Good evening! Hope you are already kicking butt this week. If not, there’s still time. I’ve felt a little off today, but it’s my own fault. And honestly, it was all worth it. Because sometimes you just have to live a little. But it’s pretty cool how your body will let you know when you’ve probably eaten something you shouldn’t have. And the more you eat good food that is good for you, the more your body will flip when you eat something that isn’t the best. For me, that includes all things wheat (which has gluten in it…so maybe just all gluten… who knows), and as I creep closer to 30, I’m also noticing that alcohol just doesn’t sit well with me like is used to.

Daniel and I went to Atlanta Saturday afternoon for a little last minute trip. AND we hit up some good places to eat Saturday night (Superica) and Sunday morning (Flying Biscuit). Oh, and I finally got to experience some true, in a cone, Jenis Ice Cream. I don’t regret anything, because we had so much fun. BUT, I’m definitely feeling the effects today, that’s for sure. But you don’t care about that. 

You probably care about the naked man we saw right in the middle of downtown, on Peachtree, shortly before 11 am in broad daylight. Poor dude. He was running right at us, and he didn’t have any clothes. Traffic was a little tight, and we were going in opposite directions, so there was no way we could stop and help a bud out. But I still can’t get this guy out of my head. Not in a weird way, but I just NEED to know how he lost all his clothes. The easy answer is to just assume it was his fault, but you don’t know that. There are so many scenarios. It’s baffling. Anyway, I just hoped and prayed all day that he got that straightened out. 

Moving on… we got to see the BRAVES play in their new stadium.. finally. It only took us until the end of the season to make it happen. Daniel’s uncle passed away awhile back, and he was a generous man who loved baseball. So, we did it to honor him, and to celebrate our anniversary (just 4 months late). The Braves didn’t win, or even score a run, but SunTrust Park is beautiful, and we had some pretty amazing seats. We got tan while watching baseball, didn’t have to wait in traffic, and made it back to Anderson WITH good healthy groceries, by 7 pm. WUT?!?!

It was a great weekend. I love Hotlanta. And I love getting away for a day with Daniel. 

Ok, enough about my life. 

I think I’ve said this before on here, but I love podcasts. I’d rather listen to something over reading a book or watching tv all day. I like all different kinds of podcasts – as long as they are inspirational, and/or funny, and/or teach me a thing or two, yet speak in words I can understand. Ya feel?

From time to time, I throw out some random podcasts I’ve listened to lately that have to do with all things fitness, mindset, health, wellness, crossfit, coaching etc. etc. etc. Well, it’s been a little over two months since the last post I did on podcasts, and I really didn’t have too much to say that was motivational, so I figured “why not?” 

Below are some of my favorites from the past couple of months. Maybe you knew about them. Maybe you didn’t. You can check out the previous posts I’ve done on podcasts here and here. 

Podcasts July, August, & September 2017

Brute Strength Podcast – Self Awareness, Body Image, and Accountability with Camille Leblanc Bazinet – Episode 103 – July 17, 2017

Brute Strength Podcast – Working Toward Better Movement, Mastering your Craft, and Loving What you Do with Dave Lipson – Episode 107 – Aug 7, 2017

Brute Strength Podcast – The Perfect Nutrition Program with Adee Cazayouz, owner of WAG – Episode 109 – August 21, 2017

Brute Strength Podcast – How to Connect with Others, be Vulnerable, and Overcoming  Fear with Girls Gone WOD – Episode 110 – August 28, 2017

Brute Strength Podcast – Mindset Shifts and Gaining the Edge with CF Games Runner Up Kara Webb – Episode 114 – September 18, 2017

PaleOMG – What to Look For when Starting CrossFit – Episode 48 – August 26, 2017

PaleOMG – How to get Started with Paleo – Episode 45 – July 29, 2017

Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron – Putting Character First – Episode 18 – July 26, 2017

Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron – Katrin Davidsdottir – Episode 18 – August 1, 2017

Pursuing Health – Julie Foucher – Sara Sigmundsdottir on Finding her Happy Place – Episode 63 – July 25, 2017

Pursuing Health – Julie Foucher – Sobriety Through CrossFit, Brian Reap’s Story – Episode 67 – September 5, 2017

Pursuing Health – Julie Foucher – Pat and Taz Barber on CrossFit, Coaching, and Kids – Episode 68 – September 19, 2017

Beyond the Barbell – Brooke Ence Opens up on Hollywood and Neck Surgery – Episode 123

Power Athlete Radio – Episode 225 with Ben Bergeron

Girls Gone WOD – Supplements and Keto with Dr. Anthony Gustin – Episode 215

Girls Gone WOD – Heidi Powell – Episode 216

Girls Gone WOD – Julie Bauer Roth – Episode 218

CrossFit Podcast – Dan Bailey – Episode 17.03