Well, Heyyyyy ya. How’s it going? Hopefully your Monday has started off with a bang, and you’re feeling inspired. I just checked Instagram for the day, and it was full of workout pics and inspirational quotes, so it looks like everyone is already pretty motivated. So, maybe you don’t need any motivation. 

If you’re feeling a little salty, or unmotivated on this beautiful SUMMER Monday, then hopefully you are in somewhat of a better mood now that you saw the Instagram pic to this post, featuring my friends Sebastian and Rohit. They were so excited to be at the gym today and get their workout in. After a game of Spikeball, of course, for Sebastian. Not for Rohit. Or myself for that matter. I’m trying to be a professional. Also, I pretty much have to beg people to take pics for my blog because believe it or not, I don’t like posting pics of myself from photo shoots or competitions from a long time ago. And I just haven’t had many to post lately. Sad. So, thank you if I’ve ever had you be in a pic for my blog. I know it’s soooooooooooo annoyinggggggg.

Next on the agenda.. I know you don’t come here for politics, or current events, or negativity – so I try to spare you of that. But I just wanted to throw out there today to love the people around you. Sure, we are all different, and some of us get on each other’s nerves, and we don’t like “hanging out on the weekend” with certain people we see during the week. But here is your reminder to love people who are different than you. I’m only saying it because I need that reminder every now and then, and I’m thankful for those times where God whacks me upside the head (just kidding, it’s usually just a little nudge) and reminds me to love people – no matter what. 

Ok, moving on to subject matters likeeeee…..social media. Good ole social media. One minute it’s making us laugh, or smile, or be inspired. And the next minute we are somehow comparing ourselves to others, or feeling offended, or feeling pretty bad about ourselves. 

Yesterday this popped up on my instagram. 

Hopefully you can read the caption. If not, go to instagram and see it foryourself.  For those of you who have been doing CrossFit for awhile, you probably know who Miranda Oldroyd is. If not, google her. She’s been around since before I had even heard the word CrossFit.

First of all, she is a total bad@$$, and I’ve loved following her throughout my CrossFit journey. So, if you want someone cool to follow, she’s a good one. She had a sweet, healthy, good looking baby named Knox just shy of two weeks ago, and she was pretty open and honest about her transformation throughout the entire pregnancy (which I love), and she’s continued to be transparent about how her body has adjusted after Knox’s birth. 

In this post, she put 3 mirror pics, side by side to show her 12 days postpartum progress. They were taken right after each other, but she looks totally different in all 3. WEIRD how that happened, right??

 I just wanted to highlight what she said in this post because I 100% agree, and it’s not only good for new moms to hear, but for everyone to hear. 

First of all, most of what you see on Instagram isn’t 100% real. It’s exaggerated, distorted, or simply someone’s highlight reel. 

Second of all, comparing yourself to people you don’t know based solely off of instagram (or other social media outlets) is not going to work out too well for you in the long run. 

There’s a lot more going on behind a pic than what you can actually see. And Miranda’s post is a great example of that. 

Before I go any further, I love inspiring posts. I mean, I can inspire myself. I don’t need your pictures to do that for me. BUT I love seeing my friends succeed at whatever it is they are doing, and I too post videos/pics of myself or my friends to show a story, or hopefully be inspiring to someone. The LAST THING I am doing is bashing anyone for posting any sort of transformation pic or progress pic on social media. In fact, if I see that, I’m going to love it, and I’m going to celebrate right along side you. For example, one of my friends posted one last week about how changing up her eating has led to her putting an end to obsessing about being super lean and/or skinny, and that she is happier now than ever. And because I actually know this girl, the post pretty much made my freaking day. I’m going to celebrate people’s progress all day. And I know that I too have thrown out progress pics on my blog before when trying to prove a point or share a story.

But with that said… back to the comparison thing…

Next time you see someone else’s “progress pic(s)” – or selfie –  or picture of them lifting a barbell looking all strong and stuff – or them with their beautiful, perfect family of 4 in the middle of a wildflower field  – remember that those posts are most likely done with good intentions, and in most cases, should be celebrated, or “liked” or complimented, etc. Assume the best, right?

However, when you find yourself comparing yourself to that person, or beating yourself up, or even the other end of the spectrum…feeling full of pride about your own accomplishments compared to their’s (especially when you don’t even know the person), you’re falling into a deep, dark TRAP. 

Ya heard?!? 

Because it’s not for you to judge someone for what they post. If you constantly feel bad about yourself, or angry, or even just a little salty at something you see on social media, sometimes the best thing to do is unfollow said person. Maybe you have some issues in your own heart and mind that you need to work out, not the person posting the pic(s). Believe me, I’ve been there, and I’ve had to unfollow people. It’s actually pretty freeing. And I’m sure people have unfollowed me. And that’s ok too. 

So, with all that, remember to spread love, not hate. Build other people up…even when you may not want to. <—-I believe this too is a form of discipline that gets overlooked sometimes. 

And remember that post you see on instagram that got you feeling like crap about yourself, you’re better than that. Stop comparing. Your life is pretty great, so take advantage of it – off of social media.