HAAAPPPPPY MONDAY. Fresh starts, new opportunities, and a whole week in front of you to learn, grow, get stronger (mentally and physically) and to hopefully do some fun things in the middle of your busy schedule. 

First of all, Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day! Growing up, I always appreciated this day because it meant that I got a day out of school. As I’ve grown up some and seen just a little bit of the world – the good, the bad, and the ugly – I’ve come to appreciate this day because of the legacy Dr. King left behind – to battle hate with LOVE.

Anyway, speaking of LOVE, don’t you just LOVE seeing different people come together for a common purpose or goal? There are so many examples of this all around us. BUT in this particular scenario, let’s talk about fitness. 

Because working on your fitness is about way more than being able to lift more weight, run a faster mile, look good naked, or break a sweat to relieve some stress. 

The next time you go to the gym (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) do me a favor, and look at all the people around you. In most scenarios, not everyone will look the same, there will be a wide variety of ages, and not everyone will believe the same about topics like politics and religion. Everyone will most likely have different goals as well. 

But that is what makes the gym such a cool place – the PEOPLE. If you are lacking community, there are TONS of places to go around you to get involved. I think what holds us back is not because of lack of options, but because we’re intimidated. If you haven’t already given the gym thought, I encourage you to do so. Or if you’re just not feelin’ the people at the gym you currently sweat at, maybe you could try switching it up. 

Because it’s too beautiful of a thing to pass up. 

A great example of this is hot yoga last night. It was my first time back since before I had surgery, and I’m so glad I went. My friend Jackie went with me, and my friend Blake was also there. He runs a mixed martial arts gym in Anderson, and he somehow talked 15 ladies (and a couple guys) from his gym in to going last night. Pretty impressive. There were like 40 of us total, all piled into a tiny little room, mat to mat. It was definitely the hottest class I’ve ever been to, but I loved it. Sometimes when it gets like that, I can see how easy it would be to get overwhelmed, get your breathing off, and freak out (kinda like me swimming), so I can relate. But it was so awesome to look around and see ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE – of all shapes, sizes, ages, skin colors, and fitness abilities – just sweating it out and working towards a common goal. After the class, it was cool to talk to different people and see what everyone was doing (outside of yoga) to stay healthy.

I originally was going to write about macros and MyFitnessPal today, but over the weekend I had some time to actually be still, journal, and be thankful. I had some pretty incredible conversations with people last week and over the weekend about human connection in the gym. I’m not trying to single out a specific gym, but in my reality, this is my CrossFit gym, CrossFit Electric City. It’s been around for 6+ years, and it’s in an old warehouse looking building. I have the opportunity to coach and train there, and over the years, I’ve heard all kinds of stories about “life change” in the gym and “lessons learned” in the gym. I’ve talked about it on here some too. But over the past week, I’ve had some pretty incredible people tell me about how their life is different because of the people they’ve met in the gym and the relationships built with the people around them. It really is true that some of the best times in a CrossFit class are before and after the workout, when people are just laid out stretching and talking. People open up and talk about real stuff. 

It’s been cool to hear established business owners in this community talk about how their business wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the people they’ve met in the gym. And on the other end of the spectrum, there are college students in there who make connections with people older than them, they learn from others, and sometimes even end up with jobs in the process – all because of people they’ve met in the gym. And somewhere in there, are groups of people who go out for tacos and margs on Friday nights, or get breakfast weekly together.

Yesterday Daniel and I went to a church downtown led by our friend (from the gym) Brian Cheek. It all started because of a conversation that some of us were having after a 6 am CrossFit class. I just threw out there something I was struggling with, and it turns out that Brian preached about it the Sunday before. He emailed me the sermon, and it meant a lot to me. ANYWAY, a small group of us went, and that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the relationships made in the gym. 

So, as you go about this week, open your eyes up, and see the good in the people around you. We need each other. I’m not perfect in this. In fact, I think that’s why it’s been right in front of me lately. It’s easy for me to get so caught up in Instagram that I forget about the real life people around me. <—–More coming on that in a later post, for sure.

Before I let ya go, here is a post I read over the weekend about another real life example of this. (disclaimer: it’s from the CrossFit Journal, so I dunno if it will let you read the whole post, so sorry if it doesn’t. I have an account, and so it comes up as the full article on my end). 

Thanks for reading! If you’re into CrossFit, THE OPEN is just around the corner. I think 6 weeks as of last week, so we’re going on FIVE weeks now (Math 🙂 I’ll have a post out later this week about WHY THE OPEN IS FOR EVERYONE. We’re going to cook something new tonight, so if it’s good, I’ll share it. And last, but not least, I have been wanting to share about MyFitnessPal, so I’ll get that out soon too!