this past week…WHY?!? I know this time of year is crazy. But you deserve to treat yourself to more than just cookies and eggnog. Find time, keep those habits going, and don’t stop moving. We’ll be in Georgia for a few days, but I’m excited to get a couple of longer runs in (I need to start working on that again) and maybe even drop in a gym). We start celebrating really early on Christmas day, between Daniel’s family and my family, so I’ll probably take that day to rest. BUT you better believe I’m still finding time to get in the gym leading up to Christmas. Don’t wait until the New Year! Feel good NOW. Keep those healthy habits going NOW.

Shoutout to my 8:30 class for getting up yesterday morning to get a workout in. For some, that meant getting out of bed, coming to the gym on their day off, or maybe coming in even though they had a long list of “other things” to do. And look how festive the gym looks!


SFH PURE Whey Protein – CANDY CANE – I am loving this limited edition Holiday Flavor. We sell it at CFEC, and I believe there are a few more bags of Candy Cane, so let us know if you want some! Vanilla is my usual GO TO. It tastes like CAKE.

CANDY CANE SHORTS FROM BORN PRIMITIVE – Ok, these are sold out, but their other Christmas stuff is cute too! Order today, and hopefully you’ll have it by Christmas. If not, there is always Christmas 2019. Madeline’s are BP too. If you want some, use my code: ASTALL10 for 15% off.

This GOLD GLITTER SKIRT FROM AMAZON. It’s so classy, I know. I was actually really happy with it. It comes in other colors/patterns too, if anyone is looking for something along those lines! Ha. It held together way better than the pants from last year. Just don’t look too closely at my pale legs.


Justin Su’a – Increase Your Impact – Episode 805 – Believe in Yourself (4 min) Aim high with your mind. The most important person to believe in yourself is YOU. Your perception of yourself can actually trump reality. You’re actually better, stronger, more skilled than you think you are, but your self-belief is holding you back and putting a cap on all of that. WITH hard work, deliberate practice, and the desire to push through something difficult , you can get to where you want to be… WITH a positive mind.


PaleOMG: Leftovers: Spaghetti Squash BakeOk, so I LOVE spaghetti squash. It’s most likely always in my fridge. And one little spaghetti squash goes a long way. It’s the easiest to bake. Soon, maybe I will have an Insantpot, and it will be even easier to cook. This recipe spices it up a little, and adds some meat. I’m making it this week!


A couple people have asked me recently what I get from Trader Joe’s. I GET ALL THE CHRISTMAS TREATS THEY HAVE ON DISPLAY AT THE FRONT. THAT’S WHAT I GET. No, I wish. Although I did tell myself that I was going to buy some JINGLE JANGLE the other day, if they had it. Apparently they are sold out in the USA. This is good for me. I settled with some kettlecorn instead. I made a small trip out of it yesterday. We’ve been going to Costco at the beginning of each month and getting a ton of stuff to last through the month. It helps with budgeting, so they say.

Here is what I got Sunday. Small trip. I got multiples of some of this, but only laid out one. You get the picture. Check my instagram story later today, and I’ll list everything out.

And while we’re at it, here are a few of our Costco favorites!


I made a new Spotify playlist for Miami. It’s called MIAMI LIT TURNT.
I’m 31. I probably shouldn’t have playlists named “MIAMI LIT TURNT” but I’m pretty excited about Miami and Wodapalooza.


I didn’t lift anything too heavy last week after doing alllll the rounds of that “Macho Man” workout on Monday. I was trying to rest my poor wrist/hand. It feels a good bit better now! I can at least do a thruster without it hurting. When I get frustrated in the gym, I end up doing some sort of painful interval that I can breathe through and show myself that I really can do hard things. One of those days was this past Wednesday. I did this little interval workout. If you do it, let me know how it goes!

Every 5 min for 20 min (4 rounds) – you should have plenty of rest time to recover for the next round. Which means that every round should be the same, if not a little better. It will hurt though. If you are limited on the rest time, then scale the numbers down.

10 burpee box jump overs 24/20”

9 DBALL Cleans (150/100)

10 burpee box jump overs 24/20”

I also competed in the Santa Series at Southern Moon CF this past Saturday with my friend, Madeline. She could actually be my child. Maybe not that. But she could be my niece or something. Anyway, one of the workouts was:

6RFT (3 rounds each – “You go,I go”

10 Ground to Overhead 135/95 lb

20/15 cal bike

If you have a friend, try it out, and let me know how it goes. Don’t make your partner wait on you. Barf. I also made one of my clients do a similar workout last week, and she loved it!


This is a workout I programed for a girl I am training from home, based on the equipment she currently has access to.

B) 12 MIN AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in 12 min)

8 Hang Cleans (choose a weight that you can hopefully go unbroken on, but it may sting a little. It should be challenging)

8 push ups (use a box, bench, knees, or whatever assistance you need)

8  Dumbbell Step Ups – Use a bench or box (preferably 24”-20”)

*Rest 5 min, then:

5 Rounds:

3 Hang Clean + 20 Mountain Climbers (hang clean weight should be a little heavier than part 1 of workout)

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!