How’s your Sunday going so far? Today was one of those mornings where I could have stayed in bed alllllllllll morning – or at least until 10 am. That happens to me like once every 3 months or so. Ya know, usually I’m the weird, annoying morning girl that can’t wait to wake up. So….today… I got up, I had 3 cups of coffee, and I’m glad I did, because I’ve been so productive, and it isn’t even 9:00 yet.

A good bit of people – as in like, 5 – have messaged me about this Kill Cliff Recovery Shake I’ve been making lately. And truth is, I thought I posted it awhile back, but turns out I didn’t. Shows how much I know. It’s not so much of a recipe, but more like a life hack…a life hack that you may already know about.

And if you are one of those people who looks forward to their recovery shakes, like me, just imagine what that shake would taste like with some Kill Cliff blended with it? All frothy and everything. And recovery shakes + Kill Cliff make everything better. I’ve been taking SFH since last October. Before that, I took Progenex, which was great too. I originally switched to SFH because their “Pure” was a little bit cheaper than Progenex “More Muscle,” and the gym I workout at started carrying SFH. Then, awhile ago, this cool girl from Atlanta named Lauren showed up at CFEC, and told Colin that we should start selling Kill Cliff, and since then, everyone has been a lot better off. 

Back to this life hack. You can get all of the main ingredients (all 2 of them) at CFEC. Hopefully you can find both at your gym too. If not, you have options. You can get both SFH and Kill Cliff at Whole Foods now. I haven’t seen the Kill Cliff with my own two eyes at WF, but word on the street is that it is in fact at the one in Greenville. And if that still isn’t good enough for you, then PTL for Amazon Prime. 

Recovery shakes are major key when you’re working out hard in the gym – especially during these summer months in the south when you’re sweating out everything in ya. They work best when you drink them within 30 minutes of working out, so yeah, if you’re making this with your recovery shake, blend it as soon as you get home. Shakes help your muscles better recover so you can hit it hard in the gym the next day. A year and a half ago, I wasn’t taking any protein supplements – at all! But I’ve seen how helpful both a recovery shake, as well as a basic protein shake has been. For that, I take SFH Pure. I like churro because it’s pretty much equivalent to drinking cinnamon sticks, except those would not be beneficial to you at all. I also like vanilla because it tastes and smells like birthday cake. I really am a fat kid at heart. 

Kill Cliff is great for recovery too. BUT, I really just drink it every now and then because it tastes good. I never really carry cash, so if I happen to have a spare $3or $5 (2/$5) I’m probably going to spend it on KC at the gym before anything else.

Hope you enjoy this!

Kill Cliff SFH Recovery Shake


Serves 1-2 (depends on if you want to share your protein and/or KC)

Prep time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 3 minutes


  • 1 scoop recovery vanilla protein powder (I use SFH – Recovery vanilla, but use what you got). 

  • 3/4 can Kill Cliff (Blood Orange/formerly Tasty is my favorite, and Lemon Lime/ formerly Free Fall is a close second. But you can’t go wrong with any of them). 

  • Ice cubes


  • In a nutribullet (use big cup) or good, sturdy blender, fill with 1 cup of ice.

  • Add 3/4 can Kill Cliff of your choice. If you can fit the whole can in whatever cup you’re using, then more power to you. I tried that once though, and it exploded and overflowed. So, basically a waste, and I had a mess to clean up. If I were you, just save the last quarter of KC for later.

  • Add 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder.

  • Blend it up, and divide into however many cups you need. It froths up big time, sooooo you may need two cups. And a friend. 

  • Drink it up. Look cool. Feel cool. It tastes best in a chilled beer mug.