The weekend is hereeeee! Hopefully you have big plans that involve good people, good food, some sun, some fitness, some hydration, and some relaxation. I think I’ve overdone it on the coffee this morning. And I’m a little behind on these posts…but if you had a 7 year old macbook that keeps freezing on you and not saving your posts, you’d be behind too. Also, last night included hanging out and getting my nails done (for the first time in forever) with my 5 year old friend, Cat, some Chipotle with Daniel, and BIG BROTHER! Y’all, I’m hooked now. All because of Christmas Abbott. But this post is important, because it is about one of my favorite people out there. 


Today I want to tell you a little about my friend, Shawn. Cat, the girl I just talked about above…that’s her dad. If you’ve been around Shawn just a little bit,  then who knows what you think about him. I can see how he could be easily misunderstood. He’s loud, crazy, full of all things inappropriate, and isn’t scared to hit you right in the face with a nutmeg ball (don’t worry.. we’ll talk more about nutmeg later). However, I want the world to know why everyone needs a Shawn Hannah in their life. Daniel and I always say that Shawn is THE guy you want in your corner…or your team…or your party. And if you know him, you would 100% agree. 

A little over a year ago, he made himself my “mental fortitude coach.” Not that I’m impressive enough to have one of those, but just because he kinda forced his way into the role. He saw a need, and wanted to meet said need. I tell myself it’s because he sees my full potential. And between the kicking me in the face with nutmeg balls, getting in my way in spikeball games, trumpeting a pvc pipe in my face while I do double unders, and the infamous announcer voice…. I can attest that if you want to get tough, Shawn Hanna can get you there. And you don’t even have to ask him. Just hang around him for 5 minutes. Play a game with him. Try to beat him in a workout and write your time on the board right under his. He’s make you tough. 

In all reality though…he’s just a big teddy bear. And he’s the life of the party<— which is why I’m writing this post about him in the first place. Ok, so I don’t just write about people to say nice things, be all fluffy, and make people like me. I do it because these are people we can all learn a lesson or two from. And from Shawn, we can all learn how to be the life of the party. 

Here are some ways Shawn has impacted me personally:

He loves America. He served our country for many years, saw some crazy stuff, lived to tell about it, and wants for everyone to see and feel the beauty of America. He’s a proud American Veteran. He believes everyone should proudly fly the American flag. And he doesn’t hold back from telling you what he believes. He’s a walking American flag, and he has already instilled those views into his children. 


Second, He’s a good ole’ family man. He loves his family. His wife, Alison, is a good looking marathon runner- yet can still kick your butt in the gym. You can probably find her around Anderson running with both of their pretty solid kids in a double wide stroller. And God bless her for keeping him Shawn in line. They have two kids – Cat and Big Joe. Cat gets her sassyness and friendliness from her dad (Seriously. I hung out with Cat yesterday, and she doesn’t meet a stranger). And Joe gets his rowdy ways and injury proneness from Shawn. 

Shawn is a master at all things top knots, braids, blue hair, funny fruit pancake faces, and embarrassing his kids on social media. 



Third, he’s generous. He’s pretty open about not rolling in the high dollars from his profession(s). BUT he’s always the guy to actually go out of his way for someone on a birthday, at Christmas, or if they are going away. Not only does he give thoughtful gifts – like nutmeg balls, fake lottery tickets to make you think you won $10,000, glitter in your car, and “penis” written all over your car windows – but he also gives gift cards, shirts, etc. Yet he doesn’t want to be recognized for it. 

If you’re close to Shawn, you probably have at least one or two items of clothing that he has randomly seen and thought to gift you with. I have an old Murph shirt that I think he got from Goodwill, as well as a white and blue Nike USA dry fit shirt that I love. He also made Marlie and I these kewl hats during the Open – personalized and everything. Mine says “Thrusters and Cauliflower Rice”(<—very appropriate) and I love it so much. Marlie’s says “Nutmeg Queen,” which is also very appropriate. 

He also made Daniel his favorite hat. It says “Cleans! Jerks!…Spacecats?” And, once again, he nailed it.

Fourth (I think I’m on 4): He’s competitive in spirit. This is where we get into nutmeg. Have you ever played nutmeg with Shawn? We don’t play it too much anymore. The weather is way better for spikeball. But there are balls flying everywhere. 80’s music is blaring. Steve Perry is honored well. And if you’re new…you just kinda have to learn the rules as you go. If Shawn isn’t here, nutmeg isn’t the same. 

Fifth, He can loosen up your shoulders – which is pretty important in CrossFit.  If your shoulders are tight all the time, like mine, he would love to help fix that for you. 

He can help organize some fun parties. And he’s pretty hip on the mic. He’s the official CFEC social chairman. We also did it up pretty big for the open this past year, and he was our live MC. His play by plays are great. 

He’s a quick thinker. He’s got the jokes. 

All of this makes him the life of the party. 

The gym I get to workout at – CrossFit Electric City – wouldn’t be the same without him. 

Shawn’s favorite thing about CrossFit is the respect it brings for our military and first responders. He loves the family aspect – because if you didn’t know by now, CrossFit is about way more than working out and looking good. CFEC is a family – and with that comes birthday parties, baby showers, superbowl parties, halloween parties, and CHRISTMAS parties. 

You’ll most likely find Shawn at CFEC during the late morning hours. He actually does like to somewhat workout, but he’s mostly in it for the spikeball games and nutmeg parties. Basically, he prevents anyone from being productive in between classes in the morning.

He said that he loves CrossFit because it allows him to spend time with people he wouldn’t normally hang out with or come into contact with outside of work. In CrossFit, you have city cops, housewives, college students, retired professors, doctors, bartenders, all races, all religions – all grinding it out together. 

And he’s right. 

That’s all I got. I’m going to save this again before my computer flipzzzzz. Have a great weekend!