How’s your week going so far?!? Hopefully you are kicking butt and taking names. Daniel and I did a whole lot of nothing this past weekend. Besides coaching and attempting to workout, we did a lot of sitting and watching football…which is ok with me. I’ve got this bug that I think my body is trying to fight off. Everything makes me winded. Or maybe I’m just out of shape. Either could be a possibility?

Do you have a pumpkin yet? I decorated a little for Fall on Saturday…while the Florida Tennessee game was on…because that game was so boring. Sorry, Daniel. He knows it though. The ending made up for it. As a Georgia fan, I loved that ending since Tennessee beat UGA last minute like that last year. I’m glad Clemson could pull out a tough, close win. Haha…nah just kidding. I fell asleep in the 4th quarter. I’m becoming a grandma.

But for real, guys. Fall is almost here. I’m a little salty about it. Except for the decor, the pumpkins, and the candles. Speaking of PUMPKINS… y’all Trader Joe’s has everything pumpkin right now. Unfortunately 90% of it isn’t the best for your goals, gut, or glory, but for those of you who don’t care about that, you should check it out. I was temped to buy a frozen pumpkin cheesecake yesterday because the sweet sample lady gave me a little, paper sample cup size. One bite, and I was like HOLD UP, WUT’S THIS?!? However, I knew that if I bought it, I would eat it ALL right when I got home, and that wouldn’t help my feeling of being a little out of it, dizzy, and fatigue junky feeling. And also that is why we usually don’t keep desserts in the house. Because I’ll eat it all. And so will Daniel. Oh, and this was embarrassing… A nice, new girl in town (Greenville) named Caroline saw me grab the sample size pumpkin cheesecake, and immediately started asking me about CrossFit. So, here I was… pumpkin pie sample in one hand, telling her all about the CrossFit gyms in Greenville that she should go try out. Pretty normal, right? 

Ok, I’m procrastinating because I really didn’t know what to talk about today. I asked the guys this morning what I should say because I didn’t feel like I had any extra motivation to share. And Shawn said I should talk about the weather…and space docking. Both would be dumb and not so motivational….Although Shawn usually has the most fun ideas. 

So, this afternoon, I was hopping on to an elevator. Or prancing, because that’s usually how I walk. This older countryman/ gentleman was already on said elevator. He did a double take when I pranced on. He didn’t ask how my day was going, or comment on the weather, or even ask me about fitness (which is sometimes people’s go to). But instead, he said, “Whoa. Ma’am You is a big ole woman.”

So. Thank you Mr. Elevator Man, for giving me something to talk about on my blog today. (I’m saying this in my best “Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes” voice). 

First things first. I like talking about these kewl encounters on my instagram story like once every month, or every other month, or so. I don’t do it to get sympathy responses back. In fact, please don’t do that, because it makes things awkward. BUT I post it to my story to make fun of these humans. (I know…I know… I’m not as kind hearted as you thought). 

Ok, now that ^^^ is out of the way… this has a purpose, I promise. 

As much as I get comments like this, (seriously…every time I walk into Ingles on Main Street on the way home, I get something) and as weirdo as they are…Do they bother me? NO. I promise. In fact, I’m a pro at making convos more awkward – even without trying. So, when I do try, it’s pretty epic to watch these convos go down. And I appreciate that I have an outlet to share about it with all of you. Ya know, maybe make someone laugh?

Because in all reality…people’s opinions about how you look shouldn’t matter. In fact, others’ opinions about anything personal relating to you shouldn’t matter.

BUT, for this post’s sake.. let’s just talk about appearance. 

What if we could get to a place where we just don’t care? ONLY BECAUSE WE ARE CONFIDENT IN OUR APPEARANCE (our muscles, our curves, our hair, our smile, our legs, our arms, our butt, our boobs, our lack of any of the above, etc. etc. etc. etc.). 

This confidence isn’t something that just comes overnight. Believe me. And it’s not something that you just possess all the time. There are too many times to count that I get insecure about something…I’m a woman, yo. 

BUT at the same time… it’s something that you work for. It’s a mindset. And it comes from knowing that you’re just doing the best you can with what you’ve been given. Shouldn’t that be enough? Because news flash… the way you look right now isn’t always going to be the way you look. <<My older than me friends reading this will attest to thsat> So, it’s dangerous to base your feelings on the way you look currently. Because you’re not going to always have the muscles you have, or the legs you have, or the skinny arms you have, or the boobs you have, or even the butt you have. Sad. I know. BUT it’s reality.

So, do your best with what you have now, build good habits, and continue to live that out – even when you’re 80. Because hopefully when you’re 80, you’ll still be taking care of yourself and doing the best you can with what you’ve been given. 

Knowing that you’re doing your best to be healthy should be enough. No negative opinion and/or comment should matter. And while we’re at it, no positive affirmation should be held too tightly as well. 

Because for every comment I get that could be taken the wrong way, I’m getting a positive/flattering comment about the way I look. And those are always really sweet to hear, aren’t they? And those are the comments that I like to remember. BUT, if I focus on them for too long, my identity can get wrapped up in my appearance instead of who I am as a person. 

Neither end of the spectrum should change the way we view ourselves. Because positive and negative comments are going to come and go. But you’ll always be you 🙂

Sorry, I’m all over the place today. I really am. Did any of that even make sense? <—- I need to stop that phrase. I ask my classes at the gym that question every single dang time I go over the workout, and I hate it. Sorry. 

OK SO….Moral of THIS story:

  • Don’t rely on the inappropriate opinions and/or comments of others to shape your identity. You’re worth more than that. And let’s face it.. people are weirdos.
  • Don’t rely on the positive affirmation of other’s – or nice, sweet comments from others – about the way you look shape your identity. Unfortunately, one day you won’t look as hott as you look now, and if you’re searching for those same comments and compliments, you’re screwed. <—-Sorry, I’m so morbid today. 
  • Get that mind right by doing your best every day to make yourself healthy all the way around (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally) and you’ll for sure hear people’s comments, but they won’t define you, break you, or raise you up with pride… because you’re grounded in YOUR identity, which isn’t given to you by any person, FYI.

You do you. Ok?????

Have a great week! Thanks for reading my blog and putting up with my crazy self.