How’s your Monday going? Don’t tell Daniel because he doesn’t love for the dogs to be on the bed, nor in the bed, but he was gone for work last night, soooo I let good ole Charlie and Rocco sleep riiigggghhht next to me. But it wasn’t cute. They were terrible. Rocco is the worst. He snored all night, but I was too lazy/too halfway asleep to push his 130 + lb. butt off the bed. So, when my alarm went off at 5:15 this morning, and I looked in the mirror and saw how puffy my eyes looked, I was instantly frustrated with myself for letting those dogs and their fake cuteness manipulate me into that. I still love them though. 

I could have allowed not sleeping really at all last night to ruin my morning. But instead, I got to train my friend Rachel at 6 am. I met Rachel at Publix awhile back when we were having some issues with insurance. She’s a pharmacist there, and she’s one of the nicest, most bubbly people you’ll meet. Well, it’s a small world out there, because now I get to train Rachel twice a week. And she HUSTLES so hard. So, shoutout to Rachel for turning my morning around. Seeing someone else get up and hustle, and getting to work with them before the sun comes up, will do that to ya. 

Also, today before I worked out, I actually warmed up…like really warmed up…or at least more than usual…so I could be serious about snatches. And guys, it’s not perfect, and I should be snatching way more than what I currently can……buttttttt it’s getting so much better. Sometimes my right leg just doesn’t work when I lift, or jump… or ever really, but I’m learning that if I actually DO THINGS to activate it before I workout, it’s a lot better off. Funny the way that works. Anyway, between activating Tina and doing some cool glue activation drills and banded squat walks, I’m able to be a better exerciser lady. So, here is your reminder to warm up – especially if you don’t workout with a class and you’re on your own…and especially if you are nearing your THIRTIES, like me. That’ scary.

Ok, you don’t care about any of that, and I don’t have a whole lot to say today. But, I did want to tell you guys about some recent podcasts I’ve been listening to. You may or may not even know what a podcast is. But I’m a dork, and I love them. I listen to them all the time. I like inspirational stuff, church stuff, fun stuff, fitness stuff, food stuff…really anything. Except murder mysteries. Apparently those are “in” right now, but I’m good on those for awhile.

So, about 6 months ago, I shared some good pocasts with you here, and you can go check that out if you want. But lately I’ve been trying to get a little more outside my comfort zone and challenge myself when it comes to learning more about food, diet, and nutrition – for all kinds of people, with all kinds of goals. I didn’t go to school for any of this, and I’m probably the worst book reader you’ve ever met. I can’t sit still long enough or remember what I read. So, podcasts work best for me. 

Some podcasts I listen to are by people who are smarter than me, but are only speaking from personal experience (aka not like backed up by science or anything). While others are from people not just smarter, but WAYYYYY  smarter than me. They actually back up what they know with good, cold, hard facts.

I had the idea to share these podcasts with you over the weekend. Today I originally wanted to talk about the relationship we all have with food, and how a positive mindset about food is key, but sometimes it takes work. You have to think of food as fuel, as opposed to something that is harmful. But then I listened to PaleOMG’s podcast yesterday, and I was like….”hmm… Julie says this way better than I ever could.” So, all of you should go listen to it. It’s the first linked podcast down below. She drops the F Bomb a lot. I just feel like I should give you a heads up. She’s pretty raw and real, but I like that about her. She’s hilarious too. She also talks about birth control and IUD’s in this episode, so just a heads up in case your husband, or boyfriend, or friend that’s a boy doesn’t want to listen to that. 

So, with that…here are some podcasts about all things food, nutrition, mindset about food, and fitness for you to check out if ya want:


Ok, so I think I went waaayyy overboard. What’s new? Hopefully that is helpful, and not confusing. And yeah, I lied. They aren’t all about food and nutrition… but ya know how that goes. Now you have some great things to listen to by yourself, if you’re one of those people that like to be by yourself every now and then. 


Have a great week!!!!