What’s up? How’s your week going so far? THIS WEATHER. It’s like nothing can go wrong. No one can do any harm. It’s perfect. I mean, I’d rather have the hot 98 degree day, but this will do too, I guess. Don’t you just love fall in South Carolina? (assuming you’re reading this from South Carolina). If you’re up north and it’s cold, sorry.

Mondays are all about redemption. It’s a fresh start, which means you can make changes from last week (if you need to), and attack this week in a different way than you did last. I think I told you last week about these Wodapalooza qualifiers. This is so small scale, but I was able to redeem myself from a workout first thing this morning, in between our early classes. I did the workout Saturday after our 9:30 class, and I just wasn’t feeling it, I guess. The workout had something called a “devils press” in it, which I actually loved. However, with 35 lb in each hand, and for 16 min, it’s a sure way to get crushed. If you know, you know. Well, I decided to jump back in this morning and redo the workout because I know Saturday wasn’t my best. I forgot what round I was on, and kept miscounting, and just overall couldn’t make myself go like I know I’m capable of. I did 11 reps better this morning, which in this workout is a big deal. 6 months ago, I legitimately couldn’t do a step up with weight on my left leg. I don’t even know why since I had surgery on my right leg. But something about those step ups….I’ve been working on them, and I actually feel really great about how I did in that workout. Anyway, redeeming yourself when you know you can do better is always a good thing – in or out of the gym.

Thanks for all the bday wishes. My bday is actually THURSDAY. But we celebrated early yesterday. My friend, Allison, aka Commander Red made an amazing chocolate cake. It will make you drool. And obviously make your devils presses, and step ups, and memory, and focus, all around better the next day! But thanks for all the kind words- it turns out that kind words go even further the older you get. It’s like.. after 30, just give me kind words for my birthday. As in, tell me how much you love me and why. 31 can be tough if you let it. Not that I would know. As in, I’m still 30. But at 31…You’re totally IN your 30’s now. 20’s are long gone. At least when you’re 30, you can be like, “oh yeah, remember last year, when I was in my 20’s?” You can’t do that when you’re 31.

But speaking of nice words… shoutout to my pastor, Brian Cheek for preaching a great sermon yesterday about the power of your words.

And going a little further than that, I wanted to share this post with you from Justin Su’a. I’ve talked about him before on here. Go listen to his podcast. Each episode is like 2-3 min long so you can totally listen while you brush your teeth or make your bed. Go find him on instagram. Here’s the post:

“Fountains are people who light up the room when they walk in. They bring energy, positivity, and hope. They look for solutions for every problem, and act in spite of fear. Fountains don’t let the negativity happening outside of them get inside of them.

Drains constantly complain. They display bad body language and look for a problem for every solution. They suck the energy out of a meeting, a room, or a conversation. They tend to see things in a negative light. They are threatened or jealous when others succeed.

Being a fountain or a drain is a choice. Which one will you choose to be today?” – Justin S’ua

This is a great concept – especially for a Monday. You and I are either a FOUNTAIN or a DRAIN. And you and I don’t even need to be the most outgoing person, or most flamboyant, or most outspoken person to be a FOUNTAIN. Don’t try and be someone you aren’t.

We can still be a fountain by how we treat people, how we respond, and giving our best effort, and how we carry ourself.

Have a great week! Make the world a better place by being your best self, using the platform you have – no matter how big or small you perceive that to be.