What’s up?!? And happy Monday to you. I hope you don’t get tired of me always being so peppy about Mondays in these little blog posts. I promise I’m not trying to be rainbows and unicorns. I mean what I say. If I didn’t mean it, I would probably say it anyway, but then admit to being all fluffy with you. A good attitude on Monday will help you have a better week. Sometimes things happen that throw us off, but you just have to remember that life is all about how you react to it.

So, when you spill scalding hot coffee that you just paid for down your leg, and on your yellow shoes, you just have to do what Taylor says, and “shake it off.” Cuz the players gonna play, and the haters gonna hate. And when you learn how to “shake it off,” (the small stuff, that is) and focus on the great things in your life, you’ll be a much happier person, and more fun to be around. 

Today I learned that sometime at the end of August, there is going to be a solar eclipse. I still don’t even know what that fully is, but I hear it’s going to be pretty cool. I won’t tell you all I learned about it today, because I’m still unsure if it’s true or not. But you should mark your calendar – August 21st, to be exact. Who knows what will happen???

Also, ONE WEEK from today I’ll be in the Dominican Republic with Daniel – somewhere on a beach, probably with a brick oven pizza. I can’t wait to be on vacation, buttttt I’ve learned over the years that vacation doesn’t have to totally ruin any progress that I’ve made in the gym – even if we are going to an all inclusive resort. That doesn’t mean we won’t “live it up” – because we do (or at least to our standards of “live it up”). But total debauchery CAN be avoided. So, maybe I’ll write about that soon. Who knows?

That’s all I have as far as news goes. 

Let’s talk about THE Independence Games this past weekend. Because maybe that will motivate you. 

It was my third year doing this comp with Colin in the M/F Rx division, and every year gets harder and harder, and the competition keeps getting better and better. It’s in the good ole City of Florence, SC, and the guys that put it on are great. This year there were over 3 handfuls of guys and girls who competed at Regionals this past year – and several people who have been to the CrossFit Games at least once. But what I love most about it, is that right next to them, there are local people – as in from somewhat of this area – competing for the first time. Obviously there are different divisions, with scaled movements and lower weights, but this is the only competition that I know of where anyone can compete (as in your don’t have to qualify), yet there are all levels there, and even kids, all going for it. I mean, there’s Wodapalooza and Granite Games, and all those, but it’s just so cool that IG is so local, yet it has attracted some athletes that a lot of people look up to, or are very inspired by. 

But, as always… the best part about competitions isn’t about the workouts. It really is about the people you get to meet or catch up with. I always like meeting new people, or seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile.

A couple of those people in particular was my friend Alecia, and her husband Matt. Matt is the owner and coaches most of the classes at CrossFit Sacred Pine in the Charleston area. He was at IG judging both days, and he brought a crew from his gym to come along and judge as well. I got to catch up with Alecia on Sunday. She is literally THE sweetest, happiest person you will ever meet. And I love how their gym is growing, with mostly people who had previously never done CrossFit before. Matt and Alecia really care about people, so talking to them – especially about CrossFit and cool stories about people at their gym always makes my day. 

I also always love seeing the girls from CrossFit Crash – mostly because they are cool, strong, pretty, and they can rock those BP Kill Cliff outfits.

CFEC was rollin’ deep.  3 guys competed as an individual on Saturday, while everyone else teamed up (teams of 2) and competed yesterday (Sunday).

I wish I had a lot of pictures to show you, but turns out I don’t have too many. This is for three reasons:

  1. On Sunday, I barely saw anyone from CFEC compete because I’m pretty sure we all were working out at the same time(s) for the most part. 
  2. Josh Wilson was supposed to take pics of everyone, but he was too busy eating corndogs and trying to catch free samples of protein. 
  3. I forgot what my third reason was supposed to be. But I’m just going to keep typing.

And here’s the part of the blog where I say really nice things about my friends who competed, so if you don’t want to hear that/don’t care/have better things to do, you can stop reading. But this is all I’ve got for this #MotivationMonday. 

On Saturday… shoutout to Rohit, Jon, and David for all competing in their first individual competition. 

Rohit is young – like just turned 19 young. I’ve loved working out with him this past summer while he has been on summer break from that college life, and it’s been fun to see him get better and better. He is great at moving a barbell, and I know that as he keeps getting more confident and putting the work in, he will continue to get fitter and faster. But for now, here is what we are working with. 


