Well, Happy Monday to you. I hope your week is already off to a fabulous start. It’s Test Week at CFEC this week, and word on the street is that we are doing CrossFit Benchmark workouts all week, and that’s pretty cool if you ask me. And you didn’t, but I still told you. So, today we did Linda. Linda wouldn’t be so bad if you weighed 115 lb and you were strong. But when you weigh a good bit more than that (aka me), those bench presses get heavy after awhile. 

OMG please tell me you watched the CrossFit Games this weekend. Or at least the finals. Andif you did, did you almost cry a little? No? Ok, me neither. We missed the majority of the first couple of days, and some of Saturday. BUT those Sunday workouts were so much fun to watch. That interval workout they did with the rope climbs, ski erg, and overhead squats was probably my favorite. I think I’m the only one who feels that way, but I just love/hate intervals, so that was cool to have that in there. But the FINALS! – Or at least the girls’ final – was so great. And I’m so glad Tia Toomey won. I mean, she’s no dottir, but the girl has worked her butt off the past couple of years, and FINALLY started believing in herself, gained some confidence, and she just SHINED. And she did it all with CLASS. I say all this like I know her or something. Unfortunately, I don’t. But I have all the respect. If you didn’t see the announcement of her finding out she won, just watch the end of this… like around 3:50. 

On Saturday, CrossFit Clemson had their first ever Tigertown Throwdown, and 2 teams from CFEC were there. Chris and Nate both haven’t been doing CrossFit for that long, but they WON the guys scaled. They’re really strong, and it was their first competition, but I can’t wait to watch them compete more in the future.

Also, Terri and Kaelyn competed in the girls scaled, and I loved watching them because they surprised themselves by how great they did. Besides doing “DT” about a month ago, this was their first competition, and they were terrified to do it. They second guessed themselves at first, BUTTTTT they practiced and worked on the movements, signed up, and did way better than they thought they could. They proved to themselves they could do it, and they got better in the process by practicing.

Terri said it best in the caption on the right in this insta post:

There are some local competitions coming up this fall, so if you’ve never done one, and you keep thinking about it, you need to jump on it! For real. Local comps have divisions for all levels. They’re so much fun. Some are with a partner, and some are solo.

I want to give a special shoutout to my friend Rachel. I get to train Rachel twice a week, and I help her come up with workouts to do at her house. She comes to the gym on Saturdays when she’s not working. She has two sons. When we met up and went over goals for the first time, she told me that she wanted to do a competition in the late fall. Well, she couldn’t wait that long, i guess, because she just signed up for her first competition, and it’s in less than 3 weeks!! She’s pretty determined, and I’m so proud of her for being brave enough to do one, and because she’s made that commitment, she’s been working hard to get ready for it. Anyway, you’ll hear more about that several weeks from now. 

We are also about to be on week 2 of 4 of the In House competition. I think there are over 100 people from the gym doing it – with Friday Night Lights and all that jazzzzzz. I’m sad I missed the first week of FN:, but I can’t wait to be there for the rest of them. 

Also, I think Jackie and I are going to do the Greenville Games at CF Reaction sometime in October. We’re just slow at signing up. That’s a good one if you’re looking for a close by one to do with a partner. And I’m going to do the CrossFit Team Series with Colin if he’s still down for that. If Lindsey says he is, then he is. And I think there is one in Asheville people keep talking about in October that some of us are going to do. Or I think we are. I dunno. OH, AND I LEAVE ONE MONTH FROM TODAY TO GO TO MINNESOTA FOR THE GRANITE GAMES. I can’t freaking wait. I’ve never been to Minnesota. It looks pretty. There will be some really great people there too, so I’m not taking that for granted. 

Annnnddddd soooo with that… I’ve been trying to get over the whole 5 days of debauchery out of the country that my sweet, kind, fun husband took me on last week. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity in my short little lifetime to go to several different countries- none on the other side of the world or anything, but Mexico, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean area. All of those were either mission trips or vacations. But there’s nothing like getting to meet people from other places. People who don’t look like me or talk like me. There’s a big world out there. One of my favorite things about traveling (besides the food) is getting to meet people from other places. But….. like I said last week, we like to party a little bit on vacation. Thankfully we still eat pretty good. The food is fresh there – or what we eat is. I do love some pizza there though, and the ice cream couldn’t be passed up. And we also took advantage of the drink options. Y’all. Tom Collins – with some lime juice and sparkling water. That’s my new favorite. Also, drinking out of coconuts is pretty great, but I do need to put a disclaimer out there that it wasn’t just straight up coconut water. If you’ve been to the Excellence, you know all about the Coco Locos. 

We walked around a lot because the beach was beautiful, with the prettiest palm trees everywhere. And we did at least something for a workout every day. I’m throwing all of those at you at the bottom of this post, as well as how long it took us to do them. Like I said last week. They’re not impressive, but I just want to show that you can still stay active on vacation, if you choose to do so 🙂 And nothing kept us occupied for more than 35-40 minutes. While we did move around a lot and tried to do some sort of fitness, I kinda forgot to stretch the whole time I was there. And we did a lot of sitting. And if you know me, you know I’m a stretcher. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but believe it or not, I’m always trying to stretch when I can, and a lacrosse ball in my hip, or somewhere on my IT band is where it’s at. So, coming back to the gym and doing that workout for the In House competition was weird. But after this weekend, I’m starting to feel a little better. 

 Us with our wannabe pet monkey, Obama. 

Us with our wannabe pet monkey, Obama. 

 Me and Daniell (not Daniel)

Me and Daniell (not Daniel)



Monday: (total time 30 min)

2K Row Warmup


Every 30 sec for 7 min (14 – 30 sec intervals): 8 dumbbell thrusters 30 lb


21-15-9 ring rows + push ups

Tuesday: (total time 40 min) 

1K Row warmup + 800 m run on treadmill


Every 30 sec for 7 min (14 – 30 sec intervals): 8 kettlebell swings – 35#


SWIM 500 ish meters

Wednesday: (total time 30 min) 

Run 2 miles


Swim 500 ish meters

Thursday: (total time 35 min)

Run 1 mile + 5 rounds 20′ HS walk + Run .5 mile

Then: Swim 600-650 ish meters



cal on rower

kettlebell deadlifts (35 lb)


3×10 strict handstand pushups