Heeelllllooooooooo. How’s it going? I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend – full of great people and a lot of relaxation, and some good food is always a plus too. I’m not going to lie, I went IN on Thanksgiving. As in, I had 5 plates of food. 3 were dessert. They were small, but still…I’m just being honest. And I’m still feeling it today. It happens. I’m glad I have GOALS, because every now and then when I go a little crazy, my goals usually pull me back in. I do a workout at the gym (Like “Fight Gone Bad”…If you know, you know) and I remember why I don’t eat like crap on the reg. I love how my body feels when I treat it well.

Did you buy some good stuff on Black Friday? I didn’t. I mean, I wanted to. But it was all for me, and I need to stay focused. I plan on buying some gifts tonight.


Born Primitive – 30% off. No code needed 🙂 You know I love everything Born Primitive.

Reebok – 50% off site wide *THIS INCLUDES CUSTOM NANOS* But does not include Legacy Lifters (which is a bummer because I wanted some for Christmas, but I’m not serious enough or good enough at “lifting” to pay $200 for new lifters.. ya know? But if you read these posts, and you know of some good deals on Legacy Lifters or Nike Romalos, I’d love to hear about them.

Rogue Fitness – They’ve been sending emails out all day, so make sure you’re signed up. Word on the street is that these deals are going fast though.

Blitz Belts – This is the company that made me a believer in actually wearing a belt when I lift. I freaking love my Blitz Belt, and so does Daniel. Daniel also wears his BB shirt more than any other shirt, so I’m about to buy him one (maybe two) since they are only $10 today. They have some great deals on belts too! I don’t think Daniel actually reads these, so I’m not worried about him seeing this.

Goat Tape – 20% off today.

Are there any other great sales I should know about?!?!


LIFT YOURSELF UP LEGGINGS – I love these NEW leggings from Born Primitive. As much as I love the old leggings, these are even 14563 x’s better. They are thick, and the waistband is so big! (Big enough to leave up after a weekend of Thanksgiving food, and also big enough to roll down if you are one of those rare people that prefer a little more low rise leggings.

Use Code ASTALL10 for (actually) 15% off in case you want to buy some after today.

And while we’re at it, I love the NEW(ish) Born Primitive Rhapsody 2.0 sports bras. They are a little longer (which is totally in right now). I’m usually more of a BRIGHT and SUNSHINEY kind of girl, but I love the black and white – “Branch Out” pattern.

Once again, these are 30% off today! But if you decide to buy at a later time, use code ASTALL10 for (actually) 15% off !


Rise Podcast – Rachel Hollis reads Chapter 17 of Girl Wash Your Face I LOVE THIS BOOK. LIke, I don’t usually make it through entire books (reading or audio), but I loved Girl Wash Your Face. This chapter is all about the day to day struggles that come with having our identity wrapped up in how we look – more specifically, our weight. It’s a super short episode, but if you don’t have time to read it, I typed out one of Rachel’s quotes from the chapter.
”Who you are today is incredible. You have so many wonderful qualities to offer the world, and they are uniquely your’s. I believe your creator delights in the intricacies of you, and He is filled with JOY when you live out your potential.” She goes on to say, “I think we function better mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take care of our bodies with nourishment, water, and exercise. The lie I used to believe was that my weight would define me. That it would speak volumes about who I was as a person. Today I believe it’s not your weight that defines you, but the care and consideration you put into your body absolutely does.”


Harvest Apple Veggie Skillet – Ok, this is an old recipe I concocted a couple of years ago. It’s so simple, and the veggies are great for coming off of Thanksgiving pie, dressing, and mac n cheese.


Ok, we are HOOKED on The Office Christmas episodes. Here is a link that ranks them, gives you a little summary, and shows you where to find them. The Office is just the best – even if you haven’t seen any other episode, if you want a good Christmas laugh, check out some of these episodes.


Alive – Krewela


This was my FAVORITE workout we did in class. It had to be fast, and you had to hold on to the dumbbell.

Other favorite workout I did. This is a great one if you struggle with handstand walking under fatigue. My shoulders were GONE…like I was even struggling with wallballs on round 2, and I love wallballs.:

“Swift Justice” – From COMPTRAIN

2 Rounds

50’ Handstand Walk

100 Double Unders

50’ Handstand Walk

50 Wallballs 20/14 lb.

50’ Handstand Walk

25 Deadlifts 245/165


This is a workout I programed for a girl I am training from home, based on the equipment she currently has access to.

15 min AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible in 15 minutes. This is an “up ladder” so you will go up by 3 reps each round)

3,6,9,12,etc (15 min clock, move through each movement for 15 min, increase by 3 reps per round).

kettlebell swings


Russian Twists x’s 2 (6,12,18,24,etc…each side = one rep)