What up? Happy Thursday! I hope the sun comes out this weekend. It’s been so blah and dreary and mean muggy the past several days. Here’s to a weekend of sun!
Today I got to get some coffee with my friend, Alecia. She is seriously one of the nicest, happiest people you will ever meet. Her husband and her launched a CrossFit gym in the Charleston area several months ago, and she told me today they already have 100 people – mostly beginners to CrossFit. They are hustling to learn all they can so they can help people better their lives through all things fitness. You can follow CrossFit Sacred Pine on instagram. They do a lot as a community, and it looks like they are having a lot of fun in the process.  Talking to Alecia today made me think that if it weren’t for them living out what they felt like they were supposed to do next (Opening CrossFit Sacred Pine) despite all of the uncertainties they probably had/still have, there would be a whole lot of people in Charleston who may or may not be doing CrossFit right now and taking steps to better their life. So, that’s pretty neato.

I was going to tell you a cool story about track running intervals today, but I figured talking about Alecia was the better alternative. 

ANYWAY. Here we go. Here we go. Today I wanted to talk to you about just one of the POWER COUPLES I get to workout with at CFEC. Jeff and Tonya House. 

I mean, just look at them. This picture was stollen from one of their instagrams (sorry for the blurry quality), and I just had to share it because they look BAD @&&

Jeff and Tonya started working out at CFEC somewhat soon after I did. I think there was a point of time in there where they weren’t coming as much because of work schedules, but other than that, they’ve been a part of CFEC for the past several years. Over the past year +, they’ve been coming to the 8:30 class mostly just because it works best with their work schedules. They both work in the health field, and sometimes their schedules are a little all over the place BUT they still make time for fitness and hanging out with people at CFEC.

They are both really good dancers and sometimes dance in the middle of their workouts (MY KIND OF PEOPLE).

I think I said this before when I posted about the 8:30 class, but they are part of the glue that holds that class together. If you’ve been doing CrossFit anywhere for awhile, you’ll see (or hopefully you will see) that you form a bond with the people in your class. If you stay consistent to a certain class time, you’ll get to work hard, laugh, lift, sweat, and sometimes suffer alongside the same people every day. So, those people become like a part of your family.

But there are always certain people in the class that stand out – by how they carry themselves, how welcoming they are to other people, and how they set the tone. And that is Jeff and Tonya. If you are new to the gym, Jeff will be one of the first people to go out of his way to introduce himself, which always makes people feel more comfortable in a “scary” CrossFit gym. And during and after the workout, you’ll find them cheering everyone else on. 

They set the tone for everyone else in how they hustle. You won’t find them giving up or shorting their workout. They’re going to be IN IT until the end – even if it knocks them down for a little while after. As a trainer or coach, seeing people hustle no matter what, and go over and beyond in their workouts makes life way cooler.

Jeff and Tonya inspire me as a couple because of how supportive they are of one another. When Jeff did the Open this past year, Tonya showed up every time and recorded videos of his workouts. They cheer each other on, and they are both really strong. Tonya may be a little bit stronger though. Nahhh, I’m just messing. But it’s probably still a close race. 

I asked them yesterday why they love CrossFit so much and Jeff said he loves that CFEC is like a family. The people keep you motivated to keep coming back. He said he gets pumped when he checks out the workout for the next day. He said he also loves dancing while he works out. He finished it out with hashtag #bestgym!!!!! and of course #wodlifechoseme!! Speaking of hashtags, Jeff is a cool, motivating person to follow on instagram. His insta handle is @j_datdudehouse —>Hopefully that’s cool that I shared your instagram handle…AGAIN on here, Jeff 🙂

Tonya said that her fav thing about CrossFit is getting to workout with people from all walks of life. I’m going to quote her because her words sound better than mine… “We are all different shapes, sizes, old, young, just different. But we all get at it once that countdown to 3,2,1…is heard. I love CrossFit because I am challenged and can leave all my stress in the gym. I may complain, but I love to live sore. #cfec.”

I love that so much. 

Anyway, hope you are inspired by my friends, and I hope you have cool people to workout alongside. Shoutout to Tonya and Jeff for letting me use them as an example and for just being really cool, strong people. I can’t wait to see all the accomplishments you continue to make in the gym!

 It looks like I'm creeping, but I promise they asked me to be in this pic (also stollen from instagram) hahahaha

It looks like I’m creeping, but I promise they asked me to be in this pic (also stollen from instagram) hahahaha