Haaaappppy Thanksgiving Week! Who doesn’t love TGiving Week? Family. Friends. FOOD. Football. 5K Turkey Burn Races. Shorter Work Weeks. THANKSGIVING DINNER LEFTOVERS. Christmas Decorating. Rivalry Week. If you’re not happy about any or all of that, then get your mind right.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Unfortunately we won’t be making it to Georgia to see family, but we always love spending time with a couple of our favorite families here. We are also running in the 5K race (along with a whole bunch of other people from CFEC) on Thursday morning. That sure beats last year riding a 30K on the assault bike in my living room. I’m hoping this will start a new tradition.

Do you go Black Friday Shopping? Did you know BF is like a national holiday? Maybe you’ve known that for awhile, but it actually shows up on my calendar as a holiday. Do you leave your house to go shopping? Or do you just chill on your couch and sweatpants, with your TGiving leftovers and order online? Or maybe you’re like me and YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO EVEN BUY PEOPLE YET FOR CHRISTMAS. I gotta get on that.

Anyway, hope you have a great week, and no matter what you do, take some time to reflect on all the good you have in your life. It can be anything…like a beating heart, to a car that gets you from place to place, to some awesome people in your life, to a PR in the gym, or your college team beating down their rival this weekend. Nothing is too “simple” or too “big” to be thankful for.

And FOOD!! Ok, let’s talk a minute about food. It’s easy to stress about TGiving food. Not cooking it.. but eating it. Because you’ve got goals. But your goals don’t have to stop for Thanksgiving. And at the same time, you can still have your pie, and eat it too (or whatever that saying is). If you’ve been working hard, one meal isn’t going to deter you from your goals. My biggest advice is to make Thanksgiving about the people around you (the ones you are celebrating over a meal with) instead of the meal itself. Have a plan. Focus on the people. Eat some things you normally wouldn’t. Eat some leftovers maybe? And then carry on with your goals.

Ok, here are some of my favorite things this week AND some Black Friday Deals I’ve been hearing about.


Men’s Nano 8’s are on sale for less than $40 at Dicks. Daniel bought a pair yesterday, and with tax, it came to $42: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/reebok-mens-crossfit-nano-8-0-training-shoes-18rbkmnn8whtcfgmsvll/18rbkmnn8whtcfgmsvll

AthletaThey are offering 20 percent off in-store and online purchases from November 23–26.

Assault Fitness cardio equipment : (On Amazon, or on Assault site). Bikes to Runners will be 26 percent off. So, if you do the math, that saves you up to $1300. This makes me reaallllly want an assault runner.

Rogue Fitness – Sign up for their rapid fire emails (or whatever they are called) because they’ll be full of deals all weekend long. They’ve already released this video.

Compex – They have some pre BF deals going on now, BUT they always do it big for Black Friday Weekend. I bought an early Christmas present for myself (actually from Daniel,but I picked it out) two years ago on this weekend, and I love it!

Nike: If you like Nike AND Kohl’s,  head there for 25 to 30 percent off Nike apparel and shoes. Deals last through the weekend.

Apple Watch Series 3These normally sell for $309, but WEDNESDAY Best Buy will be selling Apple Watches for $259 starting online at 10 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 21 and lasting through Sunday, I believe.


CROPPED HOODIES – Perfect South Carolina Winter attire for for the gym. I love these from Born Primitive. I have a black one and a light pink one. I got both last year, but you can still get these on their site. They are perfect for lifting heavy because your cute belt just fits right up under there. No need to take your shirt off for those of you like me who don’t wear your belt over or under your shirt.

Use Code ASTALL10 for (actually) 15% off! But I’m sure they will have a great code for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday as well.  

These Orange Vanilla Polar Seltzer Waters. If you like cream soda, you’ll love these – except no sugar and no calories. They are a little pricey on Amazon. BUT THEY ARE BOGO THIS WEEK AT PUBLIX.

Ok, I am loving this Pumpkin Pie Spice from Trader Joe’s. It has been making my oatmeal, oh, and my pancakes, oh, and my waffles a lot tastier and fall spirited. Buy it in store, or here on Amazon.


PaleOMG Uncensored – Episode 14 – Getting Control of your Sugar DemonThis is one of Juli’s earlier episodes, from like almost 2 years ago! But it’s worth sharing! And this is one of her most popular episodes. I appreciate her non-scientific breakdown of SUGAAARRRRR addiction. Timing is def appropriate.


Ok, I am making both of these for Thanksgiving. The cauli casserole, I’ve made (well mostly Daniel, but I helped) the past 2 years. This will be year 3. I’ve made the salad before as well, and it’s really easy, and who doesn’t love apples on a salad? The dressing is great too.

Bravo For Paleo – Primal Cauliflower Casserole (Guest Post on PaleOMG’s Blog)

Minimalist Baker – Apple Pecan Arugula Salad


Without You (Otto Knows Remix) – Avicii (RIP)

As I Come Back – Busta Rhymes

Growing Pains – BRAVVO Remix – Alessia Cara


Last Monday, we did the Hero WOD AdamBrown in class for Veterans Day. I think this is my new favorite workout (even with the box jumps) because there is a little bit of everything in there. Going from the squat cleans in round 1 into the deadlifts in round 2 was tough.

Also, I did the below workout with some friends on Wednesday. We got YOKED.

Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds (20 minutes)

35 foot zig zag handstand walk (around cones)

100 ft yoke carry (50 ft down, 50 ft back) – GO HEAVY but don’t put the yoke down in 50 ft.

8 DBALL throw over 4ish foot tall bar – (100 lb dball)


This is one of the workouts I programed for one of my clients to do at home. They have limited equipment (light ketltebell/dumbbells). This is a workout you can do outside, if we get another warm afternoon!

5 Rounds for Time:

100 m sprint (50 m down, 50 m back)

10 dumbbell hang clean + press (or jerk) (5/side)

5 burpees

10 dumbbell snatch

100 meter Farmer’s carry with dumbbells (50 m down, 50 m back)

*Rest 2 minutes between each round*