Hi- ya. How’s it going? If you are in the Upstate of SC, then hopefully you are surviving this winter snow we are experiencing. While I love all things sunshine, and 100 degree sunny days, and TANS… this weather is a little cozy. It’s not ideal for working out BUT it’s great for being cozy and productive at the same time. Winter is HEREEEE.

I’ve got to admit some things on here.. I haven’t been like super thrilled with my attitude lately. I get really into competing, and sometimes I get in a little bit of a funk before big competitions. I’m not proud of it. I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I say some pretty $h*tty things to myself. Have you ever done this? About anything really? I mean, you later look back and realize that you were dumb for how you reacted, or what you said…but ya know, the moment just gets you.

So, I’m trying to turn it around on this Monday to start my week off great. Positive self talk only. What are some things you do to stay level headed when you don’t feel great about your performance (at the gym, work, family, etc?)

Ok, here are some things I am loving, and so grateful for today (and every day!)


THUMBSHIELD – Ok, not that I am great at hookgripping (or even know how to hookgrip the right way.. I know, I know) I still appreciate these silicon thumb protectors. I try not to lift or do dumbbell work without them. I met Brad at Granite Games, and he ended up giving me a pair for free. I wore them in my last workout at Granite Games – it had a good bit of 50 lb hang dumbbell squat cleans (ouch), and I swear, I could grip the dumbbells so much better with them. Check them out! Buy yourself and two other people some for Christmas!

CHESTEEGreat company! If you’re tired of having bruises and scrapes from the barbell crashing down onyour collarbone, you NEED a CHESTEE. I have two of them, and they are worth the money. We did “Macho Man” today, and I legitimately did 90 push jerks at 135 lb, and because I am a baby about some things, I don’t think I would have survived without it! Believe the hype. They are really cute too! You know what’s not cute? My face in this pic, but if you knew what this particular Granite Games workout entailed, you’d understand. And you get the idea! No, I am not sponsored and don’t have a code, but just tellin’ ya like it is.


Girls Gone WOD – Episode 288 – Steph Hammerman – Steph’s story and perspective is incredible. She probably doesn’t remember me, but I met her at Wodapalooza two years ago. She plays a big role in being an ambassador, supporting, and competing with the adaptive community at Wodapalooza, and CrossFit in general. She has overcome so much, but her perspective is really inspiring to me. I think when you can openly be positive about a non-favorable circumstance, like Cancer, it can help others to be positive about whatever they are facing – big or small. There’s a lot in here about confidence, body image, and how we perceive ourselves.


Ok, so….about that butternut squash soup I (attempted) to make last week.. it failed. In my defense, it mostly failed because I didn’t have enough time at my house to cook the squash fully, so I tried to do it when I got home, and it was just a hot mess. So, Daniel stepped in yesterday (he’s better at cooking than I am – and following directions- and not rushing things) so.. he made this. I asked him to type it up so I could share it with all of you. I started to edit it and make it look pretty, but I kinda like the way it is.

Butternut Squash Soup – from the keyboard of Daniel Stall – ( ) added in by me:

Cut (butternut) squash long ways, use a fork to get rid of the excess strands and seeds.

Set oven to 425, apply a generous amount of oil (we use avocado). Add (pinch of) garlic salt and bake squash facing up.

30 mins in add 1/2 of an onion (to butternut squash pan, already in oven)

After baking, allow to cool. Once cooled, use spoon to get all the meat, and throw it in a crock pot

Add 1/2 onion

Add 3/4 can coconut milk (We used a lighter version)

Add 24-32 oz of chicken broth/stock – depending on how creamy you like it. (We like Trader Joe’s Chicken Broth)

Add handful of fresh thyme, TBS of minced garlic, and tsp salt

Blend (up all crockpot ingredients) with a hand blender, and cook on low in crockpot for 4+ hours


Passion City Church – The Missing PEACE – The PEACEMAKER – Unfortunately we were “iced in” yesterday morning, and couldn’t get to church. JK. We could walk there if we wanted to. But unfortunately, Anderson shut down yesterday morning, so we watched this online. I recommend it for anyone and everyone.

My Friend, Jordan Mitchell made a promo for one of her classes at Clemson. She’s really talented! I just finally watched them today, and they are so good! Disclaimer: I did not know she was coming, and my hair is a hot mess. But Colin did a good job.

CrossFit Electric City – Alison Stall

CrossFit Electric City – Colin Leonard


Happier (Matt Medved Remix)  – Marshmello, Bastille – Also, I know, I know.. I’ve posted about this song before, but here’s another remix for ya.

Dreamer – Nicky Romero Remix – Martin Garrix, Mike Yung – starts out a little slow, but bear with it.


Ok, so we had our annual CREATE A WOD WEEK at CFEC. People at the gym can be creative, make up workouts, submit them, and then we can maybe do them in class. I figured I’d throw all of the ones we did because I loved them all for different reasons:

This workout had a good bit of running in it. I mean, I’m glad the pullups/c2b/and bmu weren’t a lot, but it was harder than it looks to be able to push it on the run!

I LOVED Jordan’s workout. It was a good one to try and go unbroken in. And if not, you had to watch out for those pullups in the buy in. Those will get ya more than you think! Unfortunately my wrist has been bugging me so these were the worst feeling overhead squats I’ve done in a long time. Afterwards, we did this part of a workout submitted by N8. I have to be honest and say I did not do this workout because I am stubborn and tried to lift (which hurt my wrist even more, so I should have done N8’s workout).

THROWBACK. I think this was my 4th time doing this workout – or a version of it. It’s by a guy named Ali (or Alejandro). He used to go to CFEC when he lived a little closer. He’s moved on to bigger and better things now though. Anyway, it’s a great workout, so we refuse to let it die. The original workout is 20 min long, but we gave people the option to go 10 minutes (5 rounds). I went 10 minutes, but I went a little heavier at 135. It was effective.

This was my favorite workout! If you’ve ever done Fight Gone Bad, it was a lot like that. There is something a little more painful about going from dumbbell snatches to TTB. I tried not to fall off, but the TTB was the limiting factor for me. I dropped off as the rounds went on. I’ve got to get better at those, I suppose.

This was a good one – something that you could retest if you took some time to work on aerobic capacity. It was on Wednesday, which meant I really didn’t want to push it. But shoutout to Madeline and Rohit for pushing me to go harder than I wanted to.


This is a workout I programed for a girl I am training from home, based on the equipment she currently has access to.

12 Min Up Ladder by 2’s

(12 minute clock, start at 2 reps of each, and increase to 4 reps for round two. Continue to increase by 2 reps every round.

Dumbbell hang clean + press (2 dumbbells, 1/hand)

Dumbbell Thrusters (2 dumbbells, 1/hand)

Box Jumps (If you don’t have a box, just jump as high as you can, land softly on balls of feet with slightly bent knees)


Have a great week and remember to be kind to yourself and careful about what you say (about yourself and others 🙂 PEACE.