Good day to ya. I just said that in my head with a British accent….just how my English lad friend Jon would say it. I hope you had a great weekend. We went pretty hard this weekend (for us at least…which isn’t really too intense for most people). I’ve been trying to swim more, but man does swimming make you tired, and want to eat evvverrrrrything. Every time I swim for serious (as in all 3 times over the past week) I feel like I’m so out of it the rest of the day. I just want to sleep and eat. And repeat. I dunno how swimmers do it. I just sink. And panic. But I’m getting better. Facing fears, ya know. 

Yesterday we went tubing down the French Broad in the Asheville area. It was SO MUCH FUN. Like I wouldn’t mind going every weekend. As much as I love the relaxation, and the sun, and the scenery, and being on the water….I really loved it because of the people. A group from the gym (mostly people that workout in the afternoon) had been talking about going for the past 2 weeks or so, and that open invite turned into 20 great people that went. And we just laughed WITH each other (not at each other) and ourselves the whole time. And when you have 20 people + 5 cooler tubes, you TIE THOSE TUBES TOGETHER (not in the kind of way you’re thinking), and you literally just take over the river (or pretend to). It was so fun that we did it twice. Shoutout to Zen Tubing for only making us pay $5 for our second time around. I would love to go back again soon, and see if we can get even more people to go this time. So, if you want to go, and if you like to have a good time, and you’re over the age of 4( sorry, their rules…) you should come next time. Maybe we can break a record for number of friends in the French Broad at one time. I’m sure someone in Asheville would have us beat though. 

Indeed, tt was a great rest day.

So, let’s talk about rest days. Because I’ve learned some things, I’ve taken some advice over the past couple of years, and I see these days a lot differently now than I used to. But it’s taken me awhile, and I can’t say that I’ve mastered resting, or that I have the best attitude about it. Honestly, it’s a struggle of mine. But baby steps, right?

Because here’s the thing. I freaking love to workout. If you know me, you know it’s harder for me to not workout than it is for me to workout. There are several reasons for this, including (not in order):

  1. I want to look like I workout. LGN plan. Not be fluffy. I love the muscles. You get what I’m sayin?’
  2. I want to be better at CrossFit.
  3. I hate being still, and exercising is my “go to” when I feel like I just need to go do something. 

But I’m learning how important it is to have at least one FULL rest day a week. As in, don’t do anything. This is coming from the girl who even a year ago thought that running 4- 5 miles on a Sunday (my only “rest day”) counted as “rest” or “active recovery.” Some people may be able to do that and see results. Shoot, some people may be able to actually go hard in the gym 7 days a week. And if that’s you, more power to ya, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a little envious of you. But my body would hate me, and everyone else would hate my complainin.’

But the more I workout, the more I learn my body. And because of that, I’m learning how important one scheduled full rest day is for me. 

When I say “rest day,” I mean do nothing. Or go do something fun outside of the gym that I love. Or go actually hang out with people, or do something cool with Daniel. Because life is too short, fitness will be there tomorrow (Lord willing), and it’s best for me. When I say “rest day,” I can go for a walk if I feel like it – but there’s no pressure if I don’t feel like it…and there is no running involved. I can go do yoga (but when’s the last time I did that on a Sunday?) And I HAVE to stretch/foam roll/ LAX ball like crazy. I also take an epsom salt bath every single Sunday evening. I’ve had to switch the discipline of making myself workout to something more difficult for me – the discipline of not working out. This discipline helps me make sure I’m ready for the week coming up. 

So, as I’ve learned more about my body and what it’s capable of – at the not young at all age of almost 30, I’m learning that the above 3 reasons I gave you about why it’s harder for me not to workout than it is to workout, actually turn out better for me with REST. 

And here’s why….

  1. I said reason #1 was because I want to look like I workout…as in I want my appearance to give off that I care about my health and fitness. I want to feel good in shorts, a tank top, a bathing suit, or even a full on body suit…as in whatever season it is and whatever clothes that season calls for. I don’t care about being skinny, but as a girl, I still want to stay away from feeling “fluffy.” I used to think that I needed to workout every day to not feel that way. BUT in all reality, the “fluffy” feeling is going to come from diet, not time in the gym or being cardio queen (amen? amen). Second of all, our muscles need time to repair themselves. It’s pretty incredible how our body can take care of itself when we let it. And two important factors that lead to good looking, recovered muscles = 1. time for the muscle fibers to heal after we break them down the other days of the week 2. sleep!
  2. I said reason #2 for wanting to exercise ALL the time was so I could be better at CrossFit. Sometimes I feel like I get caught up with trying to keep up with other people that I have NO BUSINESS comparing myself to. I used to convince myself that the more time spent in the gym working out = more gainz, PR’s, figuring out new skills, and whatever else have you. And it makes sense, I suppose. However, I’m noticing for myself that when I do actually rest, I can come in Monday feeling better, not sore (which is always good), recovered, and ready to workout with intensity. 
  3. I said the third reason was because I hate being still. I get antsy when I’m not in the gym. I’m so weird. BUT taking a full rest day outside of the gym and not being cardio queen makes me appreciate what I am able to do. Don’t ever take working out, exercising, or even “just moving” for granted. There will always be certain limitations to your body, believe me. BUT there will always be someone out there who wishes that they could do what you can do, but they physically aren’t capable of it. Remember that, and be thankful for what your body can do. Taking time away from the gym will allow you to see that more clearly.

Overall, you just have to figure out what works best for you. If you put time into it, you’ll figure it out – just like anything else in life worth figuring out, I suppose. But if you’re someone that struggles with wanting to overdo it in the whole fitness thing, remember, as long as you’re given another day (aka A GIFT from God), fitness will always be there tomorrow! Go do something fun. It can still involve being outside – even being somewhat active sometimes. You don’t have to be lazy. And you don’t have to be by yourself. Find some people that like doing what you like doing, and get. after. it. 

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go kick butt, be kind, and hustle for the muscle. 

Also, I’m trying to get this crop top