HAPPY MONDAY! No, this isn’t #MotivationMonday. Maybe you’re glad. Maybe you’re sad. I’m going to try out something new, starting NOW. Mondays are going to be like a Week In Review/Stuff I’m loving. Maybe one day it will turn into something bigger. But for now, just pretend it’s like a newsletter or something.


But before we get started…here’s what you need to know.. I’m a pretty basic person. I really don’t spend a lot of money on things that I probably should (like skincare products to make me look younger… or clothes to wear out of the gym…or shoes). BUT I do love some good workout gear. And I love sharing about what I read and listen to. And I love some DEALS. So, I’ll be sending those your way too.

I also want to start throwing recipes at you again (actual food Daniel and I are eating that we love). And I want to give you some workout inspiration.

Most of these pictures (oh, you’ll see!) are literally screen shot from my phone. Maybe one day I’ll have more professional pictures. But right now, this is coming from the girl who feels awkward to ask someone take her picture.

And last, but not least.. not that I really need to throw this out there or anything, BUT none of these are sponsored. This is just friend to friend (aka ME to YOU) telling you what I love. Each week will look different!


These Lululemon leggings. The Align Pant and The Align Crop are my new favorites. The nulu material is so soft. WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? They show so much sweat, and they definitely don’t dry fast, but I don’t care. I also think they are made specifically for lounging and yoga (definitely not CrossFit and running) but I’m determined to see how they hold up.

All of the Born Primitive Wodapalooza Collection items – for guys and girls! Everything is so bright and pretty – to keep you feeling and looking bright and sunshiney through the winter 🙂 And you can’t beat BP’s quality. If I had some, I would totally show you it, BUT these are only available for pre order right now. BUT word on the street is that if you preorder now, they will be here in time for Christmas. Check it out, and order TODAY (if you’re reading this today, Monday, November 12th) because 50% of sales today will be donated to the Navy Seals Foundation, in honor of Veterans Day.

This Young Living Ningxia Red 2 oz singles I drink these every day! One, because they taste GOOD. Two, because they are packed with antioxidants, and help us to not get sick! Daniel’s mom is a saint, and she sent them to us. She sells YL, and lucky for me, she sends us things sometimes! I drink them straight. But I prefer the packets over the bottle BECAUSE if I were to just drink out of the bottle, I probably wouldn’t measure it out, and then I would end up drinking half the bottle. Ya heard?



Icon Athlete (Chris Spealler) – Professional Trainer (1 Hr. 1 Min)

AMRAP Mentality (Jason Khalipa) – Brooke Ence Overcoming Aderversity (1 Hr. 11 Min)


The Chain of Doubt – Passion City Church (originally from 9/9/18, but I watched it yesterday) – I definitely recommend, whether you believe in Jesus, go to church, or have nothing to do with that kind of thing.


PALEOMG Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup – PALEOMG (Juli) is probably top 3 one of my favorite people I’ve never met. We love making her recipes. This one is a winter classic. Because we are simple minded, easily pleased people, we eat this once a week, or every other week in the winter time. We’ve added in everything from shredded chicken, to ground turkey or beef, to spicy sausage. We also sometimes use a lower fat coconut oil, and that has never been a problem! This is in the crockpot as we speak!


Ok, so I’ve never done this before so I am tempted to send you TONS of songs. But I’m going to have to hold back for now (unfortunately).

Happier (Blanke Remix – Marshmello, Basitlle (out of all the remixes, this is the BEST)

Without Me – Halsey (this song is a little slower, but I freaking love anything Halsey when and when I’m not working out)

Taki Taki – DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, CardiB (How can you not love this song?)

Machine- Imagine Dragons (from their new cd)

Uproar – Lil Wayne (sorry for the language)

OK, I’ll have to stop there… for now!


This was my FAVORITE workout we did last week at CFEC. I thought I was pretty smooth with handstand walks until this one. My arms gave out from carrying that plate!

I also did this one on Tuesday night to add in a little conditioning. I’ve been trying to work on consistency on the rower. This was 6 rounds of 3 min on/1 min off for meters. 1 min isn’t a lot of rest time (ha) so my goal was to keep it at about 75-80% and MAINTAIN. I definitely recommend adding intervals in to your training if you want to get better and have an extra 20 min before or after class!

And last, but not least, Colin gave me this idea on Saturday after coaching, and I LOVED it. The grip got real. And it had been awhile since I’ve done rope climbs. It was essentially the Hero WOD “Tommy V” but with Devils Presses instead of thrusters. I’d much rather do thrusters. amen?

For Time:

21 Devils Press (50#/35#)

12 Rope Climbs

15 Devils Press

9 Rope Climbs

9 Devils Press

6 Rope Climbs


This is a core finisher I sent to a girl I am programing for right now. She has limited equipment at her house, and is trying to establish a NEW, consistent routine to get her moving. Most of what she does is body weight movements, mixed in with a little dumbbell and kettlebell work strength work.

For Time:

20-15-10 Russian Twists

20 second hollow hold between each round.

*So, you will do 20 russian twists + 20 second hollow hold + 15 russian twists + 20 sec hollow hold + 10 Russian Twists + 20 second hollow hold.

**I appreciate that link in there because it gives some modifications for the hollow hold/hollow rock. (It’s harder than you think!)

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! And if you ever feel up to it, send me or message me your favorite stuff right now.