Hellllllloooooooo. I hope your week is just fabulous. Guys (and girls too) don’t forget to take advantage of these summer days while we have them. People keep complaining about how hot it is, and I’m like over here with my hands held up high, praising Jesus because sunshine + hot weather = vitamin D = Happy Alison.

Today I’m going to continue the trend in talking about cool, inspiring people on my blog. Because you’d probably rather hear about them than anything I have to say today. Believe me. 

My friend Lindsey is someone you should know about. If you’re one of the small handful of people who read my blog regularly, you’ve heard me mention her a good bit over the past year.

Lindsey is BAUCE. I urban dictionary’d that word to make sure I was on the same page with what it actually means, and I’m good(I knew I would be).

According to UD, I give you “BAUCE” Pay attention to the hashtags at the bottom. That is Lindsey. Besides pimp.

If you want something done (and done well) she’s your woman. If you need a confidence boost, she can help talk your head back on right. If you need an honest/not sugarcoated opinion, she’s your girl. Truth is, sometimes the truth stings a little bit, but in all reality, we all need a friend who isn’t scared to shoot you strait. And she aint sccccuurrred. For example…if you think maybe you should go down a size in lulu speed shorts, but you’re scared to wear them to the gym for fear they actually may be too small, and you need a friend’s honest opinion…. Lindsey is your girl. And last, but not least…Lindsey is tough. Like really tough.

But all of ^^^^that^^^^ is not what I’m going to write about today. 

Like I say every week. The purpose of these posts isn’t to blow smoke up people’s butts (weird, but I think that’s how you say it?) or make them like me more, or to say nice things about them just because.

We can learn a thing or two from people in our lives. And Lindsey is one of the most selfless and supportive people I’ve ever met. I’ve been directly blessed by that, and if you’re close to the Leonards, chances are, you’ve been too. 

For example, last year I made it to this HUGE CrossFit competition and didn’t know WTH I was doing AT ALL to prepare for it. Lindsey researched EVERYTHING, reached out to people, and even convinced people to come alongside me and support me through the whole process. From order tshirts, to convincing local businesses to $$$ help me, to convincing Colin to coach me and put up with me – I’ll never forget that. And that’s just one example of how Lindsey has supported me, personally.

I get to see and talk to a lot of great people every single day – which is one of the main reasons I love being a coach at CFEC (all kinds of crazy and fun people that make up that community). I learn a lot from different kinds of people. I’m also trying to spend time with people that rub off their good qualities on me (I need all the help I can get). And hearing Lindsey cheer for, be supportive of, and want the best for other people – even above herself- makes me want to at least try a little harder to truly be the same way for the people I love and care about, as well as the people I get to see and talk to daily.

If you get a PR in the gym, she’s going to be your number one fan. If you’re in a competition, she’s going to make sure everyone at the gym knows about it so we can support you. If you get a picture posted of you on instagram or facebook, she’s going to tag you to make sure you know about it. 

But more importantly, if something great happens outside of the gym – like you get a promotion at work or something, or you get preggers, or you get a new boyfriend, or a puppy, or you get into college, or you do something cool for the first time, she’s going to be your biggest fan. (I’m not necessarily talking about myself in any of the above examples…just throwing that out there). 

And truth is… we could all be a little more aware of others around us — taking the focus off of ourselves, and on to other people. We could all be a little more supportive of other people’s successes and accomplishments – both in the gym, and more importantly, outside of the gym. 

Philippians 2:3-5 says, “Don’t be selfish, don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others too. You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.”

I threw that in here because Linds loves bible references 🙂 But for real, guys. This is what I’m talking about today, so it seemed appropriate, because that scripture is something Lindsey does – even if she doesn’t always know it. One of my fav chapters in the bible is Philippians 2 – partly because of those three verses right there. Daniel and I even had it read it at our wedding a long time ago (we skipped out of the traditional 1 Corinthians 13, or the Ephesians 5). I’m far from it, but I do try to live out (on my good days) what Paul is saying in those verses I referenced. AND I believe that sometimes God puts people in front of me as an example to remind me to be more aware of other people, and quit being stuck up my own buttttttt.

So, shoutout to Linds for caring.

Moving on to all things CrossFit. Lindsey and her husband Colin (who I coach with and talk about a lot on here) were doing CrossFit way before Daniel and I started. In fact, Colin helped do some of my 15 person huge foundations class, and I remember Lindsey being there, and I was like “WHO is this chick that just hangs out at the gym every single night?” I thought she just didn’t have a home. But turns out she is married to Colin, and was probably just waiting on him to be done coaching so they could get Chipotle (what’s new?) But Lindsey started doing CrossFit at CFEC shortly after Colin joined, because he loved it so much – which was 5 years ago, and way before they made a baby (Emerson, age 2 and a half). 

Lindsey said her favorite thing about CrossFit is that it is for everyone! – People of all skill levels and walks of life can come into CFEC and do the same workout. There is a modification for everything. Linds is a talker, so she likes the social aspect of CrossFit too because it allows her to get in a great workout, while still spending time with her close friends – like all of the girls she lifts with/partners up with at the 5:30 class. However, nobody can keep up with Lindsey on bench press. Even some guys. 

Before starting CFEC, Lindsey and Colin didn’t know a whole lot of people in Anderson – probably because they lived in Liberty. No, I’m JKing. It was because Lindsey moved here after college in Indiana, and all of Colin’s friends graduated and moved away.  But people at CFEC are now like family to them. Being there has allowed Colin to start a career he loves and was made for. It has also given them the opportunity to raise Emerson around some of the best people/role models there are. <—–Not that I contribute to that with my cuss words and all. But Linds is right about the positive (most of the time) people surrounding the younger kids growing up at CFEC. It’s hard to explain, and this post is already too long, but I selfishly hope when Daniel and I have kids one of these days, they can grow up in the gym. They won’t be sheltered that way, that’s for sure.

Lindsey is competing this Sunday at The Independence Games in Florence. South Carolina, that is. After not competing for the past couple of years, this will be her second competition in the past 6 weeks. I can’t wait to watch her (and all of my other friends) kill it.