What is up? Happy Wednesday. 

Ok, first of all, just a heads up. This isn’t my most exciting food post – but are any of them? Haha. What you see is what you get. Holla. So, before we get started today, here is a video from my girl, Cardi B – from an interview on The Tonight Show with Fallon about a month ago. First of all, no matter what you think about the girl, remember first, that she does have a soul, so don’t hate on her. And second, although her music is a little ex-pli-cit (aka we can only play edited FitRadio Cardi B in the gym) I do respect her confidence, and the bird noise is cool too.

So, with that, if you get bored in this, just pretend that Cardi B is reading this to you. Cool? Cool.

Two questions I get from time to time are:

1. What do I eat for breakfast?

2. How can we make boring egg whites taste better?

First of all, I eat the exact same thing for breakfast Monday – Friday. It works for me. I eat 3 servings/9 tbsp of egg whites (which ends up being about 3 eggs, give or take a little. I eat some turkey sausage, and I throw a full cup of diced sweet potatoes on there. I top it all off with Trader Joe’s “Everything But The Bagel” seasoning. If I’m eating breakfast at home, I may eat a tbsp of almond butter to get some fat, or if I’m coaching early, I eat half of a perfect bar with all of that because those are good, and it gives me a little fat. And I top all of it off with some collagen in my coffee – just good, pure protein, but also helps my joints, hair, and nails. Like, these dip manicure things need TO GO now because my nails have grown them off.

^^^I know all of that is a lot to type, for sure. but it works for me, and with the addition of a protein shake and an apple (my go to workout carbs) while, or after, I’m working out, that’s good for me until lunch time.

I started eating egg whites back in October. I started tracking what I was eating – including my macronutirients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). I originally did this to first of all, show myself that I could track for a short period of time. And second of all, to make sure I was eating enough to maintain muscle gainz after I had surgery. I’m thankful I did it because it has opened my eyes up to what I was eating, and the coolest thing is that I am learning all kinds of things as I go…(shameless plug, if any of you have some great resources, throw them at me). I’ll write more on this later, but what I saw was that I wasn’t eating enough carbs (duh) and also, I was consuming more fat than I should be (which is unfortunate, for sure).

I love almond butter, as in, I could eat it by the spoonful. Same goes for guacamole. And bacon. And eggs. So, I knew I had to cut back in all of it –  just a little. But tracking has allowed me to pick and choose where. So, one of the choices I made was to have egg whites and turkey sausage during the week, so I could have a little bit of almond butter or avocado. For me, it wasn’t good to have all of the above.

First of all, egg yolks are great for most people – if you don’t have some sort of allergy or sensitivity to them. They contain vitamins, and they have some protein, for sure. I still enjoy eating eggs every now and then. Every single Sunday morning, I’ma eat some fluffy eggs, with the yolk! We get our eggs from a kind man at the gym. His name is Tracy. He comes to the 5:30 class and works at TTI. If you want some eggs from some local Anderson chickens, he will gladly sell you 1 dozen for or $2. Can’t beat that.

When you’re trying to cut out fat from your diet, or if you are trying to watch your cholesterol, switching to egg whites may be something to consider. I remember Daniel telling me I was going to hate the egg whites (because I love full eggs- yolks and all), and yeah, he was right. They were pretty bland. You can separate your egg whites from the actual egg, and that’s going to be ideal. However, if I don’t have time for that, I know you don’t have time for that. So, for now we are just buying the egg whites out of the carton. 

Here are a few tips to spicing them up. 

Tip numero uno: Add veggies to your egg whites. All you have to do is save some from lunch or dinner from the day before, OR you can buy pre cut veggies in the produce section at Publix or Ingles in those little containers. All you have to do it throw those little guys on the skillet with the egg whites. I love some peppers, spinach, and the occasional onions and shrooms.

Tip numero dos: “EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL” SEASONING from Trader Joe’s. It can spice anything up. Try it. We go to TJ’s every other week, if not every week, and I would be HAPPY to pick you up some while I’m there.

I’m not even going to do a formal recipe header for this because it’s so easy.

  1. Take your egg whites -usually by tablespoons or by cups if you’re feeding multiple people (or maybe just yourself. No judgement).
  2. Whisk egg whites in a bowl  (just like if you were scrambling your eggs). 
  3. Just like reg eggs, your skillet will need some oil or animal fat from leftovers. All it takes is a little spray, I promise. Don’t overdo the oil. You don’t need it.
  4. Add veggies, and for best results, wait a few minutes, and flip like an omelette. 
  5. Add to the rest of your breakfast. Top with that seasoning I was tellin’ ya about, and you’re good.

Now, you can grab your fat from other sources, and you’re still getting the protein benefits.

**excuse these dark photos, but they were taken at 8:30 last night when I was getting my breakfast ready for the next morning, so I wouldn’t have to do it at 4 am 🙂

Ok, that’s it! Basic, right? Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!