Good morning! I figured I’d get some motivation out there before the ECLIPSE shows up and takes over everyone’s afternoon, conversation, and instagram – and rightfully so. It’s going to be a BIG DEAL. That’s what they say. Since Daniel is smart, he gave me a detailed  presentation on the sun, the moon, and the earth. It was helpful, so I asked if I could record him showing his rotations for all of you. He said no. So, if you don’t know 100% know what an eclipse is, hopefully you can find someone to help ya out. 

But the eclipse is no reason to ditch your workout. You can still be fit today anddd watch the eclipse..unless you usually workout at the noon class at CFEC, because we are shutting the gym DOWN for that class. 

Last week I talked a little about social media- basically to not believe everything you see or hear. Example…the picture on instagram for this post is me doing a box jump over. I kinda like it because I guess I look somewhat athletic. I’m rebounding off the ground, and jumping back onto the box. I look like I’ve got major hops (Thanks for that Kevin). But if you were there, you would know that I struggled through that. Not because of the heavy thrusters that were also in this workout, or because I was out of breath. But because I couldn’t jump. That picture just caught me in a good moment, I suppose. I have a hard time with box jump overs. I’ve already said that a lot on here though, so I’ll spare you from hearing it again. 

This post today is somewhat of a spinoff from last week. And with that, I wanted to give you a friendly reminder – if you will –  Don’t get caught up in that comparison trap – in fitness, or any other aspect of your life for that matter. 

Keep your eyes on your goals, your plan, your results, and your progress – not anyone else’s. Because that is what makes you, YOU. 

A couple of weekends ago, I was watching the CrossFit Games…I want to say it was that Heavy 17.5 they did with the thrusters and double unders. The announcers were on repeat, and they kept saying ovvvvveerrrrr and ovvverrrr again that it was crucial for each athlete to not get caught up in what everyone else was doing around them, but instead, to focus on what their plan was….and to stick with that. They kept saying over and over and over again to “Stay in your lane,” and that phrase is now on repeat in my head. 

I know this is something that I battle with from time to time – and not just in the whole fitness/CrossFit thing. I’m not Type A, but I am Type A…Does that make sense? Not really. Didn’t think so. Well, I’m not Type A in that I like to think that despite some anxiety from time to time, I’m a pretty chill/laid back person. I’m a procrastinator, and that has gotten me in trouble in the past. I’m bad about just assuming things will work out for themselves in their own time – without putting the time/effort/brain power into it. BUT on the other hand, when it comes to trying to be the best at something, like working out/competing/etc, I get a little obsessive – almost to the point where I overthink everything, I panic when I see other people pick up on things faster than me. I set goals, and when I don’t see the process panning out the way I imagined, I get frustrated. 

You may agree or disagree with this, but I believe that we all have limitations in life. No one is perfect. But…

Everybody’s got “something.” You do, and I do – something that we may have to work a little harder at than others to overcome…a thorn in the flesh, if you will. My “something” is going to look different than your “something” or his “something,” or her “something.” But the “something” is what makes the journey worthwhile. Because whatever you’re aiming for…it’s not supposed to be easy. And you wouldn’t want it to be. That would be boring. 

This doesn’t just go for fitness either. Maybe you have a learning disability, and school was tough for you. You had to work harder than everyone else just to pass. Maybe you feel like the dumbest person in the room at your job. Maybe you feel like a terrible spouse or parent compared to the people around you. Looking outside of “your lane” to how good others have it isn’t going to help you out in the long run. 

So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself because of some sort of perceived limitation or imperfection, or instead of blaming that imperfection on someone else, or some other outside of your control circumstance, RISE UP. Embrace what doesn’t come as easy for you. It’s your story. Work a little harder, and celebrate when you do start to see breakthroughs. Because as you hustle, persevere, and don’t give up, you will get better. But you have to trust the process.