Jon decided he was competing Wednesday night while he was eating Mexican food with his wife, Molly. Someone backed out, so a spot opened up, and he jumped right on it, practiced the workouts Thursday and a little Friday, and went for it. John sometimes gets pretty frustrated at double unders, BUT he got 75 unbroken – which is the most he has ever done UB. He drove up early Saturday morning, with barely any sleep, fought hard, and didn’t cuss too much. 

David competed in the stacked Rx division, which is actually really impressive because he is a year short( I think) of being a Master’s athlete. He held his own against the toughest division of the competition, got a few muscle ups, and also did 75 double unders unbroken. I have respect for David because even when he messed up, or missed a rep, he smiled, shook it off, and didn’t let it get to him. 

On Sunday, the teams went, and we had teams in almost every division. I think I said this already, but I didn’t get to watch everyone go since I feel like we were all working out at the same time, BUUTTTTTTTT here is what I do know:

Emma and Grayson were both pretty much gone all summer. Grayson was on staff with a camp, so she wasn’t in the gym at all, and Emma has been traveling the world – or at least Haiti and a couple other trips. They haven’t seen each other at all, yet they were like “we should do this competition together.” And that is really cool. They both drove down early Sunday morning, so they are the real MVP’s. Emma just turned 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) like 2 months ago, and Grayson is going to be a junior in college. They are both so strong. Emma PR’d her snatch, which I knew she would.

Molly and Tati used to play soccer together so they figured they would team up for IG. They’re both really strong and good at box jump overs and snatches (even though Molly doesn’t think she is). They are both natural athletes, so they were a great team and worked really well together. <—–I’m totally assuming this because truth is, all of their workouts were at the exact same time our’s were, so I didn’t see them workout at all. 

Lindsey and Jenna win for coolest name – “Oh My WOD Becky, Look at their Mom Squats” This was Jenna’s first competition since having TWO kids- one like practically 6 months ago. And obviously Linds is starting to like competing again because she’s now done two in the past 6 weeks, but hasn’t done one in awhile before that. They are both really strong mamas, and I hope to be like them one day when we have a baby. Lindsey snatched more than a lot of the Rx girls, and Jenna just recently started working out again, yet you would never know it. 

Laura and Ali – This was Laura’s first competition ever, and her and Ali made a great team. I’m so proud of her for competing, because I know she was reallyyyyy nervous. Ali was a great partner and helped keep Laura calm, so now she’s going to compete again soon. Ali also PR’d his nap time in the stands. I’m going to miss him and Tati being in the gym everyday. I think they will miss us and come back. 

Daniel got Nick to come out of retirement from Independence Games two years ago. They competed against some really great guys, and held their own. Nick almost PR’d his snatch and fought for some feet handstand walking in the last 10 seconds of one workout. He didn’t even hesitate. He just went for it. Daniel pushed through, despite not feeling super great. He definitely was the best looking guy out there, therefore, he made the Independence Games instagram. 

Jackie and Trey – It’s always an honor to compete with my friends – especially in the same heat- but I would much rather be on the same team as them, than compete against them. Jackie is one of most encouraging people you will ever meet, and she’s also a pro at handstand walking. So, in the first workout when I saw them finish their clean and jerks and start their handstand walks while we were still trying to get our first 15 feet, I knew it wasn’t looking good for us. Haha. I loved warming up with Jackie though, so I kinda still felt like we were on the same team. Jackie also snatched 175 lb (I think) which is major goalz for me. 

I also want to give a special shoutout to Kelly Mullane for being nice enough to braid my hair and cheer for everyone. And also, to Josh Wilson for catching the most flying bags of protein out of anyone in the arena – even the kids.

As always, I love competing with Colin. If you know him, you know he’s pretty good. I jus do what he say, and jus go where he say go. I told our judge we were going to run out of weight in the 1 Rep Max snatch, but I assured her it was because of him, not me. And we did run out of weight -because of him, not me. Who would have ever thought I would be on a team to get second in a workout than involved a one rep max snatch? Haha. We had some good moments, and some not so good moments (we still aren’t very good at walking on our hands, and I’m pretty terrible at jumping with two feet, which makes those soft boxes hard to not tip over when jumping on and over them 🙂 – Not everything goes your way when you compete, and sometimes your body just doesn’t do what you want it to do. But you have to “shake it off” and keep on going, KYS on the last workout, and you may just surprise yourself with how it all turns out. We got second, right under a team with a girl from Miami that I have a lot of respect for. Competitions – no matter where they are, or how big they are – always show me where I can be better.

Are you still listening? Probably not. But if you are, then thanks for reading all about my friends and how good they did this past weekend. Hopefully you were more inspired than bored. I promise I’ll be more motivational later. 

Have a great weeeeekkkK!