Well good afternoon to you. Or evening by the time you read this. Hopefully you’re having an exceptional week, and a bright and happy Thursday. Rainbows and unicorns, right? But for real, there’s always something to be thankful for. There are a lot of horrible things going on in the world right now. But taking time every single day to acknowledge a few things and/or people to be thankful for, at least helps us see the good in the world. 

I really don’t have anything super intelligent to say today. This morning, I drank some pre workout. I’m not much of a “pre workout kind of girl”, so usually I don’t do this. But today I figured….”It’s Thursday! Why not?!” I drank the majority of it after my workout was done though. “Why?” you ask? I don’t know. But drinking that stuff and having it hit you when you’re done working out, makes you pretty hype, tingle all over, and a little anxious. I also just chased my huge, over ambitious dogs down the street, and carried them back to my front door… if you want to know how my Thursday is going. They’re worth it though. 

Hopefully you like reading these posts about inspiring people. I’m not the best writer out there (duh), so I almost feel like these people don’t get the credit they deserve. BUT if you follow CFEC on instagram, you’ve probably seen a little bit about this guy. But in case you haven’t, I wanted to tell all of you about my friend Eric. 

Eric walked into CFEC April 27th of this past year, so he’s been going strong for 5 months now, which really isn’t a long time if you ask me, considering all of the progress he has made. Eric was so sick with the flu and bronchitis for the first couple of weeks of April that he literally couldn’t get out of bed. It was a wakeup call, for sure. See, Eric has a family – a wife (Nicki) and two kids (Corgan and Adalyn). Eric knew that he needed to make some serious changes in his health – for him and for his family. 

At this time, Eric was pushing 312 pounds. He was a size 42 and wore an XXXL shirt size. Some people would just give up here, but Eric made a decision, MANNED UP,  and took action. He decided to try out CrossFit because he liked how “well rounded the training was.” He liked that he could just show up, and the workout was already programmed out for him. I could be wrong, but I think his kids were also involved in KidFit twice a week at this time. Eric went through foundations (on ramp) with Nick, and started classes at 6 am right after. Eric said his first day of foundations consisted of two minutes on the rower and two sets of 5 reps of air squats to a  24″ box. And with that, he almost threw up. His back was so bad off that he couldn’t do anything more than walk, and leaving the ground aka stepping or jumping (even just barely) would throw it out. Eric’s first class was at 6 am. I was coaching, and I remember feeling TERRIBLE because he left it so much pain, despite doing the bare minimum of walking 50 meters at a time, performing  25 lb barbell presses, and very manageable, upright ring rows. I felt so bad because I assumed he wasn’t going to come back, and as a coach, that is a huge fail. 

But Eric kept coming back. At first, I remember him coming three times a week, which was great for him. All of the coaches at CFEC gave him pep talks to not go super hard/ all in right away. And he listened. Small changes (but still sacrifices) here and there, have led to BIG changes in Eric. 

Three days a week soon became four days a week. And then shortly after that, he was coming to CrossFit 5 days a week. Now, he even tries to make it on Saturdays where the workouts can be a little longer, with more running and burpees. Eric has progressed so much. He met with Nick to talk about food and proper nutrition for HIS goals. Once he was able to get a better grasp on all things food and nutrition, Eric started incorporating supplements into his diet. He’s actually pretty instafamous, because you may or may not remember him being featured on the SFH instagram account several months ago. With Eric slowly progressing on his movements in the gym, he began to notice that the back pain and joint pain he had before CrossFit and weight training was becoming more and more minimal and less noticeable. Hmm…. funny how that works. Eric used to have a hard time with the group warmups at CFEC, but now, he is right there in the middle of everyone else, which is a huge accomplishment since he even comes to the 5:30 pm class consistently, which usually has the most people attending. But he aint scared, or intimidated. Eric is now able to do some of his movements weighted, and the size of his box he squats to has gone down to a lower height. This means his range of motion has improved significantly. 

And guys! It’s only been 5 months! 5 months really isn’t that long, BUT when you do things the right way, not looking for a quick fix, but something that can be maintained for life, BIG changes happen – and not just in the gym. I can only imagine how these changes have affected Eric outside of the gym, with his family, in his business, and in the everyday challenges he faces just being a normal human. 

He is proof that good things happen with a little bit of patience, drive, self discipline (even when it’s really hard), and courage to do something!

I am proud of Eric for a lot of reasons, but three that I will share on here (and make an example of him):

  • Eric could have given up when he realized that CrossFit was waaayyy harder than he thought it was going to be. But he didn’t.
  • Eric’s family, including his two kids have witnessed his transformation. They saw where he was before, and they’ve seen his progress over the past several months. I believe that he is impacting them to live a healthy life. In fact, they are a part of KidFit twice a week at CFEC. Eric’s father, Morris, also comes to CFEC and works out pretty consistently at the 8:30 am class. 
  • I’m proud of Eric for listening to the coaches at CFEC, and not rushing into that “quick fix” I talked about earlier. It’s obvious that he has put all PRIDE aside over the past several months, didn’t compare himself to anyone else, but instead, focused on his own health and his own goals. And for that, he is still here, he’s not burned out, he’s not injured (in fact, he feels better than ever). And he’s not done yet. 

Eric’s favorite thing about CrossFit and CFEC is the people – (the encouragement, family and non-judgemental vibe). He says he looks forward to the social aspect as much as the training. <——THIS is what prevented Eric from giving up when CrossFit got hard.  

Eric said the hardest aspect of CrossFit so far is the one thing everyone warned him about –EGO! He said “Having people lift more than me, or run faster, knowing at one time I was that strong and fit, and let it slip away.”

And last, but not least, 3 fitness goals Eric has include: 

  1. continue to lose weight
  2. get stronger and more flexible 
  3. complete the hero workout “Murph” as prescribed (which means not scaled). 

Eric has an instagram account that I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing with you here.  If you want to be inspired and follow his fitness journey, check him out. If you look today, you’ll see that Eric is down to 262 pounds!!!! Guys, that is somewhere around 50 lbs in 5 months (if I’m doing the math correctly). He is also down to an XXL shirt from a XXXL, and he is down to a 38 pant size from 42. 

Eric is an all around good dude. I’m glad he is a part of CFEC. He inspires me everyday to keep pushing through to meet my goals, even when it looks or feels hopeless. And more importantly than that, Eric pushes me to be a better coach – mostly because of how coachable he is<— (I dunno if that makes sense or not). His positive attitude, work ethic, and humble attitude is contagious. I can’t wait to see the progress he continues to make IN and OUT of the gym.