Happy Monday AND sadly, last day of college football season. Bummer. What are we going to do on Saturdays now? I’m sure that everyone out there is watching the game (and hopefully cheering for the DAWGS), so I’ll keep this short and sweet! Maybe you can read it during the Kendrick Lamar halftime show. 

NEW ORLEANS! Wow. I can’t wait to tell you about it, but I’ve got a recipe coming at ya later this week, so I’ll get more into our 36 hours in New Orleans then! 

Today is one of those days that I want to talk about A LOT, but good news for you (and better for my time too) one of my goals this year is to keep all blog posts *short* and *sweet* Guys, I want to be a better writer. I want you to feel like you’re having a convo directly with me – like we’re GREAT friends. But with that, comes rambling from me. I read over a couple of old posts from the beginning of last year the other day, and I was horrified. So, here’s to shorter posts in 2018! Will you read them more if they are shorter? It won’t hurt my feelings. Let me know. 

K? K. How are those New Years Goals and/or Resolutions holding up? I mean, it’s been a week now, so we should all be where we want to be in life, right? 

That would be nice…if it only took a week to see long term, sustainable results. 

So, I just got back from good ole physical therapy. It’s now been 95 days since I got a new achilles. Time flies. Actually, it’s felt like a loooonngggg time, if I can be real. But watching your own body heal and recover is pretty fantastic. It’s been a small, personal miracle for me to witness the process. I’ve tried to stay positive, but some days are easier than others.I have a great, ACTIVE life. I’m able to do most things I want to do (or at least attempt them).

Last year, when I laid out all my goals for 2017, I had CrossFit specific goals too. These were mostly all specific numbers of lifts I wanted to hit and skills I wanted to be able to do (or do more of). This year, my main goal when it comes to fitness has been to just FIX muscle imbalances. Because Lord knows, I need help in that area. The main one is in my right leg / ankle area. I haven’t been able to do a legit calf raise on my right leg since before I tore my achilles tendon back in late May 2014. Since then, I’ve compensated A LOT, and it’s led to some other issues. 

I KNOW that with the help of physical therapy, staying moving, and doing ALL I can to increase the range of motion in that ankle, I’ll be able to do simple things like a calf raise one day in 2018 (my prayer is sooner than later though, for real).

Being able to come up from your heels to your toes is pretty important in CrossFit if you want to be strong and use the right muscles, to see the right results. If you can’t do that, it’s going to lead to some other problems if you try to push through it. 

Today, Elissa, my BOMB PT girl took some measurements of my swelling and different perspectives of range of motion so they could send them over to my doc (something about insurance), and it’s looking like hard work is paying off because the range of motion in my right ankle is pretty much THE SAME as my left. So cool. 

But, what it’s lacking……is STRENGTH – as in the calf muscle, and everything around it isn’t firing the way I want it to. This explains why jumping, or anything that involves power or explosive movement is still pretty sucky — because it needs strength. 

Elissa is great. I could probably do “Monday Motivation with Elissa” and you would all probably be way more wowed from her, than me. She told me today that good things don’t just happen overnight. She acknowledged that I had been working hard and that it showed, but it’s also been a LONG TIME since I’ve been able to use my right leg in the correct way, so therefore, it’s going to take awhile to get it where I want it to be.

In the REAL WORLD (aka in the gym and outside of the gym) anything we want in life, big or small, doesn’t just happen overnight — even with our hard work – especially when it’s been neglected or not used properly in awhile.

And we have to be ok with that. 

Good things take time. And when you put the dedication and work in DAILY, it will come. Sometimes it will turn out how we saw it going down, and sometimes not.

Whether it’s something small, like recovering from a torn achilles tendon and several years of improper movement, or something BIG like deciding to FOR REAL make your life better by focusing on your health, ** GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME. **

You don’t just wake up 1 week into the New Year, and everything is better now. 

So, in 2018 – hopefully you acknowledged some ways you want to be better – in your health AND just as a person in general. When you get frustrated because it’s been a week and you’re still not where you want to be (uuggghhhhhhhhh) keep pushing, focus on the day to day, and let your small victories pump you up for even more good things that could be coming your way. 

And look at that. It took me 20 minutes to write this. I’m already doing a good job sticking with my goal. I’m on my way back to the gym because THIS WEEK is BRING A FRIEND WEEK at CFEC. The more the merrier. That means you. All week! 🙂

And Go Dawgs.

Have a great week!